1993-07-04-First Contact With JarEl

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Topic: First Contact with JarEl

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: Alfana, JarEl

TR: Joseph, Douglas



Questioner: Welcome to our group, Aflana. It is good to have you with us again.

T/R Joseph: Aflana: It is good to be here with you.

Do you have messages for us. Guidance and lessons.

Aflana: Adjustments are needed on this. Please wait.

At this point Joseph stopped transmitting and after a long silence, Douglas began to transmit the following.

T/R Douglas: Aflana: Let all stay in the stillness for a while longer. Attunements are needed. Be patient.

Silence for approximately 10 minutes.

Aflana: Our messages are clear. We will repeat what our Savior wants. Do you not feel the peace that has encompassed this room? The unity brings peace. This peace will be with each of you. There is a need for patience. There is a need to be still. In seeking the Father's will the stillness abides.

Teacher: Greetings to you. I come that you may know me. I come that you may feel my presence in your heart.


Hal: Greetings. Are you Aflana?

Teacher: This is not Aflana. She is with us.

Hal: It is pleasure to have you with us.

Teacher: Peace to you. We come at this time as you are seeking more. We give to you that which you seek. It is our pleasure to be here in service with you. Fear not, for we are here at your request to do the will of the First Source and Center. Our presence is felt and remembered by this one. You are right to be present, for great things are in the makings. Great tasks await you. You are each free to receive our guidance. However, you must ask. We will not interfere, but we will come where invited. This is clear.

Hal: Yes. We are all inviting you in. We are all striving for the Father's will. Can you help us?

Teacher: It is our pleasure to be of service in this cause with you.

Hal: All there is left for us is practice, practice, practice. Or are there other things we can do?

Teacher: You are on the path. It is known to you your direction. You must have faith in yourselves. Trust your judgment. Look not to us to verify those things that you experience and your faithful Adjuster has taught you. We can supplement the text and your experiences. We can add more light to what you know.

Joe: We extend to you our most heartfelt welcome. I want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity of this experience, and thank you for your understanding and sympathy. May we ask who you are?

Teacher: I am Jar-el.

Hal: Welcome, Jar-el. Good to have you with us.

Jar-el: Thank you for your kindness. We are attempting many new techniques with all, so be aware of our efforts to contact each of you. (Keep on?) as you seek the stillness. You should know that we observe your activities for evaluation of how best to adjust and attune your reception. You should know that it takes time to bring about the necessary adjustments. Be patient with all. Share the practice; support your group. Please remain in your stillness. There are others who would speak to you. Be of one mind.

Hal: Are you leaving?

Hal: Aflana, are you there?

(After a long silence)

Doug: Are there any further messages for our group from our celestial friends?


We thank you for coming to us being with us. We thank you for your blessings. Thank you for your guidance. We pray that in our efforts to do our Father's will, to do His will in our daily lives, that you will strengthen us and sustain us. Thank you for this experience. We will look forward to our next meeting, when we come together in unity. In the name of our Sovereign Savior, Christ Michael of Nebadon. Amen.


This Meeting did not have all group members present. It was also the first time another of our group members (Joe) started to Transmit. The transmissions started about 15-20 mins. after we had group prayer. Joseph began the session, however, Douglas finished the session with transmission from a new teacher. This is our groups first contact with our regular Teacher, JarEl.