1996-06-21-Mutual Admiration

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Topic: Mutual Admiration

Group: Pittsburgh TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Welmek

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS : Good evening, my friends. I am Tomas. I am your acting host on behalf of the celestial hosts who are in attendance and who bring great joyous tidings to you in your gathering here this evening. It is a celebration indeed, for once again we have made that connection which is part of Correcting Time, introducing one to the other, bringing from far and wide the sons and daughters of God, Michael's ambassadors and workers among workers.

It is a great honor for me as your resident teacher to welcome our esteemed co-worker, Welmek, here this evening. My own humility is apparent to my transmitter/receiver if not to you all, but as we become acquainted and begin to recognize the gift of personality and the wisdom which emits, the humor which prevails, the heartfelt love which pronounces itself into your arena, the spirit is exalted and the ego is humbled.

We have enjoyed your discourse this evening, have found great delight in your burgeoning social fragrance. Many will benefit from the graciousness which you have bestowed upon one another this evening. It is a joy for us to observe your developing experience of sharing your inner life in company with each other. Your conversations have sparked many potential lessons. I will not embark on a formal lesson, however, for I am eager to also hear from our visitor and I will step aside myself in abeyance of our guest, brother Welmek.



WELMEK: Good evening, my dear friends. And I do call you friends for I know all of you. I have been in attendance at your meetings from time to time and I feel that we are already friends. Your sharing of experiences this evening has been an enrichment, both for you and for us as, we listen to your spiritual journey. I will not give a formal lesson either, but I would like to make a comment about something that was said during your discussion, to the effect that you are so many different types of personalities and you come from so many different beliefs.

There are several ways of looking at this. Of course, one is to recognize that we are all One, but I tell you in so recognizing the oneness of purpose, revel in the variety of expression. Do you have any idea how wonderful it is for us to observe the variety of thought and of personal expression in each of your lives of these truths that we attempt to impart to you? This is not something to be regarded with suspicion or a sense of distance from each other. I urge you to, as I say, revel in it. Enjoy each other as you are.

It is so important that you learn to enjoy diversity, for it is in this that you learn, that you see another face of the Father. The Father's expressions are infinite, and each face into which you peer, each mind into which you look, and each personality that you experience is another expression of the Father. Find Him in each other. And now, friend Tomas, if that sounded like a formal lesson, I am sorry. This is meant to be a social occasion.


TOMAS: I shan't accept your apology. I am guilty of the same tactic. In fact, I would add to your remarks, which is indeed how this format of communication fosters further communication and hopefully leads to understanding and enlightenment, for another observation that was noted was the aspect of how much of your social intercourse in your lives today is spent on emotional matters and troublesome situations.

This is a statement of your development from the animal realm toward more morontial methods of communication. It is better than grunts and groans and yet not quite "Hail to the Chief!" but human beings, as they emerge from the animal levels of existence, become aware of their feelings. It is not for us or for you to disdain feelings. The emotional states of being are, in the ideal, experiential and purposeful, and so, to disdain an individual's emotional condition is to deny the experiential motion of the individual.

It would be better that the individual learn from the emotional experience than to stay static and revert to croaking and groaning. Of course, as we progress in our spiritual program of discovery and ascension into more Godlike aspects, we learn to refine our emotional reactions to life. They are not as raw and rugged as they once were. Refinements of emotions are one of the results of a spirit-led life. Be therefore patient and forbearing of one another in your understanding of the emotional range/realm of your peers.

As you well know, the work of your realm is important. To a worker there is nothing more important than the work of the realm. And oftentimes the work at hand involves an individual who is caught, lost, enamored and confused by an emotional condition. By your patience, loving kindness, merciful ministry, and by your understanding of your emotional self, you will be able to greet your brother, your sister, and help lead them forward out of a potential emotional morass into the aerie of spirit.

And lest you think we would squelch all emotions, be assured that we are very keen on joy and celebration, on happiness, companionship and camaraderie, for these emotions are shared by the angelic hosts and your affectionate midwayer cousins. We have had tremendous joy in this cosmic neighborhood this evening in your company. I will again subside and again step aside for any further remarks from our guest.


WELMEK: In my own group I have made a distinction, for our reference, between feelings and emotions. Feelings are those that arise from the presence of the love of the Father Fragment within. Emotions tend to be a reaction to the outer influences upon the person. The way you view the world, the way you feel about the world, can be positive in a way that you have not yet dreamed if you rely on the inner guidance of your Father Fragment, for there is no negativity there. There is no fear; there is no hate.

