1992-02-23-Introduction of Abraham

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Topic: Introduction of Abraham

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Abraham

TR: Rutha



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good afternoon. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. What a lovely day. What a joyous occasion to be here amongst you all and your company from various parts of the country. Welcome to these teachings.

It is a wonderful feeling for us to witness your all coming together in this fashion. Our mission is on a right path when you can remain so open and loving to one another. We are very pleased!

Today is a special meeting as well. We will have a visitor. The Pocatello group has been waiting and at last you are answered. I am pleased and happy to welcome to this teaching today Father Abraham."

Abraham: "Greetings my children. This is Abraham. The love of God doth shine down upon you. Open your heart and feel His warmth. Let it pulsate through your body. Love is that virtue which transforms all things. This week your planet experienced love on one end and hate on the other. Love amongst people through the Olympic Games was felt while war, racial injustices, prejudice, and intolerance reigned on another end. Individually you all were fortunate to know love.



As we have been watching this group we are aware of a wonderful transforming effect these teachings have had on you. You have been more open to one another. You have been more open to those around you, your spouses, your children, those with whom you work. Your love is growing and it is only through love that hate can be put to rest. When you treat others with love they especially are vulnerable. Those who are hardened of heart are defenseless against those who love. So your greatest weapon then is not revenge, is not seeking to get one up on someone else, but rather an outpouring of love to the individual. As you spread your love it grows and spreads throughout the community, throughout the land.

Because this is a new group we speak on those things which will bring you up to a higher spiritual level. It is imperative that you listen to these teachings and work on the weekly lessons. Many of you have done so and you are feeling this growth. As you progress up this spiritual plane then you will be ready for more information.

Love is the greatest of all gifts you can give to one another. The Universal Father knows all about love for He is Love. Within each of you is a fragment of that Father. That love is part of you. When you remain open, when you ask for that love, you receive it. But don't hang on to it. Rather pass it to your neighbor, for love kept in a box cannot fill the world. It is so unfortunate that as mortals you are unable to feel what real love can do. Often you are trapped in conditional love. This week look at the love you give out. Is it on condition? If so, how can you rectify that. Conditional love is not genuine, not totally real. As mortals, there will probably always be some conditional love, but that can lessen and lessen as you grow more God-minded-like. In the realms of the universe love is like a blossoming flower. First there is the bud, and as love radiates down like the sun, it opens and blossoms and beauty is the end result. So let your soul be that budding flower so that when you blossom and open up, your beauty will be seen and felt by all. Know that love is the one thing that will change the world. As part of the Corps of Destiny, you are all called upon to let love flourish in your soul that you may give it to others. It must become second nature to you. As we watched the get together before the meeting started there was love felt. It radiated among you. It felt good. And so you have begun. Your mission this week is to spread that love around.

I am happy to be with this group today. Part of what you will be doing in years to come is to get to know others from other groups. I commend those who traveled so far on their dedication in this regard. As you develop the love and trust in your individual groups, likewise you can develop it among other groups so that you have a very workable network of people founded on a foundation of love and a desire to do the Father's will. My dear children, keep up this good work! You are loved. No matter what the trials or tribulations of the day may be, know that the love of the Father can always be there to help you through it. And so I leave you now with my blessings and with my love and I thank you for your loving presence here today. And now I will turn this back over to Daniel."

Daniel: "Father Abraham's words are like those of a songbird. Yes, love is the song of the universe. It is echoed from planet to planet, from Local Universe to Superuniverse on to the Superuniverses. Love is the Father, indeed. And I must tell you how good it feels to feel your love growing. This week work on love. And now, are there any questions?"


