1994-10-25-Spiritual Pursuits

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Topic: Spiritual Pursuits

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Unknown



Aaron: It is simple the road that lies before you in your life, the spiritual pursuit, the knowledge and understanding. It is somewhat easier for mortals to engage in this process of learning when their material life is stable, when the worries of economic instability diminish.

I would for you to see how grateful you should be that you are in the circumstances you find yourselves; not always easy, but certainly at a higher sense of security than in other places in your world. Surroundings do sometimes have an impact on spiritual growth, for those with little or nothing must occupy their time with contention and striving to create a livelihood that is nearly nonexistent.

In all the depressing aspects of society in which you live, the ‘doom and gloom’ as you would say, realize that there is still a sense of security in a environment of order, and take your benefits of circumstance and utilize the time, the free time that you have, to pursue the higher thinking, the higher thought toward spiritual understanding.

Communication is a spirit form, even between two mortals. Communication is one of the most important aspects to a unified system and a unified personality.

I would, in fear of sounding redundant, press upon you all to spend time each day to be with the Adjuster, your Father presence inside of you, for as you increase the time you make available and as you communicate with this Presence, you will find that your communication with others on the higher plane of thought will increase much to your satisfaction.

I am Aaron. Hello.

Sh: Hello Aaron.

Aaron: I would be open for comment.


A: As you know Aaron, the Spokane and Coeur D'Alene groups have gotten together to discuss organizing and possibly forming a society. Would it be good to form a Urantia society and commit to efforts in that area, or is it premature to do this at this time, knowing requirements of time and money?

Aaron: It is a process for you all to understand truly what the ramifications of engaging in this society would be. You are correct as to the time it would require in the initial period. In looking at this from the perspective as a whole, it could be positive if the support is there to pursue such an avenue. Realize that yet, there may not be enough individuals to actuate this formal association. But as to whether you should or not, I would not decide for you.

A: A different topic Aaron is that S. and her husband would like to buy a house and our now moving into an apartment. Would it be to her benefit to look for a house now, or should she stay in the apartment and let life settle in a little bit? They would like very much to own their own home.

Aaron: This is completely within the realm of human decision

A: Is there any advice you can give her to assist in her human decision making process?

Aaron: Referring to the lesson, communication with her inner spirit will help to bring assurance... (At this point, tape began to malfunction, cutting in and out.)

S: . ..One of the hurdles that I need to jump over to accept more fully this teaching mission is to know whether the litigation of Gabriel vs Lucifer has been adjudicated. . ..

(Cuts out again. Aaron asked S. a question about how it would matter if Caligastia (the devil) were still free and S. responded that her attitudes would be more careful for fear of being led astray by Caligastia.)

Here Aaron speaks on how fear should be minimized because it is an inhibitor. To control and understand fear would be beneficial.

Spoke about care, and how it should be utilized always whether the adjudication has occurred or not, because a chance is always there for error in message. Utilize the Spirit of Truth.

Aaron also referred to the Urantia Book, and a quote therein: "Through the mind of man divine truth may indeed shine forth, but always of relative purity and partial divinity. The creature may crave infallibility, but only the Creators possess it. (159:4.8) (Recorded part continues.)

Aaron: . ..what your choice may have been. It is the intent which matters always, over the outcome. The outcome is a secondary benefit.

If you find that you have chosen mistakenly to follow something in error, then I have faith in you that you will adapt and understand by your mistakes, and then you will choose another course of action, and then you will pursue again a different way, a better way. I give you love, and that is my offering.

S: Thank you Aaron. (Cuts out again.)

Sh. asked a couple of questions, which I do not remember well, then Aaron closed by asking us to pursue our stillness time better, and to believe that it is possible to communicate with spiritual guidance, when the willingness and belief are there. Then Aaron opens for teacher Miriam to speak. When the recorder comes on again, she is already in process.

Miriam: . ..love by you and your brothers and sisters, when combined, portrays the willingness of your Father's path. Maintaining one another in times of need is the Father's path, which seems to come rather easy for this group. We are dedicated in helping you to become further knowledgeable of what it takes to do this successfully.


Your love for one another will guide you straight down the road. Your willingness is attuned. We welcome your thoughts. We are there for you. Just listen. They're your thoughts too.

I will leave now. You are loved.