1993-11-29-Reincarnation & Finaliter Status

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Topic: Reincarnation & Finaliter Status

Group: York TeaM


Teacher: El Tanere

TR: Min Hoet




G: My name is G_ . I have a problem with reincarnation theory. Because I believed that for many years and now in the UB I am told that this is not true. Could you elaborate and clarify that for me?

E.T.: The URANTIA papers do not endorse reincarnation as the mortals on your planet earth conceive it, nor does your scriptures, nor does the ACIM [A Course In Miracles]. That is a lesson, I believe, G_ that you teach [ACIM]. The soul doesn’t return over and over. There is only one soul. That is your soul. It becomes united with your spirit and you become a new form. And this form continues to change over and over and over again as you continue your Paradise ascension.

The experiences that happen under hypnosis of past life regression are difficult to explain. The individual under hypnosis is in a trance-like state of consciousness and is relatively subject to all sort of influences. It does not matter whether you believe in reincarnation or not. It makes no difference at all. For some it is their way of believing of life eternal. It is my understanding that even a spiritual ascended mortal from your planet would not be permitted to return to your planet, even as a spiritual invisible being within the same dispensation.

It has been over 2,000 years since your last dispensation. When Jesus was crucified there was a dispensation and the sleeping souls were resurrected. And in 1984 upon the adjudication of Lucifer, Caligastia, and Satan, there was another dispensational resurrection. The sleeping souls from the time of Jesus to that time have been resurrected. Great joy in the heavens! This is the reason all the circuits have been opened. That is the reason you can receive broadcasts from the universe and that information that before was never available to you is now available to those who are open and wish to know. Nothing will be hidden from you that will be of benefit to you.

B: . . . is it better to keep our eyes closed or open. How does it help you?

E.T.: This is of not assistance to me whether your eyes are open or closed. The importance is that your receiver is open to my messages. This receiver is very receptive to my words. They are her words. I’m sure she speaks as she speaks, but the thoughts are put there by me. Just be open and fill the room with spiritual energy and light and all the messages will come through. I am always available to any of you of you. I speak to my receiver many times during the day, just as I come to others. Listen and I will speak to you. It is unnecessary to go into a trance. Just have your mind open to receive. We have much to learn and we are going to have fund doing it.


P: El Tanere, this is P_. Are you a Finaliter? Please correct us.

E.T.: No, I have not reached that status. I am spirit fused. I have been in the presence of your universe sovereign, the Christ Michael that you know as Jesus. I have been fortunate to visit other areas, [ and other planets in the universe in my training. To become a finaliter is a long process. The spirit that we teachers are engaged in is very beneficial to experiential learning that we need for our continued Paradise ascent. I can tell you the Father is real. Know that in your hearts, the Father is real. I was a mortal on a planet that had advanced almost completely into light and life. I almost say, unfortunately. I didn’t have the opportunity to experience all that you have experienced on this dark and stagnant planet that is fear ridden . . . . with fear, lots of fear. Yet, I tell you this: As you become more aware of your spiritual consciousness, you will see with the eyes of God. Be being a spiritual teacher assigned to this planet, in this time of great spiritual awakening, I get the opportunity to learn what you have come through. I get the opportunity to learn what you have come through. You are to be commended. I hope you are not disappointed that I have not reached that stage. I, El Tanere, am not [there yet]. I am gloriously looking forward to my continued Paradise ascension. I am gloriously looking forward to my continued comprehension. It is the best trip you will ever take and it is forever.

V: Nareda [a Midwayer] told me I would never be a Finaliter. I always thought that was the ultimate goal of every ascending soul. Could you explain this?

E.T.: I am seeking permission.

It is my understanding that not every planet has mortals that would be eligible to become a Finaliter. That does not mean that you would never reach Paradise. The mortals on planet earth, because of the dual default and rebellion of Lucifer and Adam and Eve had some of the most difficult challenges of any other planet. You can be assured of this because this is the planet where your Master, the sovereign of your universe, came to bestow himself as a mortal of the realm of experience all that you have experienced.

I am not in a position to be able to predict whether anyone of you will become a finaliter or even if I will. There are many others of service in the universe that the Father needs his ascendants to be engaged. Do not be concerned whether you will or will not be. That is not a matter of importance at this time. Know that you already have started your ascendant career.