1996-06-17-Broken & Unbroken Communion

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Topic: Broken & Unbroken Communion

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings and welcome to you all. We here tonight are all overjoyed with your efforts in your morontial education. Well done. I can speak with you on various morontial topics. I can speak with vivid detailed description. I can speak of morontial examples. But I say you all know quite well that your greatest example is experience regardless of my words.



You must personally experience this mortal life to progress spiritually. I say your awareness in your morontial steps has greatly improved. Those that are willing to partake of Michael's cup are going to experience accelerated morontial lessons. Those willing to move along the trenches with Michael are to experience greater levels of spiritual joy also.

This week my assistants and I have provided you each with examples of broken and unbroken communion. I am allowed to say it was our purpose to assist you in your awareness of these examples. Those that experienced broken communion with their inner God, were you not aware of the negative effects thereof? Did you not experience inner mental and emotional turmoil? Did you note the fatigue that this broken communion brought on? Did any who experienced this broken communion feel a general sense of un-wellness, possibly sickness? You, my friends, can see why this planet experiences such disease.

For a great length of time this world experienced such affliction due to the isolation of the planet. I can say with the replacement of the spiritual circuits, growth will appear to be rapid. Many are now discovering that their broken communion with Father is indeed destructive. With the planetary awakening many are once again repairing their broken lines of communication with the First Source and Center and His hosts of divine assistants. This world will see a time when all are made well. Sickness will be a page in history that children will only know by reading about it. Crime will become useless, unnecessary, for the citizens of Urantia will take care of one another. You see this time is rapidly approaching. I say this time is quite possible in your own personal lives today. It all begins with your awareness that God is, that God loves you beyond your ability to understand at this present time.

The man Jesus perfected this unbroken communion while on earth in His life. He began much the way you did through determination, dedication and a searching heart and mind. Jesus set the perfected example of what you may also attain while in this material form. He was always to put His Father first before Himself, family and friends. This was a first priority with Jesus and He had no doubt that His other concerns were looked after by Father. Jesus rarely ever experienced any physical illness, mental confusion and painful emotional turmoil. He was a man made whole and complete through His communion with His Father in Heaven. I say, my friends, this is absolutely possible here and now.

On the mansion worlds this lesson is reviewed throughout the morontial career, just as this lesson will you need to review it throughout your mortal career. This world is indeed headed for major reconstruction. As the citizens continue to repair their lines of broken communion will you see major healing of the planet along with its inhabitants. Change can be difficult for some. The unknown can bring about fear and confusion. This will appear to be destructive, but I say, it is all necessary and natural evolution. These times of confusion should prompt you to turn to Father for guidance, not cause you to fear and flee from difficulties. You are all in understanding of this confusion. And I say you are all well prepared to assist your fellows who experience this fear and confusion. So moves the part--so moves the whole.

This week I ask you to note the mental and physical effects of broken communion with Father. Continue to practice your stillness exercise to keep your lines of communications strong and unbreakable. Take note, list the positive happenings in your community, your world and attempt to see how unbroken communication with Father may have played a part. Have you questions?


RACHEL: I have a question Father Abraham. During our meditation here this evening was the communion between me and Father broken or closed at that time and then during the lesson when you said, "you know Father loves you," was it reopened at that time?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I would not say that you were closed off in your communication. I would say your focus was a bit off. Overall you have a very good sense of open and closed communication. Does this answer?

RACHEL: Yes it does up to a point other than I certainly felt different during the meditation and my prayers I was saying. I felt like maybe it was just the way the feeling was given to me. Even if it hadn't been broken I felt like it was. And when you did say, "you know Father loves you," it was a feeling that came over my entire body that made me think, well, its reopened again.

ABRAHAM: Rachel, my daughter, you contain too much faith to be in complete broken communion. I do say there are varying degrees and your Father is aware of your need for shift in perception. Does this help? (Yes. I also thought you were experimenting with me.) Another question.

CALVIN: Abraham, are you saying to watch, take note, in our own personal lives when we see communication or communion broken and unbroken, or the effect in the lives of others around us or both?

ABRAHAM: Both. Your own personal experience is more of a reality, but I say to be aware of all goodness is to experience that deep and loving gratitude for our Father. To focus on, not necessarily even focus, to be even aware of this goodness is to feed it energy. Our thoughts are quite powerful in bringing about good or destruction. To be aware of this good anywhere is to walk with a grateful attitude and joyful countenance. I do not say ignore the negative. I say to feed the positive. To dwell in negativity is to increase this negativity and attract it in to your own life. Just for this week attempt to recognize the good brought about by someone's openness to Father and courage to carry forth Father's will. Does this answer?

