1993-10-22-Self Responsibility

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Topic: Self Responsibility

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Michael, Cora

TR: Unknown



Opening Prayer: Christ Michael: "Good evening my children, my friends. I am the source of your being. I am Michael. I wish to say to you today that I am inspired by your warmth. I am inspired by your willingness to follow our Father's will. I thank you for your willingness to look at my life, and from it gather those things necessary for you to grow into your potential.

Communion, Responsibility

The life of each individual is a life that must follow a path, a path that is willfully chosen. My bestowal helped to bring the idea of your own personal responsibility in seeking the path back to the Source, our Father. I ask that each of you continue to strive to know the Father, for as you follow my guidance you will most certainly come into greater understanding regarding the First Source and Center. It is through such work as you now do in setting aside time for communion with the Indwelling Spirit that you begin to internalize the divine truth. And through this internalization are you able to bring forth the divine truth into your material lives.

As you commune with the Indwelling Spirit, so shall you be brought into a greater understanding of my presence with you and my willingness to work along side of you. As has been spoken in Scripture that there needs to be the sowers, the reapers and the harvesters, I ask that you continue to do those things that will help your brothers and sisters begin their spiritual path as well.

I thank you because you are able to see with greater vision. And it is through this greater periphery of sight that you will aid in bringing about a better tomorrow for this planet. My children, continue to stay the path. Continue to open yourselves to the richness that is given to those who desire a more fulfilling life. Go and continue on that path."

Daniel: "Good evening my friends. I am Daniel. It is a great honor to be able to have the presence of the Creator Son, Michael, in our midst this evening! I am at a loss for words to follow Him. It has been our hope that Michael would speak to this group; and I am humbled that He has chosen this evening to be here with us, an evening where there is much love and lightheartedness amongst you all. Indeed, is the tiredness felt within your bodies often an avenue that results in you being able to relax and enjoy the craziness of language and communication, a time that can only be appreciated by the time and circumstances of any given comment. It is a real pleasure for us to be amongst you this evening!


Receptivity, Service

As last week we discussed the act of being able to open oneself up and to give, so this week I would like to add an extension to this act of giving and that is; in order to fully appreciate giving one must likewise be able to receive. This, too, takes practice and is a part of life. Being able to receive love, receive praise, receive gifts from others is often difficult for certain individuals. Many feel more at ease in giving; yet in order for you to appreciate the act of giving you must be able to also learn to accept. Part of this being able to receive is necessary in order for you to open yourself up and to accept freely the gift of love from the First Source and Center. If you cannot allow yourself to receive from your brothers and sisters, then you are probably not allowing yourself to be open to receiving the divine gifts as well.

That is why this lesson is being presented tonight, that you will consider your ability to receive as well as give. For in being able to receive openly, lovingly, and with appreciation in a material sense, so also will you open yourself up to being able to receive from the divine circuits as well. In receiving, therefor, from the divine circuits are you able, then, to give more in your material sense. And so my lesson is given so that you will take time this week to think upon your ability to be able to receive as an extension of last week's being able to give.

When you realize that it is through both giving and receiving that you are truly made whole, then you will be able to do this giving and receiving very easily. You will, in fact, not only grow in your potential, but you will help others, also, in their experience of life and in their growth. As you commune with the Indwelling Spirit you will be allowing yourselves to open up. You will be allowing the gift necessary for your life to become available to you. You will be allowing God to freely give to you, and in turn you will freely give to others. As you receive, so, too, are you adding to the experience of the God of time and space, the Supreme. As you can receive, so shall this add to the experiential aspect of the Supreme.

My friends, this giving and receiving is like the coin with two faces. It is like tossing the coin in the air and having it land one time as receiving and the next time as giving. Back and forth throughout your life you will be in this mode of giving or receiving. To be able to do both willingly, openly, lovingly, and without reservation is part of growth. Take time this week to evaluate these two gifts, that you can receive and give on a balanced level.

It is a busy night, and we have one other visitor."

Cora: "Hello my friends. I am Cora. I have been asked to say a few words to this group as a whole. I am a teacher that will be often making appearances with this group, as some of you have been receiving messages these last several weeks.


