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Topic: Enjoyment

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Unknown



So often in daily toil do we not enjoy little enjoyments of being. I have often spoke of this same thing and wish again to begin to nurture this aspect of your souls.

Life is so precious, so divine, so awe and wonder inspiring that it offends God, so to speak, when you ignore His bounteous wonders. Enjoy the little things, for they are what life is made of. Enjoy the birds singing. Enjoy sunshine on your skin. Enjoy the color of the grass and the trees and the sky. Enjoy food and drink. Enjoy touching another person. Take time to enjoy the small, the seemingly insignificant things of life and you will enrich your entire life thereby.

Wonderful and meaningful is this life. Miraculous and deified is this life. Remember as you walk along enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, the flowers, remember that there is God, a spark within you and a spirit without you. Remember to think about your own soul, this happiness, this spiritual fulfillment. Take time to enjoy the feeling of wholeness, the feeling of spirituality, the feeling of being a wonder in this world.

"What a miracle am I this day! What a miracle am I! How much more precious to God, the Father of all creation am I, than the wonders around me! How miraculous is this! How wonderful is this!" Yes. Open yourselves to enjoyment of being, to enjoyment of the senses. Yes. Be open to the spirit of God and allow His spirit to give you appreciation for enjoyment. How simple, how wondrous is this gift.

Certainly all of you have felt those moments of miracles when suddenly you feel connection with God and all of creation. Fleeting is this, however, meaningful is this. It will stay in your hearts, in your memories for all eternity. Beingness is a miracle, a miracle. How do we thank God for this miracle of being? What can we ever give to Him? Our love. All we have in truth is our will. That is all we really have. When we trust and love and appreciate God to the point that we consecrate, consciously, give our will to Him, it is a great day for God - for ourselves. Easy it is to do in a moment, in a hour. Hard is it to do for a lifetime.

Father knows your intentions and knows your good will toward Him. Forgiveness is yours for all faltering steps, all forgetfulness, all misunderstanding. Yes. Even rebellion. Forgiveness is yours. Father requires as a prerequisite for true spiritual perfection to honor His will, an enthronement in your hearts that you may know God and may seek to do His will on earth. What a privilege is this.

Are you comprehending that God, the Father, the Creator of this vast universe of creations has given you the gift of being and this gift of being includes freedom. He who is always present is always understanding. A miracle is this. A divine miracle. His presence within your very minds is truly a miracle and has not ever been surpassed. All of His vast creation are striving toward one eternal goal, to know Him, love Him, carry His spirit within, and to honor this spirit in carrying out His will, His love, His understanding, His precious being which flows through you in love.

All of life bow before Him. All of life is existent by His gracious, divine will. All of life revolves around Him. He is the source and the destiny of all who believe in Him. He is the one who is giving eternal existence to men made of clay. He who has given everything asks one thing, that you grow closer to Him. Closer in a saving His divine love. Closer in knowing and loving Him, God our Father. Who is so self destroying as to spurn this offer. Many may do so for some years, some may do it for a short time, but most thinking, feeling, breathing human beings know in their hearts, that there beats a heart more true.

All who have spurned this offer for a time, are forgiven and drawn back when the opportunity arises. Yes. Even will most hardened of hearts, when truly pressed, acknowledge and love our Father. Be unaffected by those who would spurn God and your good intentions, for I tell you, the time will come in their lives when a word or a gesture or a phrase will come back in its true meaning. Often we strive in life to give a word of God to those who need. Often this word is spurned for now. Be unaffected, for all things change in time.

Love is the great, most divine, wonder gift that is. Love softens the heart. Love opens the seed of love, into plants that sprout. Love is the greatest joy. It is my greatest joy - that I have been a part of the spread of this love. Enjoy your lives. Allow love to flow through you and give you that wellspring of true, divine enjoyment of anything and everything. Enjoy the new growth of this spring. Enjoy the moist air of evening. Enjoy the love between each other and fear it not. Love is the greatest gift of all existence. Freely love one another as I freely love you.


QUESTION: You said that "a word or a gesture or phrase will come back with its true meaning." Does that mean that the individual that temporarily ignores or discards God will at some time or another be refreshed in a small thing that we humans do to them in a passing way? Would you perhaps expand a little on that?

HAM: Yes. It is common and often observed that in the drudgery - hardness of life, which many mortals are subject to, often are they rejecting of spiritual light and truth. In times of crisis these words or experiences from prior times will be brought forth in consciousness by the Indwelling Spirit in their full light of truth. So, even if this person is rejectful now, at some future time your words may have great impact. Time is not always right when people/humans interact. The time for ones truth may not be another’s time for truth, but at future time this situation may change. Have faith in your words of truth and know that they may flower or may be life changing in future time, even if not immediately apparent.