1992-05-18-Wholeness Within

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Topic: Wholeness Within

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



My lesson this evening is concerning wholeness and the integration of life's various aspects into a meaningful and trustworthy wholeness within. When our lives become over burdened by the many stresses and activities comprising modern day existence there is a tendency to become unsure of ones centered and secure being. This uncertainty is entirely a mental state and not reflective of your true spiritual wholeness.


Fragmentation is an attribute and an attitude of mind itself. Mental comprehension requires this fragmentation for understanding to occur. Mind takes fragmented reality and integrates this into a meaningful whole. When mind becomes overly stimulated in a constant daily manner then does mind become confused and isolated or rather feels isolated. This isolation is illusory, for ones wholeness--centered, perfect, entire being is real. Mental structures, worries, cares and so on are not real. However, as imperfect beings live largely in the mental domain, and this mental domain is filled with our own mental structures, creations, which we see as real, they are not .

As I was last week explaining, the wholeness of being, the "who am I" o f self-hood, the deepest and truest awareness of self is experienced through out the soul and then the mind. We are not a structure created by our minds. No. Rather are we a structure, a soul growing with the aid of mind, but not made by our minds. For example, often we become immersed in a trade or business activity which in the shallow thinking person - is defining their being. Their self-worth feeling and attitude toward others is derived from an earthly accomplishment. This is error, for this earthly accomplishment is always in danger of toppling and the person's self-security is in danger of toppling with it.

The true sense of self worth comes from only one reality and that reality is ones relationship to the reality - God. Children, as they are growing, often emulate an older person when they are truly impressed and inspired by this person. Likewise does the adult by exercising true faith actually grow int o beingness by emulating their highest concepts of God.

Limited and even childlike that these concepts are, they are invaluable in helping to guide the soul toward proper worthwhile and marvelous growth. The child soon becomes aware of self-hood. This awareness of self is like an auto-revelation when it occurs. Often this revelation occurs in conjunction with Thought Adjuster circle attainment. "I am" is a unique awareness to humans as opposed to animals. Self-conscious, self-awareness is a spiritual level indicating that progress will be made in life. Without this awareness progress toward God is impossible. So you see, awareness of self presages awareness of God. The two are mutually working together. As we grow, as we become aware of our lives in a greater aspect, as we become aware of our errors, aware of their forgiveness by God, we become also aware of our relationship with others, our Brotherhood and sisterhood toward our fellows. Self-awareness, otherness awareness, or God awareness, and then awareness of others. All these early first knowingness states presage the adult knowingness states in adulthood. Our awareness of God is growing and is actually changing the way we live our lives in connection with those around us.

Faith transforms the ordinary life into one of amazing feats of courage , wisdom, and foresight. Faith in God and also faith in ourselves. I will repeat this. Faith not only in God, but also faith in ourselves, for the two are the same, different aspects of the same thing. When we have faith in ourselves , it is faith that goes beyond the self. It is faith that extends to our higher self, our inner spirit. This faith is not a selfish thing. This faith with in is an up reaching and uplifting thing.

Who can be niggardly in the face of such abundance? Who can be cowardly in the face of such sublime courage and stability? Who can be poor in the face of such riches? Who can be weak in the face of such strength? Awareness, you see, is the greatest gift of truth. Truth is liberating, for truth gives awareness a reality and understanding thereof. When this understanding is used wisely, nothing, I say, nothing there is which cannot be done. Life may be full of toil and burden and heartache and sorrow. Yet, in true reality awareness, true understanding of the great "I AM" there is a strength, there is the wisdom, there is the courage to overcome these obstacles. It is there. It is this reality which you are becoming aware of.


Truth has power. Truth is spiritual power. When we walk in the light of truth, truth has the greatness, spiritual greatness which shines for all to see. Wise and noble actions can only be the results. Have courage. Have faith - faith in God and faith in yourselves, in your own understanding of truth.