It is a great honor that I could speak this evening following two great, great teachers. Michael, of course, is One whom we all bow to in this regard, for His example and His work in all the realms has been one of giving. And as He has given, so has He rightly received and been able to rightfully take His position as the Creator/Sovereign of this local universe.

As you lead your lives be ever mindful of the wondrous gifts that are available to you. In order that you can grow in maturity you must grow also in graciousness, and I speak of the graciousness of giving and receiving. So important is it that you understand this concept! For they fold in and weave in with one another to a point where there is sometimes not even recognition of the aspect of what was given and what was received, because it has become so bonded in closeness and oneness. As you live your lives, my friends, be able to give. Be able to receive openly. I am Cora. I will now take my leave."

Daniel: "My friends, I am Daniel. I will welcome a few questions this evening."


Circuits, Presence

V1: "Good evening, Daniel. Number one, I am overwhelmed that Michael spoke. Scripture always said that if two or three are gathered together that He is always there in our midst. But I always thought of that as, perhaps, the Holy Spirit. Was His Spirit here? Was He here as far as circuits were concerned? Indeed, I realize He could be anywhere and everywhere as God is. I guess I just want you to tell me."

Daniel: "Would it make any difference? In the reality and the understanding of the all encompassing natures of Creator Sons it is most difficult for a time/space creature to comprehend the nature of a Creator Son of God being everywhere, at all times present. With the encircuiting of circuits it is much easier to receive broadcasts, so to speak, from the local universe. Know that the presence of Christ Michael was more than circuitry this evening. Open up that you can embrace the energy and love of our Creator Son."

V1: "Thank you Daniel, very much. I would also like to say to Cora, 'Thank you'. I have heard her words (that she spoke to me the other day) very much because I am also sorry that I am defensive when I do good. I have thought about that a lot! And the other thing...I just want to thank you for being here and always giving us those things to think about."

Daniel: "You are most welcome, my dear. It is through your growth, all of you, the ability to think upon the nature of your being and the ability of you to choose to bring yourselves into higher and higher levels; it is through these upstepments within your own selves that you are able to expand your consciousness and your understanding. As you are able to do this then you become the voices through which the divine can reach your brothers and sisters. You then become the teacher, the giver. As you receive your inner and divine gifts then you can turn around and give them to one another. Indeed, all of you are taking steps in that direction."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2. I especially, also, appreciated Cora's words following up on your lesson about receiving. I have often preferred the term, instead of gracious, grace filled, in terms of the lesson of giving and receiving. That just really clicks for me, to understand that we really cannot be grace filled unless we are willing to receive. And that grace filled is not so much a matter of acting as it is of being open to receiving the gifts that are ours when we are in touch with the First Source and Center and when we are in touch with our Indwelling Spirit, and each other. So thank you.

And it is interesting that V1 was asking about Christ Michael's presence. And I just really had this real rush just before He spoke in terms of heat. So, however that was, He touched me! Thank you." Daniel: "Yes. Very well put. No further elaboration needed on your words."

B1: "Daniel, this is former doubting Thomas, Isaac. Thank you for your two visits to me this week. I can't remember who told me last night that I was going to hear from Michael, but when He began to speak I realized that was the fulfillment of that statement. I had a very strong sense of His presence. It was as though He was visible to me. I could imagine us all falling on our knees! Thank you for your continued work with us, and Christ Michael for your faithful giving to us. That's it."

Daniel: "It brings such joy to all of us to know that, indeed, are the words being spoken being taken in and genuinely received! As you can receive and lay down your doubts, so will you be able to carry on as the apostle you have been asked to be, all of you. Doubt not that the work of Christ Michael, that the will of the Father is being carried out, is being made manifest by your lives! Trust in that inner voice that you hear. Commune with the Indwelling Spirit daily and that which is needed by you to fulfill the Father's will, will be given. So shall there be guidance, shall there be direction.


I will take my leave now. I have one message to...this is personal, will be given by D3 later to the individual. My friends, take this week and ponder the wondrous gifts given to you. As you receive them in, willingly give them out. This is as it should be. For as has been stated, the greatest gift of all, love, is not love unless it can be turned over and given away. My love to you this evening. I receive back now your love as well. It becomes a circle enfolding in on itself. Go now that you may continue to understand and know the presence of that Indwelling Spirit, that you can hear the call, that you can follow. Good evening, my friends."