1992-06-08-Infinite Spirit

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Topic: Infinite Spirit

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Nina



Our lesson this evening is concerning the INFINITE SPIRIT. She is the motherly person/aspect of God, who is ever watchful of all His children. Infinite is the depth and range of Her understanding. She is all knowing and all seeing. Her infinitude is unfathomable by mortal minds. You are the recipients of this infinite blessing, but you cannot fathom but an infinitesimal small part of this great reality.

Indeed, mind itself is infinite. Though you are experiencing mind in an finite manner with limits of function, you do taste that this infinite mind exist. The world, the universes, are in potential - infinite also, for they have the infinite architect who is planning, managing, and administrating this vast creation. Mind is truly an aspect of God, the Trinity.

You who are finite are in reality, also infinite, for you have part of infinity as your birthright. Yes. Even as the spirit is minded of infinity, the mental is minded in finite. Yes, a part, which will become part of the infinite spiritual wholeness. As explained within the pages of the Urantia book, the Infinite Spirit is co-creator of all reality.

You who have part of this infinite creativity power have the potential for infinite creative power. You are like the bud upon the tree. This bud will blossom and grow and change over time giving birth to creativity each day. You all have within you infinity of purpose. Your purpose will change as does the bud on the tree, day to day, year to year, life to life. You who are part of infinity will gradually grow within this great universe and blossom to yield the beauty which you are.

You who have a part of this infinite mind creativity have creative potential which is unlimited. Life need not be stagnate to be secure. Remember where your true security lies, with God, with Spirit. Use the creativity you are given to go forward in life courageously, with beauty. How great is this beauty! How wondrous is this infinite potential of life, of growth and change, and newness in creativity in life! Each person discovers as they grow, little abilities, little gifts, little things which they do well - very well. Enjoy this creativity. Allow it freedom to blossom and grow.

Life is so often hurried and hard and strenuous. How wonderful it is to set aside some time to develop your own creativity, and to wonder indeed at the creativity within, at what actually happens during these creative times. These times, of allowing the creative resources which are yours to function freely, are very special and precious. Each person has creative potential. Each person enjoys the gifts they receive from God within. Each person is satisfied and gratified by this enjoyment. Each person should praise our Lord for allowing this wonder into their lives.

Some of us found great creative genius within only with the Mansion world existence. It was always with us. I am saying to you, discover this and allow it to give you this great enjoyment which only comes from your expression.

Life hurries by. The days pile upon each other. Memories are packed away. I say, take a little time each of you for yourselves and explore your creative potential. How wondrous is this life! How full of enjoyment it is! Yes. Enjoyment in little creativity, little expressions of hope, of feelings of intuition, of change.

Life is too precious to be stored away for years like old clothing. As years go by, have a little something for yourself. Take a little something of this time and enjoy yourself. Explore yourself and love yourself. Time is not so important an issue in the Mansion world life. Only in this time is it so. So I try to give you the wisdom from the next existence to enrich and make beautiful your lives in this existence.

Each flower blooms in its own time, and I say to you with surety, that there are many, many blooms within you which may not find expression in this life, but must await the future time. Your life here is too short. How is it that so many people have so much and are in awareness of so little.

You all are on the threshold of this main existence - Mansion world existence. Life is happier as you enjoy and find expression for your enjoyment. Art is part of this expression of being. You are all great artists, architects of your future life. All great artists are deeply appreciative and enjoying of their gifts. Yes. Greatness is bestowed from above and within. Expression of self is the budding of the morontia self.


Life in this great universe phenomenon is wondrous to behold for all mankind. Each of you have great potential of self expression, whether it be cooking or creating clothing, or music or writing letters, the list goes on. Express yourself. Love yourself. Love your brother. Give your expression to them in love. All of the future life is a vast unfolding, revealing of the inner potential. Find a little bit of this great potential in this life and you will find it much, much richer.