K5: "Yes, Daniel a little commentary and then I have a couple of questions. I find I agree with Scripture, with Jesus, with yourself, with Abraham that love is the essence of life. However I find that what love is, is very complicated to me. I can read St. Francis' prayer and Corinthians 13 in describing love but I still find sometimes love is very hard to understand. Sometimes it gets complicated in that..well the commentary. Before my Dad died, well a week before he died I took him to the hospital. In all the years our relationship was tense and terse and I never heard him say that he loved me or anybody else. And on the way to hospital I told him that I loved him. And in turn he said to me, 'I've never been able to use that word'. And even then in describing that he wasn't able to say love, he had to say 'that word'. And then he said, 'As I was growing up as a child I have seen too many people use the word promiscuously, that you can use it so much that it loses its meaning'. I find myself doing that, too easily using the word love. In the trying to understand love is to try to understand what love is and sometimes I get caught up in between self esteem and self centeredness and its what I do and why do I do it, I guess. Sometimes I see myself motivating myself for other reasons and thinking that's love and it's not love. It's for my own grandeur or whatever. I guess my question is how does one..sometimes it's obvious..when love is love. I find a lot of times within myself and with others, love is hard to understand and to know. I guess that is my question or questions. Or what is the difference between...I think that also when we give the greatest thing we can do your friend is die for your friend. Is that love? But I think even that can be, we can do that for another motivating factor. How does one tell when one is really loving and is not? Two questions, several questions, thank you."

Daniel: "Yes, and these are good questions. First love is a word. Words are only words. They convey feelings, emotions. They are used in communication. And so whatever definition is attached then that becomes that word. And as you say, over times words often lose their meaning, take on other meanings. So know that this is just a word. But words help us to communicate.

Love is much more than a word. It is a feeling. It's real. When you look at a mother who is giving birth to a child, even in all the pain she can hardly wait to embrace and hold that child. Love between two people standing together saying, 'I do', while very immature grow as the couple grows. Love is felt. It is something that doesn't have to be communicated. So when you ask, 'how do you know' it is something that comes from your very innermost being; something that comes automatically; something you do for someone else just because you want to do it.

Love becomes more real as you learn to love and respect yourself. As with most things in life, until you know yourself, until you know why you do what you do then it is hard to reach out to another. So, here again, if we do not know or love ourselves we have to start on the very, very ground floor. Loving yourself means accepting who you are at any given moment. Knowing what other people think is meaningless. Knowing that you are a son of the Father or His daughter, is knowing that God loved you so much that He gave you an Indwelling Spirit. So in order to love yourself, you need to get in touch with your Reality. Not an easy task for many.

K3, you have got many problems you have been working through. When we talked this week we talked about some of those. And here again when you have finally got to the core of all your hurts and you can let go, forgive, then you will know genuine love. For when you feel good about yourself, despite all that has happened, then you can love yourself.

And once you love yourself, you are ready to take on the world. Love is something you know is real when it happens. You know when you have loved unconditionally because of how it feels. Being a parent is probably the best example of love. For while you love the children, you must at the same time be tolerant of their mistakes. And there is probably not one among you who at one time or another felt like the love you had for your child was conditional. When they were being real good it is easy to love them, but when they are being bad it's not.

So the true test is then to say, 'Am I loving you because of who you are or what you've done'. Jesus was the greatest teacher in this regard, for while he loved men he did not tolerate their sin. He was able to separate man from his wrong deeds. So in love, in genuine love, that is what you must do. It is not easy to love ourselves at times, let alone those around us and when you think on a planetary basis it becomes even more difficult. What God desires is for you to desire to love one another, to love yourself. And if that desire is real the love will begin to flourish.

So start on the bottom realm, love yourself by getting to know yourself. You can love the Father then, because you know who you are and you can reach out to your brothers and sisters. The Father does not ask you to love each individual in the world, but to try to love those with whom you are in contact with and to understand those beyond your contact. So in a sense if you are understanding of those in another country you are giving love. Love is one of those things that you cannot put a finger on or write a clear definition for. If you are not feeling good about what is going on, then you need to check on your motivation to see if conditions are being attached, and then work from there. Perfection cannot be achieved on this plane, but daily working toward that is called upon.

So K3, I say to you, and to the rest of you, use these weeks to really learn who you are so that love and forgiveness become your nature. Does this help?"

K5: "Yes Daniel, just one quick other question, thank you it does help. When you speak of perfection . .as I understand perfection as when Jesus spoke of perfection as being perfect as the Father, he was not speaking in terms of faults. He was speaking in terms of how the Father loved. That he was calling us to love as the Father in that sense of what perfection is, not concerned with the faults we have or the mistakes we make."

Daniel: "That is correct."

Childhood, Memory

C4: "Greetings Daniel, this is C4. I want to tell you what a privilege it is to be here and hear your teaching and welcome you to this growing group. It's presumptuous perhaps to say. I'm pleased to be here and I praise God that He has given us teachers such as yourself. And I would like you to communicate to Abraham my thanks and gratitude that he appeared before us today, and I was very moved by his presence and his words."

