1992-01-06-Raising Spirit Consciousness of Mankind

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Topic: Raising Spirit Consciousness of Mankind

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Tonight our lesson is for the greater spiritual edification of all men. We are in the early beginning stage of the vast, yet relatively short time frame, period of correction. This is our duty and life purpose: to effect change and correction in many areas of human endeavor. We are primarily teachers of spirituality. The matters of the spirit are of highest importance for individuals, nations, races and worlds. This is our primary objective: to raise the spiritual consciousness of all mankind.


You who have been called forth will engage in this effort. In learning, hearing, and receiving my words, you are growing and changing, adjusting inwardly to spirit reality, which is the only reality. It is requiring many years for preparation in this work, and there will be many years of labor in the orchards. I am using symbolism that is most illustrative of our work.

The ground requires tilling and moisture and fertilization. The small trees require uprooting and replanting. The larger trees require pruning and protection from their many small harmful effects from insects, from birds and from frost. These harmful elements are poisonous to growth and deleterious to health. Yes, you are all protected from these calamities. Little do you realize the full extent of your superhuman watch care, even if you glimpse and acknowledge its effects.

All of you gathered here tonight have searched and found God within. You have acknowledged your status of sonship with Him. You have received His love, understanding mercy, understanding guidance, friendship and indeed - salvation. Yes, this is so, but comprehension of the essence of God spirit is found in simplicity.

Have your hearts been open to this wisdom? Do you see the Divine plan working in this? Do you have the childlike attitude necessary for reception? Do you have the strength and courage of robust, forthright men and women who can grasp this understanding and make it your own? Farewell.