When you see yourself reacting in a way that is negative, go within and remove yourself to that positive core of your very being. In meeting those fellows who are undergoing great trauma in their reactions to life, the greatest service you can do for them is to help them find that Inner Core of love and peace and joy. Each has their own access and their own means, both of finding this and of expressing this, and it is perhaps made easier for them when they feel love radiating from you. You see, they have a living example to experience how they, too, may transform their lives in this respect.

There is so very much that you can do for each other, that you must do for each other and with each other, for you have ways of reaching each other that we do not. There is some way that you have of communicating with each other that we are not privy to, in the sense that your experience on this world is unique. While we have been mortal, we have not been mortal here. We have not resided in the physical bodies that you inhabit with your electrochemical disturbances, with your particular racial characteristics for this world.

This Mission must be done by you acting between and among each other and for each other. In showing respect for the feelings of another, you recognize the potential within them that you also possess. I am sure you remember from your text that you cannot respect another more than you respect yourself. They are equal. If you can find the Core that is in you, then it must be in your brother, and it is for you to find it and to help him find it. Back to you, Tomas.

TOMAS: What a lovely tennis game we have here. I have not enjoyed myself as much since I was volleying with Teacher Daniel and I thank you, Welmek, for your addition of personality and energy, ad infinitum, to this group this evening and on many other occasions.

We who have been around for awhile (and I refer also to you mortal beings), clearly understand that we are a mutual admiration society, that we are unabashed in professing our love for one another and appreciation for each other. Long has your planet been suffering from a drought of affirmations of affection and we have still not quenched that thirst, nor do we hope to completely, for as each day is new, a new opportunity has arisen to express love, which has been freely given, to those to whom we might freely give.

Such an opportunity! And in keeping with Welmek's words to you, the opportunities that you have are even more abundant than that of our opportunities in our realm for, you see, we already know that we are from love and return to love and many on your world have not yet tasted this sweet fruit. In-as-much as I will see you soon, I am going to say my temporary farewell to Welmek and dismantle, allowing Welmek then to aloha you in his own fashion.

Welmek, again, on behalf of this group, including my transmitter/receiver, we appreciate your attendance here this evening in this way. You have been a gracious, generous, colorful, inspirational teacher of uncommon depth of perception. The lesson that we evolved this evening on emotion and feeling is along the lines of one of our favorite of your products. Thank you for being here to share with this group.


Mrs. M: Tomas, before you leave, would you mind if I asked for a few comments of my particular interest? Would you mind if I did that?

TOMAS: Have I ever minded a question?


Mrs. M: No, you haven't, but this is sort of a different occasion, and I think you're a very gracious host in your stepping aside, but -- possibly both you and Welmek would comment. But I just feel this deep desire, this deep wish for you to talk about Christ Michael because when you do it is so very special to me and I think there are some others who might react in that same way. When you talk about Christ Michael there's something so very wonderful about it to me and I often find myself smiling and meditating on those words from the transcripts.

TOMAS: I am calling to mind an occasion where I walked with Michael outside the congregation hall where we teachers were in training. I recall quite clearly the experience of the proximity of Michael as we walked side-by-side in deep conversation … rather, deep communion, for it was He who was conveying to me that which I needed to know and learn. It was He who rested his arm across my shoulder, who instilled in me through His love, an understanding of how it was on His world of nativity, as you here have the uniqueness to which Welmek alluded. It was Michael's in-depth perception of you and your uniqueness, your particular flavor, and your curious needs that He sought to convey to my being. Not to my mind or my heart, but to the whole of me, that I might better understand you, and I do not pretend to understand you as he does, and so as you ask me to speak of him,...

Mrs. M: Thank you very much. That's very special to me. Your words have been very, very . ...

TOMAS: Understand that I, like you, seek His counsel for He is the only one, truly, who understands you, His creation -- your Elder Brother in truth.

WELMEK: I could speak of my personal meetings with Michael. They are beyond description, really, for your understanding, and instead I would like to suggest that each of you dwell on those personal moments that you have experienced when you have felt His presence beside you, because I tell you that that is quite literally where He is at this moment. He is with each one of us. He is aware of each of us personally. And even you in the mortal lifetime can develop a personal relationship with Him that is unique and wonderful to yourselves.

Spend time each day consciously in His company. He will never deny you His presence, His love and His support. Always is His hand in yours if that is what you wish. Talk to Him, walk with Him and share your joys and sorrows with Him. Each of us will enjoy a very unique and beautiful relationship with Him and you can begin yours now.


Good night.