1996-01-02-Trust Your Creator

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Topic: Trust Your Creator

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. I am happy to speak with you this evening. These last few weeks have been extremely busy for me and my associates. We have continued to elevate the concept of the Kingdom of God and help to implement acts of goodwill in the hearts of mortals. We find certain times of the year are ideal for seed planting. I am honored to assist Michael in the sowing of these seeds.



I have spoken to you on your part in this family of Father, and I have attempted to bring forth your sense of family togetherness within this group and other mortals you have contact with. It is my goal to bring to you the early lessons that you discover on the mansion worlds. I have said these teachings are to propel you forward in your spiritual learning that you may teach others. I say signs of a world stepping forward into Light and Life are beginning to shine. I rejoice and give my gratitude to a Father who is so watchful of every universal detail.

Many mortals have yet to learn that they belong to this great ocean that is the Kingdom of God or the Father's family. The ocean is a mystery no human can estimate the depth or begin to understand the square miles that is the ocean. The ocean sustains life and nurtures and protects its inhabitants. The creatures of the ocean know not how they are sustained, they only know that they are. They are completely trusting in their environment to feed and house and protect them. The creatures of the ocean asks not who provides this sustenance. They worry not if the ocean will disappear. They think not the ocean is incapable of fulfilling its duties to them. I tell you those on the first mansion world are discovering that this lesson on the ocean is like the Kingdom of God. These students are now understanding that their true sustenance lies within their trust for their Creator. Those on the more advanced levels of morontial education are perhaps like the inhabitants of the ocean. They ask not if the creator of a universe will still be capable of overseeing their survival. These students are in knowing. These students are trusting just as if they never knew what the concept of distrust was. It is that natural.

Doubt, Inquiry

It is simple for me to speak on trusting your Creators for I have met one such Creator face to face. It is so simple for me to speak about trust for I have met the entity that is the embodiment of all trust. I can only plant the seed, but it is you that has to reach for the sun and rain and nutrients within the soil. Once you have begun to establish trust, then shall your true spiritual powers bring forth the fruits of the spirit. I have not always known this trust. I have not always known such confidence in a spiritual force that I could not view with my eyes. Trust is evolving and always changing, growing. You may not realize trust may grow out of the most dreadful times of spiritual doubt. Wavering faith is perhaps like water to a untrusting plant. You see, it is your questioning, your asking that brings you the light of truth. With this truth comes the fact that Father is a loving and responsible caretaker to all His children. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to question your spiritual steps of learning. But I say, it helps to light your path if you fully believe that the Father of all fathers watches over you as if you were His only child. Father knows your heart, your mind, your desires and it is His desire to have you believe that He is fully capable of assisting you in your steps to Him.

I ask you to try an experiment, upon awakening each day look to your Father and say, "Father, this day I shall put my life in your hands. I shall fully trust your decisions. I am knowing of your power to shape me and my life into a successful spiritual student." I understand that to fully trust in your Father is perhaps like feeling your way around in a dark room, you move slowly, you take small steps. I am happy to receive questions.



ROLAND: Abraham, thank you for that beautiful lesson and instruction. During the last ten days I have spent, as you know, with a woman who is known by the name of Guru Mi. During those ten days there was a process called chaktapa. It is a process by which in the enlightened guru transmits God-consciousness to her students or psychics. It is a pretty amazing experience these people have during that particular intensity. (?) was amazed at the energy that I received from the experience. In your knowledge can you help me understand what actually occurred there? I am at a loss to reconcile that with some of the other things that I have learned, but I would love to so. Do you have a comment, perhaps assistance?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Yes, transmitting/receiving--correct. I am understanding that when the shades of a window are fully open a room can receive more light. Yes, the power of this conference was highly energized, for there were so many windows that were receiving full light. You see, this opening to spiritual consciousness was adding to the information you were receiving. The more you are trusting, the more you are allowing light to enter, the more light you will receive. Yes, I am aware that this individual you speak of has allowed herself to be a lantern for which the light of God can shine therefrom. Does this answer?

