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Topic: Growth

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will, Ambrose

TR: Unknown



Will: Good evening, this is your teacher Will, who loves you.

All: Good evening!

It is my pleasure this evening to speak to you through your dear friend Sharon who is here visiting with us this evening. She is somewhat hesitant to be a channel for me; she is rather intimidated to be here with you and to be my partner. She has always held me in high esteem and considers me to be quite outspoken, and so, if you will bear with us, I will continue.



This evening I would share with you some of the thoughts or insights that I am receiving from your conversations. You have spent a great deal of time this evening discussing your growth and discussing the future growth that you wish to achieve. I assure you that such growth is occurring and will continue to occur.

Remember that we have come a long way, and that we have far to go. The changes that you are experiencing are changes that will benefit you as time progresses, you will begin to see a broader picture and understand a fuller expression of God's love, and Michael's plan, as you continue to dedicate yourself to sharing the love of our Father. These words you have heard before, however, I would remind you that each day, each week, each month as we share and as we grow, you are understanding on higher levels and are willing to open yourself to suggestions and concepts that you perhaps would have rejected not very long ago.

I encourage you to review your growth, to look again at the expansion that you have benefited from, that you have experienced over these years, these years that we have been together. I know what is in your mind, I know how much you have dedicated yourself to this growth. I am your teacher, I am one who can say, I knew you when...and I know you now, and I know you each individually, and I love you all.

Often when one comes within our circle who is not of this particular group and does not understand our history, they cannot fully appreciate the growth, the changes, the love that you all can appreciate and understand, but I say to you, through another, through one who does not know you, that the love that we have shared is beyond measure. And the growth that we have experienced makes my heart glad. I am proud of you as students and I am proud of you as teachers.

Continue this growth, continue to expand yourself, to feel within yourselves the knowledge and the wisdom that Michael shares with us all, and that the Mother Spirit endows us with, if we will but open our minds and our hearts. This gift is given to all and you are aware of these gifts. Do not think that these gifts are for others or that you are not worthy of these gifts. Continue to encourage yourselves, continue to expand, continue to share. In the feeling of your previous comments, I would, at this time, answer a question, or welcome a comment.


Long pause.....Come, come, certainly one must have a question or a comment!

Helen: You took us by surprise!

Sharon: She's laughing (Will is)....she's smiling!

(Group laughter)

Will: Do not worry, this is not something that must be experienced at this moment; I would encourage you however, in future times, to feel free to communicate with me on whatever level you choose to do. I feel this is a very valid part of our growth and something that I am very pleased to know you are interested in. Your choices are always taken into consideration. I will leave you now, and I say to you again, that my love for you is deep and full, and I will continue to be your teacher if that is your wish and I am pleased to be here with you this evening. God bless you all.

Helen: Please don't ever leave us Will!

Analiese: Yes, we want you as our teacher.

Allene: Well, I was going to say thank you Will; I was sure this group did not want you to leave as a teacher! I personally look forward to the short amount of time I have here, being part of this group, and your lessons.

JoiLin: Will, I have a question if you're still willing to entertain some.

Will: Yes.


JoiLin: We were talking this evening about, the possibility of in the future, of opening up as a group and having interaction between you and our personal teachers and ourselves. And I felt like we had at least begun to experience that some time ago. Is that a format that will be possible for our group in the future? Is that something that is part of your plan?

Will: In all instances we encourage you to communicate on every level possible, not only with teachers, but of course with Michael, and your Thought Adjuster, and the Father. How you choose to do this is of course a free will choice, however, yes, I would be most pleased if this were something you chose to participate in. There are many teachers here who can share and would enjoy sharing their thoughts and their knowledge with the members of this group. We will see how this evolves, however, of course I encourage you to consider this and if you are agreeable, I would be most agreeable.

JoiLin: Thank you.

Will: Allow God's love to shine through you, to share this love with each other, to even as we sit, to connect in spirit and in love. Our group is a strong group and that includes all members. Remember that the love that we are sharing knows no nights or days or boundaries. Your concern over disharmony is understandable, and I am quite confident that in time, all will be resolved.

Analiese: Thank you for reassuring us.

T/R # 2

Ambrose: Greetings students. It is I Ambrose, he who loves you.

All: Good evening, Ambrose.

Ambrose: I open my heart and embrace you all, and give welcome to our guest. Her light added to yours makes this room glow, as indeed you are all bright lights! The interaction, the love, the support that we who teach you see exhibited between you all, fills our hearts with pride! The growth you have achieved individually, within the past, and I speak specifically of this past year, has been considerable. When we speak of living in the moment, for that is indeed, the only place we can live, that does not mean that you should never look back over the path you have come, for in looking back, and recognizing the distance you have come, adds to your faith foundation while living in the moment. For you know that this moment will propel you forward, as indeed this past you have so recently walked allowed you to take the growth leaps that resulted in where you now stand. All of us within this group both you who strive to move along this path toward the Father, and we who do so as well by reaching down and helping you to move, all of us grow and develop together. You teach not just your brothers and sisters as you reach out to them in love, but you teach each other as well, through the examples that you set, through the gifts of sharing that you give to one another. There are many groups strung out across this planet who are beginning to work together at healing the pain and dysfunctional patterns within themselves, much like you here present, are beginning to do.

Agondonters, Transformation

All of these groups will one day, through this mantle or umbrella of love that is being manifested over this planet, cause a reformation in the hearts and minds of all people, regardless of the path they walk. Many there are, who are ready to receive the gift of love, who are ready to accept their siblinghood. The way is being prepared and it will be through you and others like you, that this will come to pass. You cannot know how appreciated you are; how many eyes are turned toward your valiant, struggling planet. Many there are who would willingly trade places with any mortal on this planet, regardless of his or her status, simply to be given the opportunity to be a part of this grand awakening of your world! You who participate, will one day be recognized as the wave of Agondonters who pushed this world beyond the foundations and current paradigms to the next level of consciousness of universe understanding. You are even now the recipients of praises being sung on high. We welcome you as universe citizens among us! Continue dear students, in reaching out to your siblings, yet at the same time continue with your inner work, for it will be only through this continued effort on you part that you will do the work that you have committed to. I leave you now, with my love and blessing as always, reminding you that you are indeed, beloved children of the Father. Did anyone have any questions they wished to address? Or comments?

Helen: The comment is Ambrose, that we haven't heard from you in a long time in our meetings, so it's a pleasure to have you.

Ambrose; I thank you. I have missed having the opportunity to speak with you, yet knew full well, that I would be given the opportunity. It is always a delight to participate in this group.


If there are no further questions, I will step back. There are other teachers present who would wish the opportunity to speak, yet will wait their turn, certainly, if there are no opportunities this evening.