1995-07-23-Focused Energies

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Topic: Focused Energies

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings. I am HAM and I am happy that you have all come tonight. All of you are growing in the spirit and have welcomed change and increased level of health and happiness.


You who have taken on the full measure of responsibility toward this mission have altogether the happiest experience. You have confidence and a safety in knowing that your efforts are not in vain at all anymore. No, they are all becoming focused and your energy is focusing gradually on certain goals. This high level of focus is only possible through the consecration of your will to the will of the Father. This level of dedication frees you from the awful indecisiveness and self-doubt of your earlier life.

Nothing takes more energy than inner conflict. Once you have grown spiritually to a point where conflict is disastrous, then you find that you must jump in with both feet, so to speak, leaving aside your old concerns. Once you have committed to the Mission, then you find your self gradually being led forward by the will of the Father. Your energies which were once scattered and caused great energy depletion in turmoil now are becoming focused and purposeful. Your lives are becoming filled with meaning as you find the whole universe is on your side. Once you become dedicated to doing, even to living your impossible dream, you will find it slowly and surely taking shape and substance reality.

Soon you find that your energies are so well focused that you can do a number of tasks as easily as one. Very soon each day will be thus. You will spend a certain amount of time and energy working toward your great goal, and the rest of the time, you will be freed to rest and truly relax. I would have you understand that rest and relaxation is extremely important for you at this time. Take care not to over-burden yourselves. Work when it is appropriate and rest as it is appropriate. The value of rest is not overstated. You must lean that to be at the height of your performance-focus level you must have time for relaxation.

And now, you will soon become aware that things that were only a dream for you are actually coming to pass, and so, you must rededicate yourselves all over again to the dream's expansion. The Father shows you the future in a way that is not only visionary, but is a reinforcement of your deepest reality, your deepest conviction of who you are and of why you are here. For many of you these are hazy dreams still and you are unsure if your are just wishing for an impossible and foolish idea. I would say to you to take time and commune with the Father. Talk over your doubts and your feelings, your deepest struggles. I assure you that the Father will show you a way to move forward. This way may not be exactly what you had pictured, but you will find yourself even more comfortable with this way man anything you could have imagined.

It is true that there are many who will not face the hurdle in order to consecrate their commitment to the Mission, and so, it is sad for us to lose their potential in the coming times. This Teaching Mission has become like a crossroads and will remain so for many. Some will come to the Mission with full intention of going forward, and yet, when all the implications and the sacrifices required are weighed in their minds, they will not be able to crossover with full commitment at this time, and they will fall away for a time and will miss the early stages of the future organization of humans.

Mistake not, this Mission calling is not a game. You were all born into this time with your future inevitably linked together and to the Mission. This is not a time for playing intellectual gamesmanship. It is a time of decision making and you who have decided to go forward and to commit yourselves and your lives, all you have and are, will know of a certainty that it is correct and true and indeed reasonable and good.

Very soon a number of you will be embarking on an adventure which knows no bounds. You have been utterly examined and are being prepared even now. The future will require men of action as well as words. Your futures will require you to act for justice, for truth, and for human advancement. You who believe and who follow the Father toward your greater destinies will light the way toward a greater and enduring civilization, and are the forerunners of a great and all encompassing revelation. It is for you to go forward and prepare the soil for the great sower who will come later. It is your tasks which will prepare your world for a new and greater and expanded truth, even that which will enlighten your world.

The Father has shown you a better way, a greater knowledge, and a higher morality, which is coming to all the world. It is even that for which this world was made. You will see wondrous changes in your lives and you will effect a number of these. You will take your place among those who have come before you, and who have prepared the way for you, and you will advance in the world as you advance with the world. Furthermore, these great destinies which lay before you individually are all connected with others. There is indeed a collective destiny for your generation. Humankind has long suffered and struggled under the oppression of the legacy of rebellion. In your generation, this oppression has been lifted, and so, you are given light instead of darkness, peace in place of sorrow, love in place of hatred, security in the place of fear. Your generation will change the course of planetary history because they will accept all these gifts. This is all. I will entertain questions now. (Personal questions ommitted)