ROLAND: Beautifully. What occurs to me is that we are each sons and daughters of God and that as we become closer to perfection we are able to channel or transmit chaktapa to each other and we do on many levels. This particular individual it seems has purified herself to the degree that this light is transmitted in great abundance. Could that be one of the lessons of this experience? Does she have a special calling or a special anointment of transmitting this God-consciousness exclusive to her?

ABRAHAM: No! She is, yes, a child of God. She is an open individual who desires to serve and those that believe in her supply her with the energy to receive much spiritual enlightenment. She is assisted by those who share in her beliefs. Am I understanding you?

ROLAND: It seems to me that you do. What my notion is at this point is that we also, all sons and daughters of God, as we purify or as we approach or strive for perfection that she has, we will also be able to give chaktapa or be channels of the light of God to people who will actually feel energy in the moment.

ABRAHAM: Yes. Certainly. As you grow in faith and trust you will receive the amount of spiritual knowledge that you are ready to receive. Does this help?

ROLAND: Yes, very much so. You must also be familiar with a Julie Garfield who was in attendance from Albuquerque, NM, who is very interested in the Teaching Mission. Twenty six years ago was touched by the Urantia Book. It is my notion that they will be people who will carry on the Teaching Mission work in Albuquerque. Are you familiar with Julie Garfield or the spiritual name that she is known by, Ganid, which was a curious similarity to the name in the book. I'd be curious to know if you know about that connection?

ABRAHAM: I am in understanding my co-workers are familiar, but myself, I am not. It is wonderful that you can listen to her with such understanding and assist her in her understanding of the Mission. Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, in your lesson you talked about trusting like the creatures of the ocean. They don't worry, but totally trust they are provided for, and I know it takes daily living and experience to have that full trust. But in our lives of having to pay bills and...it is like if we didn't have this monetary system it would be so much easier, just live off what is there and rely on everyone else. I think your bigger statement is that Father will provide for our spiritual needs and not worry so much of our physical needs, and in that not worrying so much, maybe we get taken care of even there better, but it is hard to do. I have gained a lot of trust though since this Teaching Mission began.

ABRAHAM: Yes. I fully understand. It is difficult as Agondonters to go about their daily business believing that Father is truly concerned with each and every little detail. Many mortals believe Father to be like man and these mortals have learned man cannot be relied upon to fulfill the space that was meant for Father. Those who believe that God is like man will never be wholly trusting of Father. Those mortals who pay attention to Father's fingerprints are knowing of His power and overcare of the world and learn little by little to trust and know that Father has power beyond any human concepts. It is a sad state to minimize Father's power with man's limited view. Once a mortal has taken a step towards faith and trust will they begin to experience the very unlimited power of God. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes, very much. Are you familiar with Mindy's situation up in Idaho this last week? (I am. ) I'll leave it all in your hands what you might want to pass back up through John and Veleta or directly to them.

ABRAHAM: Have them speak to me directly. I will be there for them. They need not fear the imaginings of the mortal mind. I will be honored to assist this family personally. They are a family looking for answers and grasping at straws. Mindy, you, my child, are loved by one who holds the very source of all power in the palm of His hand. Our God is a responsible God and would never allow mischievous rebels to roam and harm any of His children. Where do mortals receive the idea that evil is more powerful than good? How can evil within one overpower the source that created all beings. Mindy, you have to ask Michael to enter your heart, your mind, your soul. You need to accept you are a child of God and fully worthy of survival. If you are to help your children you must ask for yourself to receive Father's light and be accepting of His love. This is fitting with tonight's lesson. Send her the last couple of lessons. I suggest Marlin inform her on the stillness practice. I will be there. One more question.

JANET: Abraham, I want to thank you for the lessons. I get a lot out of them as you know. I'd like to request a personal interview. And I'd also like to see if I can get my spiritual name from you?

ABRAHAM: Meeting, yes, acceptable. One moment. Name, Alawna.


I remind you to dare to put your trust in Father, dare to lay your very existence into His hands and watch what unfolds. Until next week, shalom.