1995-08-21-Small Tasks

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Topic: Small Tasks

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. This work is not glamorous, memorable or even without difficulty, no. This work can be dull, monotonous and test our level of tolerance. This is why many are called by the Master, but few choose to endure this duty of apostleship. Many seek a more magnificent task in the kingdom, a task that may perhaps bring much self-glory. I say, it is the most humble of humans that the most magnificent tasks go to. Those seeking self-glorification will be sadly disappointed, for this is not what our Creator's work is about.

The more common tasks from Father or His Son are hidden tasks behind the scenes, tasks that bring no self-credit, no glory, not even much excitement. These are the tasks that you perform without much self-thought, something that you do because of your love for your fellow mortals. Yes, they are small and go unrecognized by human eyes.

I say, it is these small tasks that bring the Father in Heaven much glory, much happiness. It is the small things that glorify our Father, for it says, this is my child who has learned well and I am pleased. This is not to say you can not feel good inside for a good deed committed. Yes, of course you can, relish in this good feeling with your Indwelling Father Fragment and know that He has taught you well because of His love for you. However, I do want to clarify between this good feeling of a good deed done and self-pride.

Self-pride gives not credit to the one who teaches you, that has taught you Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Self-pride has no room for anyone to share in this joy of a good deed committed. You are learning the difference between self-pride and rejoicing in the goodness that you have learned.

It is with great joy that I say so many of you are willing to perform the small and seemingly unimportant tasks for the kingdom without want of self-aggrandizement. It is these little tasks that go unnoticed that lead us further into Light and Life. To me, no task is unimportant because it needs to be done in order to progress.

Yes, I do recall a time where I would rather choose the more outstanding duties, to be in the public eye to win affection. This was not wrong, this was human. But, as I learned to be more divine I did not crave this human recognition and affection. It was in my education that I learned of Father’s closeness. The closer I became with Father, the less I desired human acceptance, for Father loved me just as I am.

In our Father’s kingdom no task is unimportant and meaningless. It is just another step in your progression. To our Father all duties, simple or difficult, are meaningful. It matters not if your fellows accredit you with their so-called praise. It matters that you served and you served well. Then you and your Indwelling Father Fragment rejoice in your effort to do His bidding. Any questions?


R.: Father Abraham, was it from the scriptures that most of the Christians started to celebrate Christ Michael’s birthday on the 25th of December? I really don’t know how long they have been celebrating it on that day.

ABRAHAM: Yes. This was as close as they could determine. The birth was not as well known as His death. Another question?

T.: Abraham, you talked quite a bit in your lesson tonight about the common tasks we do, the hidden things that we do in our daily lives in doing Father’s will and doing Father’s work. Can you give us some words how to remember that no task is unimportant that we do? How do we remember that in our daily lives? It seems like they just go on and we forget about it

ABRAHAM: Yes, understood. Perform your task as if the Master was right there with you, as if He had trained you and you were demonstrating to Him in the excellent manner in which He taught you. This I know is easier said than done, but look at your task as the low, bottom stair on a steep staircase. This staircase leads you to your Paradise destination, for each task you perform you take a step. For each dull task you are doing think to yourself, this is another stair I can climb. I am getting closer and closer to my Paradise destination. Yes, this sounds simple. Does this help? (Yes very much.)

J.: Abraham, how do we know when we are maybe helping someone too much? It might be hurting us by helping them too much, whether it is costing us too much money, or if they are taking advantage of us. How far should we go to help other people, or if we should worry about being taken advantage of, or if we should put our foot down sometimes and stop, knowing we can only do so much and quit? Sometimes I don’t know when to quit doing something for someone else when it might be hurting them or hurting me by doing too much for them. Should we just always just keep doing good for others or should there be a stopping point where you just say no sometimes?

ABRAHAM: Yes you are correct. The Master would always go an extra mile for His fellow man, but the Master was also a man of intelligence. He did not enable a person to lie down before their struggles by over-helping. He also overcame evil with goodness and honesty. When He was in a situation of being taken advantage of, He would shower a person with His love and then be on His way, for He was no longer available to be taken advantage of. He was forthright and honest with His fellows.

Those that understood Him accepted His love and did not lie down before their troubles, but did cloak themselves in the Masters confidence and love for them, and did stand and battle their struggles without complaint.

Those that still attempted to take advantage were confronted by His honesty, and they would usually flee from Him. If you feel you are taken advantage of, then I say confront this person. Let this person know of your feelings and that you will neither enable him to lie down before his troubles, nor will you stand for this indignant behavior to be thrust upon you. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.)


If there are no more questions, I will leave you now with my love and my prayer that you will be patient with yourselves and know that you do not shoulder the burden of this life alone. Shalom.