1996-09-30-Spiritual Map Viewed Through Experience

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Topic: Spiritual Map Viewed Through Experience

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you each. Thank you for meeting with me this evening. I always look forward to our group interaction.



This week you may have had opportunity to serve or practice the technique of allowing Adjuster expression. You may have had opportunity to watch Father minister to others through you. Also you may have learned a bit more about those doors that Father leads you to. I say this is all a part of the lesson format. Those who wish to learn these morontial techniques will do so with the allowance of Father to lead. I say you are sure to meet with some resistance on your part, but if it is your desire to advance, then I say your greatest lessons lie in experience.

Your experiences shape you into a God-knowing individual. It is through mortal living that you learn about the true personality of our Father. Through experience you gradually learn what our Father's personality attributes are and are not. Through your own use of the cosmic mind and universal circuits you are able to envision your spiritual map laid out before you. Through your connection with the universe you are better able to understand this map and travel this path with greater understanding. To travel with the assistance of your spiritual map, your experience is your technique of travel. The more experience one has the broader view is there of this spiritual map. Yes, your experience is invaluable and there are not many shortcuts. Some can get by with shortcuts regarding experience, but the morontial education is lessened. This is not bad. Those who drink enthusiastically from the cup of experience will indeed view a much larger portion of the spiritual map that is laid out before them.

Do you see how spiritual vision is so valuable in this lesson. To view with your Father's eyes is to wade through the waters of adversity challenged and confident knowing your Father/Brother also wades these waters. If you have chosen to be Spirit led, use your spirit vision, walk with liberty that allows your true self to be known, embraced the courage that stems from liberty, chosen to move through those doors Father has already opened, will find that experience within these doors are the directions to the Isle of Paradise, where our Universal Father resides arms extended in loving welcome to all.

Do you see how anxiety would detain you from taking full advantage of experience, how despair may suppress the enthusiasm of drinking from the cup of experience, how anger may create a damaging resentment towards experience that may perchance come to you, how fear may keep you from experience altogether dimming your view of Father's map, how envy leaves you unfulfilled, unsatisfied with your own Father assistance, your own view of the map and distortion thereof? Do you understand how these spirit poisons may set up blockades?

When traveling this map of experience do you not understand your experience is the very hand of Father's that guides you to Him? Do you understand that a great deal of your experience contains the greatest value through serving? Be not afraid to experience or serve, these are necessary in morontial education and Paradise destination. This week I would suggest that you note those moments of spirit poisoning. Understand their origin and what it takes to overcome them. What is your spiritual medicine? Is it perhaps in stillness, perhaps in creativity, possibly communication with your fellows? What is your spiritual medicine that eludes these poisons and allows you to experience this mortal life and attain your divine map? Have you questions?



RACHEL: Well Father Abraham, in serving others does it matter if they are strangers or friends or loved ones, relatives? Does it make much difference?

ABRAHAM: This is a good question. Many times are you each led to serve another, and yet you may feel moments of hesitation, because you do not want to impose upon or be more of a burden than an assistant. It matters not, family or friends or strangers. It is important that you listen to the Spirit within that asks you to help. The Spirit within is wholly capable of relaying to you when it is your time to serve. Many will pick and choose who to serve, and I say if this is according to their inner guide then so be it, but I would refer you each to the Master who served all without hesitation, without self concern. The Master served who ever was placed before Him and His Spirit within indeed holds the messages or instructions that the Master would minister with. Yes, good question. Another question?

RACHEL: I wanted to follow up a little bit. Also a couple that has a family are constantly serving those children and their spouses in one way or another continually. I think that is all a part of it too.

ABRAHAM: Yes, correct. The good parent not only serves their child but also teaches that child to serve. The family unit is perhaps the best experience to gain wisdom of spiritual realities through service. Yes, good comment.

RACHEL: I have another one I would like to ask. I don't know if you can answer me or not. I ask you before about you and your son Isaac. I'd like to ask you now can you tell us what Isaac, your son, and Jacob, your grandson, and Joseph, your great grandson, are doing now. Are they serving on another planet as you are serving here?

ABRAHAM: I am happy to report that my loved ones who are not being educated are indeed serving. I enjoy fraternizing with them periodically, but as to their specific assignments I am not allowed to speak of. Does this answer?

RACHEL: Yes and I thank you kindly. I am glad you can fraternize with them once in awhile.

ABRAHAM: You are welcome. As am I. Thank you. Another question?

CALVIN: Can sometimes staying in one place do more harm than good though. Sometimes you think there is a new door, but that might end up leaving this place where you are or someone. Should you only open a new door when it is not going to hurt someone else?

ABRAHAM: A very intriguing question. Without specifics it is complicated to answer, but I can say those who are dedicated to the doing of Father's will know the moment when to move forward. Many things must be considered, one in particular may be, "is my move for selfish gain." To understand the process of moving on, one must consider the well being of the whole. Does this help? Another question?



ABRAHAM: If there are no more questions I would like to express my gratitude to you each and leave you with my love. Until next week, shalom.