1993-05-30-Introduction to the Teaching Mission

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Topic: Introduction to the Teaching Mission

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: Alfana

TR: Douglas



Aflana: The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us. The love of God enfolds us. Where ever we are He is.

Be of good cheer with one another.

I am happy to be here amongst you. I am Aflana. I am your guide of temporary assignment until such time as your T/R is able to transmit our messages with ease. The practice is essential. We have numerous lessons prepared for you, but it is necessary that they be transmitted with ease and minimal distractions. Thank you for coming, and thank you for your patience.


It is through patience that the greater goal is achieved. Be patient with one another, love one another, and seek the stillness of our Father. The words come slowly, but progress is being made. You do not always see the plant below the surface of the ground until it breaks through. But it is germinating, and it is growing although you perceive it not. I would like to attend to assure your minds through answering any questions that we are permitted to answer at this time.


Hal: Hi, Aflana. Welcome. We are most pleased to have you with us. We are pleased to make your acquaintance. We hope to get to know you better. We know that we will.

Aflana: Thank you for your greetings. We are most pleased to be here. At the beginning of this new group it is our attempt to spend as much time as possible with you as a group and personally.

Hal: We seem to be having problems as for the transcripts--seems to be a universal problem obtaining the stillness of communing with the Father. Would you have any specific procedures or helps that might speed up that process with each of us? Or is it just to continue the desire to commune; making the effort to do so? Is there anything specific in mind to help us with?

Aflana: Your desires are known to the Father. As you seek Him believe that He is there. Believe that He desires communion with. As you reach for Him; he reaches for you. Reach also for your brothers and sisters. For it through your communions that you become strong in your faith and your ability to do the will of the Father.

Aflana: Signa is not with us today.

Lucille: Is the opening prayer you gave used by many teachers?

Aflana: Yes. The Teaching Mission is one. Your one with another as we seek to be in unity and harmony with you. This prayer you will find everywhere.

Dixie: Hello, Aflana. Were you with Doug the first time that he transmitted?

Aflana: Yes. We had difficulty, because of the newness in our first attempts. However, as we progress it becomes easier.

Joseph: Hello, Aflana. This is Joe.

Aflana: Welcome, Joseph.

Joseph: Thank you. Is there something that we can do as we begin each session to assist Doug in our thought processes to adjust better?

Aflana: Seek the Father. For it is through the Father that all things are equal, that all levels obtained, are conformative. We perceive your desires to be of one mind. So pray for His guidance in your individual lives, and as a group. Does this help you?

Joseph: Yes.

Aflana: These transmissions will become more lengthy as Douglas learns to set aside his numerous conscious thoughts. He is amused.

Hal: That I gather is the secret--is to set aside your conscious thoughts. I was wondering along that line in seeking the quietness of the Father should we incorporate prayer with that? Because with prayer we do use conscious thoughts a bit. Would it be better to not incorporate prayers with our quiet time?

Aflana: Always give praise to the Father. Always give thanks and adoration for it is due Him. In seeking the stillness relax your mind and allow it to come. The stillness works as reassurance of His love, and this realization helps you grow more spiritually.

Hal: Then are we one with the Father even in our material existence? Is the Father a part of us, or are we a part of Him?

Aflana: Of course, your indwelling monitor is a fragment of the Father.

Hal: I was thinking more in terms of our genetic inheritance, our environment. It is more often not quite Godlike. Is that also a part of God's existence?

Aflana: All experiences are part of the Father. As you experience good it becomes a part of your everlasting soul. These things will become clear as we go on, as the lessons begin. At this time we will say farewell.

Hal: Must you leave?

Aflana: It is necessary. There is distraction in this vessel.

Lucille: Thank you for coming. We appreciate every bit of help that we can get.

Hal: We will look forward to seeing you again next week. Or being with you again. I guess we don't see each other do we? We do not see you? Do you see us?

Aflana: We perceive you.

Hal: Do you perceive our spiritual light? Or do you perceive us physically?

Aflana: We perceive both as we visit here and individually.

Hal: I understand there is a spiritual luminosity from each of us. Is that correct? In varying degrees?

Aflana: This is true.


Hal: Doug is tiring. Thank you, Aflana. We appreciate you having come.