1995-02-19-Group Appreciation

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Topic: Group Appreciation

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Ambrose, Alfonso, Will, Mantoube

TR: JoiLin



T/R #1 Ambrose: Greetings, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you.


Free will

I recently spoke with my student regarding the importance of free will, and the understanding that it is inviolate. It may never be tampered with, by we who make the attempt to teach you; in all things is it sovereign. When first you began to make the attempt to hear our words, it was from a platform of receptive listening on your part. This was the indication to us that you were willing and ready to hear what we have to teach. There has been recently some talk of the circuitry that is being put in place on your planet. There was discussion relating to your individual part in that circuitry. It was explained both with this project as well as that of the receiver transmitter relationship, that there are adjustments that may be made to your physical being. It is important that you understand that because you are free will creatures, when once you give your permission for us to make adjustments, it stands for one time only. Never does the Father take for granted your free will. It may be changed at any time, by you, in an instant. It is important to recognize this. In order for you to proceed along your path you must be a willing participant, and this willingness needs must be made daily, in order for you to progress. It could not be otherwise, or free will would mean nothing, and it does indeed mean much. It is a gift of the Father, and one taken very seriously by all who work with you. That is all I have to say this evening. Thank you for listening so attentively. I leave you with my love. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Family, Circuits, Light and Life

T/R #2 Alfonso: Greetings, this is Alfonso, and I'd like to speak with you tonight on family. Family can mean many things. It can mean a biological family. It can mean a congregation of close friends. But I choose to speak of family as those connected through the heart. Indeed, there are many on this world who errect barriers to such a connection, and look for differences in people, rather than similarities. The connection between people is part and parcel of the circuits that have been discussed recently. I would like you to visualize for a second, two live wires, each with the light of the Father flowing through them, but not connected. Until there can be a bridge between the two they may forever be separated. We ask that each of you take one end of the wire in one hand and one in the other, and become the conduit for the Father's love that will connect those two wires. By doing this you have created a circuit that permits the love of the Father to flow unimpeded through those connections. You have also opened your heart circuits and created a linkage which we will, for this purpose, call extended family. When others in this circuit are able to connect with other people the family extends further. Finally in the exponential growth of this family we will connect all people on this planet through the heart circuits to each other. This will require that we bridge all barriers, all differences, all impediments to this type of energy flow and love. This will not be accomplished through the destruction of those barriers, but we shall do it through the raising of the depth of love on this planet so that no barrier will be tall enough to interrupt this circuit. This is our plan; this is our goal. Each of you is an integral part of that plan, and each person on this planet is a necessary ingredient to the final completion of a heart based family. This is when this planet will reach light and life, when each person can be connected through the heart to each other person, and each can be concerned about the well-being of their family, that is, all other people on this planet. That is the sum and substance of our mission. It is not going to happen over night, but it must begin somewhere. Already if you look around, you'll see that many connections are already in place, and we ask that you continue to reach out and put those circuits into place whenever you can. Thank you for your time tonight, and thank you for your respectful listening and attention to this message. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Will: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God supports us. The light of God shines forth and shows us the way. Wherever we gather, He is.

Change, Leadership

Greetings, this is your teacher Will, who loves you. I would like to say a short greeting to you tonight and thank you for attending this practice session. I have endeavored upon Vincent to deliver this, although he was somewhat reluctant to do so.

Each of you and each member of this group and groups across the country, and indeed the world, continue to be bright shining lights, whose intentions are well known, and whose actions are indeed starting the ball rolling to make dramatic changes on this planet. We appreciate all that you do. We ask you to continue forward and to consciously and daily seek to do the Father's will in your life. We ask you to discern that will through your daily stillness practice and would encourage each of you whenever you hit rough waters to slow down and take a minute and speak with the Father; then listen. We continue forward on our path, and each of you represents to us a major opportunity through which we can present the message of love and light to those still in the darkness. For in truth, you and those like you, not all necessarily involved in this mission directly, but who are similarly led, are the standard bearers. Each of you knows the path with the most love in it, and we ask that each of you select that path when the opportunity arises. For now we'll close. Remain in the Father's light. Know that we are with you daily. Spend time with the Father. Shalom.

All: Shalom.


T/R #1 Mantouba: Greetings, it is I Mantouba, come to speak with you just briefly this evening. I would like to thank all of you for being present this evening. I see our numbers have grown once again. This pleases me much.

I would like you to consider recognizing that as you step out on this path to the Father, that you are just now beginning, that His participation in your efforts is increased by your invitation. When you daily seek the Father you are building a connection with Him, and each time you again connect, is that connection made stronger. And when this becomes an ingrained habit, one that you no longer have to push yourselves to pursue, it begins then through your efforts to spill out into the arena of your day. Each time that you make the conscious effort to include the Father within the framework of your day, does this connection grow even stronger, and does His influence become even greater. Understand that it is through your free will efforts, through your conscious contact with the Father, that your progress is made on this path. All that you do in connection to your relationship with the Father increases your ability to open to His love and to allow this love to be extended to the brotherhood. Know how much you are appreciated by the Father and we who teach you. This world will not change without the conscious participation of His children. We bless you for your participation.


I leave you now with the understanding that you are ever watched over, ever supported, and loved. Shalom.

All: Shalom.