Daniel: "Thank you C4. It is an honor to have you as well and Abraham is still here. He sends you his love."

V1: "First of all Daniel, listening to the tape from last week I called you Danny and I'm not sure why except that I am a first grade teacher. But I apologize if that was inappropriate. The other thing is picking up on your continual lesson that we need to learn who we are as individuals...I think probably I have thought of that very need for many years. And the question that always comes to mind is whether or not it is necessary to know your childhood, which of course I have forgotten mine and uh, would it be necessary to dig all that crap up? Can you love from where you are rather than try to bring that pain to mind?"

Daniel: "Yes, V1. It does not matter what you called me. When you called me Danny I felt your love, thank you. I feel your pain now. It is indeed unfortunate that so many mortals grow to adulthood with pains that are suffered as a child. When you realize how many, many people reach adulthood with this plight, then you will begin to see how important our mission, our teachings are. For we need to start with the child and give him all that he needs to reach his potential. Instead, children generally never ever realize their potential. And this question you ask is one that is not easily answered. Rather it becomes an individual matter. For me to state that all people need to recover their childhood in order to grow would be a mistake. For some people, yes, this is necessary. For others, no. If you can love yourself where you are now, and V1 you do, there is no need to go back. That is over and done with. Rather forget, forgive, and move on. For those who cannot do this, who must find the truth about their past in order for them to love themselves, yes, you need to keep seeking, painful as it may be. These kinds of things are for everyone to look at, for nary a human being has had a perfect life. And so we all have those things we must look at."

V1: "Thank you Daniel. Frankly, that is what I would like to believe but every once in a while other advice is given to me and I guess I just need to say that it was God's unconditional love that really helped me to even begin to love and go from there. I'm very grateful for that for that is unconditional love and I guess I might even have a good Thought Adjuster."


Daniel: "You do. And let me say that in time of doubt, in times of toil and worry, when the winds around us seem to bring nothing but negativeness into our life, then it is at those times that you are most vulnerable and it is hard to love oneself then. And so at these times you need to have a weapon. I want you all to be armed with that and this is being able to learn to take those quiet times daily to get in touch with yourself, to get in touch with the Father. Unfortunately, when things are not going your way, it's the hardest time to do this, right? So during these good times these uplifting times that you are feeling now, develop and build that foundation so when the bad times comes you will automatically seek the Indwelling Spirit; you will automatically go to Him; you will already have established a routine where you can seek quiet time. If you will do these things now it will be much easier during the down time, which is what life is all about, up and down. You will experience more joy in your up times, and spend less time in your down times if you keep spiritually in tune, if you can keep focused, if you know there is a loving Presence in you always."

B1: "Daniel, this is B1. I want to convey my profound thanks to father Abraham for his beautiful talk and confirmation of our group as a part of the Corps of Destiny which he stated. I was of the guess, the hunch, that we would be hearing from father Abraham or some other member of the planetary government today and I was very pleased to have this happen. I am finding this experience today so moving that it is difficult to talk, because the reality is so evident to me. I also, therefor, thank you and the other spiritual beings who have been constantly with us to bring our growth to the point that it is. I am having difficulty talking so I'd like to pass this microphone to someone else."

Daniel: "Understood B1, and acknowledged. This is indeed an emotional time. I am being bombarded by you all. Please take a deep breath and know that the love in this room grows and shines so brightly. You are all doing very well."

C4: "I am having trouble talking too and what I feel is that we are all loved and that is what is so overwhelming to know that the Planetary Prince's staff are talking to little old us, and it is overwhelming to know that God loves us and is showing it in this way."


Daniel: "Yes and you are feeling such a little part of it. You have much to look forward to on your journey. It is beyond words, beyond anything I can tell you. And so I think if there are no more questions this would be a good time to stop. If I could I would come and embrace each of you. Know how wonderful you mortals have it, to feel the touch of someone else's embrace. Do not be afraid to touch another for often this communicates love above and beyond anything that could be said. My love to you this afternoon and enjoy your potluck. I will be back next Sunday at this time, or rather at our regular time. I thank all of you for attending today, and especially the out of town visitors. Please take my love back to your group and share it. Peace be with you. Good afternoon."