1993-07-06-Practice Session

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Topic: Practice Session

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JarEl: I am JarEl. I am your teacher. I thank you for you attendance at this practice session.

Betty: Welcome, JarEl!

Joe: We thank you and welcome you, JarEl.

JarEl: Thank you. I was here at your beginning session. You raised many valued question. Some of which the answers lie within your knowledge. Other of which we hope to supplement. First I ask the question. Have you sought the answer from the Father Fragment? He will reveal all things to you for it is the Father's pleasure to enlighten you as to a knowledge of Him. You must understand that above all things the Father desires you to know Him. (There is a brief pause in the transmission at the coyotes are howling loudly)


Betty: The coyotes are going to howl for a few minuets and then hopefully they will just go away.

JarEl: These are His creation. They sing His praises. All creatures acknowledge their existence to Him. They acknowledge Him as the First Source and Center. We and you humans do not perceive their voices in the same way, however, the message is the same. "Praise and honor to the First Source and Center for giving us life and opportunity to exist, however short: however feeble." The life gives an opportunity to development from one stage into anther. To address your numerous concerns. How do you know the path that you are on and why is the path rocky? I believe this was what you just asked? That this is where you doubts lie. Is this so?

Joe: In this I believe that it is with me. I'm speaking for myself. and I think that..yes, if this is the correct path then why is it rocky? Why do we feel the doubts?

JarEl: The Father is wise in all things. Were He to lead you down a path or up a path without any difficulty; without encounters that would test your faith and your belief, then growth in spirituality would not be possible. You are like the knives. They are rough, but they must be hewn against the gritty surface of the rock. The contact with the rocks take off small bits of metal from the original rough surface. The end result is a fine sharp edge that can be utilized to do many things. Your animal origin means you are very similar. You are rough in you evolutionary development. By your contact on the path of roughness and doubts you'll smooth out, and you will become a sharp tool that the Father can use to carve out His kingdom and bring to Light and Life the rest of your brothers and sisters. It is within His plans that you learn through trials and errors. So do not be disheartened at your perceived lack of progress. We see you as you cannot see ourselves. We are aware of your development. We perceive your progress. This is all. So you have other questions?


Joe: Yes. I think we have many questions. In relation to what you were talking about and one of the topics we have been discussing. And going into this bookstore today, I see a quite wide array of books and material that deal from the angels to so many diverse subjects. How is it that we can discern what is true and what may not be? And well, as I am speaking I think the answer comes again through the Thought Adjuster. Are there any words that you may have for us on this?

JarEl: Yes. You must guard against those who would take your light. There are those who are seeking the knowledge that we share with you openly of their own benefit. It is the desire of this Teaching Mission to bring all to a better understanding and higher attainment of those spiritual qualities that lead you to the Father. There are those who have gleaned bits and pieces from various contacts through psychic phenomena and misguided beings prior to Christ Michael's bestowal of the spirit of Truth upon all Urantia. So they have recorded these numerous experiences. and these experiences have been handed down from generation to generation. Some of these experiences have bits and pieces of truth. So the seeking mind; the open heart that desires to know the Father catches these bits and pieces of truth that rings true in their beings. But the true foundation is not present. The development that should have taken place did not occur , so what you have is a small nucleus that partially satisfies the desires to know. The truth lies within your heart. The hearts connection with the Father Fragments. We can discern this truth through seeking the Stillness; through asking the Father, is this part of His reality. You will know. Look for the Father in each of these methods. Does this help you?

Joe: Yes. Thank you, thank you very much. Note: At this point the T/R began to have a very emotional response and outpouring. He stated he felt a powerful presence and felt the embrace of Christ Michael. He held his arms as if he were embracing a person. He spoke of healing the people and being faithful to this charge. After a short break, the session resumed with Douglas as T/R.

JarEl: We are a part of the foundation. Each group is like a pillar and each pillar must support the weight of the building. So in starting each group; each has its own particular weight to bear. Depending upon the location of that pillar in the building, determines the amount of weight it must bear in relationship to the whole structure.. So each pillar is important in its own right. Without anyone of the pillars the structure is weakened. We will never be without a pillar. If one has a flaw, we will replace it with one that is correct. The building of the temple is important. So view your group as an important pillar in the structure of the Fathers temple.

Betty: Aflana, is that you?

JarEl: No, it is I , JarEl. We yielded earlier to One Higher in Authority. The Magnificent One, Michael. You are blessed by His presence. We have much work to do . Be of one mind; in unity; in love. Are there questions?

Betty: I have a question. Is it possible to heal Hal?

JarEl: We have love for this one. He has great growth. If this is within your will, then you come together for this purpose. If there is no neurological damages, and if his circuits are not broken, only blocked, the healing is possible through the will of the Father. Those of you who come together and believe, in the Father's name start with your touch and look ever forward.

Joe: Can you tell us a little bit of about what we just experienced? What we were witness to with Douglas?

JarEl: You have witnessed One Mighty and High in Authority who reflected the will of Christ Michael accurately to you. We can only witness these events. We step back in obeisance and worship. You all will know His will as you progress and continue in obedience.

Joe: Thank you ever so much. We are most, most grateful.

Betty: Yes, thank you very much, JarEl.


JarEl: All are welcome. Peace be with you. My peace I give to you. Love from all of us who desire your upliftment and advancement in this mission. Please extend your hand to one another in fellowship. Farewell.

Group: Farewell, JarEl. Peace and Love be with you, also.

Teacher: JarEl T/R: Douglas Date: July 6, 1993 Practice Session