CALVIN: Yes. In a nutshell--as we go about our lives unbroken communion would be in walking in the goodness of appreciation of our Father's goodness and watch-care. And in those moments when we will probably go back to our old pattern, or we are in a material world, and in broken communication, we can see the difference of how things work not so smoothly, not so healthy, more irritations. (Yes, exactly.) Take note of the difference in relying upon our Father. (Yes. Perhaps experiment with this understanding. Another question?)

ROLAND: Abraham, I am going to meet several people who are in the Teaching Mission in the next few weeks and would you have me take a message to them from you.

ABRAHAM: I believe you are well prepared for anything that might need attention. Another question?


ROLAND: Just to follow up--in your lesson this evening you talked about some events that may occur, if I understood it right, that may appear to be destructive in order to bring a greater body of populace of the world to perhaps attending to the Father through perhaps these events being destructive. I don't mean to dwell on the negative of that, but we have heard of other teachings from the Teaching Mission that talked about earth changes. Would you like to elaborate on what perhaps those events might be?

TR: He is saying no. LAUGHTER.

ABRAHAM: I have spoken of the physical healing of this planet and its citizens. I will emphasize that these will occur through the natural process of evolution. I cannot foresee anything you all could not handle. Does this answer? (Does this mean we shouldn't go out and get earthquake insurance?) You know your true source of insurance, perhaps work to collect that. Another question?


TETRA: Abraham, I guess I'm a little confused yet in what communion with Father and broken communion. Is it possible to go through the day---say I'll be going through the day and all of a sudden I remember about Father, but before that I was going through the day and working along and didn't have any kind of thought or anything and then I'll go, "how come I haven't been thinking of Father to be helping me in this day?" Now is that necessarily broken communication that I was just then remembering again or can communion keep happening without realization?

ABRAHAM: Jesus, the man, held a constant communion and yet went about His daily business. He did not constantly profess this communion outright. He was trusting that His Father accompanied Him constantly. It was not necessary to continually pray. It was only necessary to go about doing good. A sure signal that communion has broken is all the poisonous emotions that stem from the ego. To be in confusion about your inner feelings and project negative emotions is indeed a signal that you may perhaps be drifting closer toward the ego. Communion is a faith and trust that all is in the care of a Supreme Ruler. Communion need not be constantly pondered over, but lived in the daily routine of mortal living. If it is your will to be within Father's then I say communion is assured. Good question! Does this answer help? (Yes Abraham, it was very helpful. Thank you.) Another question?


HONOREY: Yes Abraham, I would like to just thank you for your beautiful lessons and the privilege of listening to them, all of our teachers I've had since I have been in this Mission. I feel that we are so fortunate to be able to have these teachings to help us because I have seen many changes over each one around us, as well as myself. So I just want to thank you again for being here. There is one rumor that is going around and I don't know if you would want to answer it or not. We are always hearing about this anti-Christ that is supposed to turn up in these last days. Is there such one individual called the anti-Christ or would that just pertain to anybody that doesn't believe in Jesus? Is there one individual that you know of that is going to be the anti-Christ?

ABRAHAM: Absolutely not! The closest example to an anti-Christ would be one who has experienced the divine and then worked against it knowingly. We do not foresee this to be a stumbling block. There are too many believers in our beloved and all powerful Father. Does this help?

HONOREY: Yes, thank you. I didn't think there was, but it is always a relief to hear you say that there isn't one individual that everybody is waiting for. (Understood.)


HELEN: Abraham, in trying to stay in communion and staying clear--you answered Tetra's question and it answered a lot for staying in it. But my question is when you are out of it what is a good way to get back in. For an example, where we are living at, the one old guy is a real challenge and he get in these modes where he pushes everybody's buttons. It is very upsetting. It is a lot of negative energy and it is really hard to bring patience and practice forbearance. How can I try and bring myself back?

ABRAHAM: Understood. To strengthen the bond of communion one needs to view this life as an education and know that there is no pressure to take in every spiritual lesson immediately. To know that you are a learner in the universe scheme of things is to acquire automatic self forgiveness. It does no good to punish yourself for being a learner. It is also helpful to know that you stand on the brink of all eternity. You need not rush through this life with a constant burden to bear. The spiritual life is joyful. When mortals are perceiving their surroundings, their life happenings, to be too serious then unbroken communion needs to be forced, and I say, communion with Father is impeded if it has to be forced. A light heart and applied humor is always an antidote for blocked communication. A look at your understanding of life situations is always humorous. An attitude of 'eternity awaits me' is a wonderful way to remove the pressure of daily living and restore the circuit of communion between you and Father. I am honored to speak with you each. I do perceive my position to be of some importance, but I know that I can rely upon the humor of my past misconceptions.


It always lifts my attitude to be with you, my friends and coworkers, in this movement to uplift the spiritual understanding. I am with you during the week available for questions. My love go with you. Until next week, shalom.