1996-11-10-Follow Me

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Topic: Follow Me

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Michael

TR: Jonathan



Stillness, Discipline

Elyon (Jonathan TR): This is Elyon. A short comment on unbroken communion, stillness. Let me encourage you to understand that stillness may also be seen as steady, continuing, still as in always. This allows activity, communion, continually.

Greetings, friends. Again I extend my hand as a brother. I cherish these moments of fellowship, and I never will grow tired of expressing this to you. Time creatures that we are, it is beneficial to repeat often these moments that are special, and to repeat often that the event is meaningful, it is valuable to oneself. Just as the master said be of good cheer, repeatedly, it is important for us all to repeat expressions of value, of hope, of ideals and goals. These often restated dreams become reality through constant effort.

The mind is easily satisfied with information bits, can store information from many years back and still access the knowledge. But your soul is quite different. It lives your dreams; it is the reality of your ideals. It is a constant expression, dynamically, independent of knowledge -- though built upon knowledge and life experience. It is the constant repetition of cheer, of peace, of stillness.

This soul that you are faces eternity. Though as yet rising through the transitions of time, it is eternity. To a time- oriented creature, things eternal appear either static or as a constant cycle. Both visions are time oriented. We draw closer to the eternal through repetition, through time-oriented discipline. I commend you as a group for such cyclical devotion in meeting with myself and my associates as you do. No one moment will bear stupendous results, but each effort enlarges the platform upon which your personality functions, broadens the arena wherein your soul may receive the nourishment that allows the growth that will take you to the portals of eternity. In fellowship we share; our struggles become our victories, and there is no victory without a struggle. Elyon.


Free will

Frosty: Could you comment on the connection between loss of willpower at an early age and the addictive, compulsive nature? I was reading Bradshaw about that, that maybe I am trying to struggle against something I don't have any power over. How can I develop this? I'm sure there are many of us in this situation.

Elyon: Willpower is what these two words mean; your volitional abilities are powerful. The culture of this world spends little time developing mental disciplines which aid in a personality's ability not only to choose but to act upon the choice. Control of the will of the child, the dampening efforts you speak of, often stem from a fear of the power of will in an adult and the lack of understanding the personality's ability to control this power.

Behaviors that appear beyond the range of will stem from dysfunctional and deficient training. The abilities you have attained, skills you have in choice making, are best revealed to you when you are free from the expectations of others and the demands of your society. In effect, when you are alone you are best able to perceive your strength of will, for nothing else will corral or hinder your expression. Some compulsive behaviors are simply one's will on a tirade, not so much an external factor controlling oneself as an internal venting of repressed choice making.

Frosty: If I am alone and there are 20 candy bars in the cupboard, I am going to eat those 20 candy bars. I seem to have no will. You are saying that I am venting? Or is some of it from habit? Is there still something in me, old programming? It seems like I don't have more control whether or not I am alone. Then I beat myself up for not eating vegetables. At times I seem hopeless. I'll do fine until there is a candy bar in the closet!

Elyon: I have an exercise...

Frosty: It's mostly with eating.

Tom (in a TR tone of voice): Put the candy bars on the vegetables. (Everyone cracks up, jokes.)

Elyon: I do have an exercise. I mentioned will venting. I mean that the will has finally had an opportunity to unleash itself from prescribed constraints. Your exercise is to buy a candy bar, and put it on the kitchen table and look at it as you do your work throughout the entire day. Take it out of the closet and put it on the table. After you have spent all day observing this thing, eat it.

Through this you will perceive the function of your will power. The candy bar in the closet is symbolic of the restriction of your childhood freedom, will. The closet symbolizes the constraint. You desire to unleash this candy bar. Bring it out on the table and enjoy it all day. This is my advice.

Frosty: I will try that. I like the knowledge that goes with that closet thing. Like ice cream goes WAY in the back of the freezer.

Tom: That will be your unbroken communion.

Frosty: Thank you for your patience with this.

Tom: The Urantia Book refers to meditation as a form of restful spiritual exertion. Could you address this?

Elyon: I would roll your tape back to the beginning of my lesson wherein I expressed stillness in a different form, still not only as in quiet - you refer to restful - but still as in continual. This is the exertion. It is equivalent by example to the drawing of a bow across the string of a violin. There is pressure, steady pressure, but light and careful, not forceful, scratchy; not so weak that it is thin. It is a balance of one stillness with the other stillness. Does this help?

Tom: I will think about that. Thank you.

Elyon: This form of communion is soulful rather than minded and is best experienced, as you have expressed in frustration, when the mind is restful, resting. But it is truly a function of personality and soul more than mind or posture of body.

Michael is here and would speak through another gathered in your circle.

Guidance, Service

Christ Michael (Mark): I am aware of your hearts' desires to be of service and to be about the will of our Father. You are all currently engaged in various pursuits to this end. I have asked you in your hearts and with your conscious minds to follow me. You have all eagerly accepted this cup. For this I am deeply pleased with each of you.

At this time the form in which you follow me takes many different functions, as there are many different avenues to traverse. Realize, however, you all at this time, at this moment, are following me and that the leadings of your hearts are true and evident to yourselves. As circumstances change and requirements change, your leadings and aspirations may change as well. Be not afraid of our direction together. Realize that nothing but good can come out of your wholehearted desire to walk with me down the path towards our Father. You may wrestle with confusion and doubt regarding your exact place of best application, but realize you will be led, and you all have shown and proved your ability to follow me.

I have every confidence and faith in your interpretation of how you best may serve and desire that you know that even the smallest, littlest things you do for me and for the Father are warmly and gladly accepted, appreciated, and loved. There are times of great undertakings, and there are times of minor undertakings with great rewards. Be reminded of this in your daily life; you are not to know at this time the consequences of every small act of love or kindness that you foster. But I know and the Father knows, and one day you will know of the ripples caused by the spreading of your love.


My peace be with you. My love surrounds you. You are my children in whom I am well pleased. Take my love with you and give it away as you go through your day. I empower you to do this, and I am available to you for support throughout your days and weeks. I ask that you call on me more frequently than you are accustomed, as I desire to function with you in your life more consciously and more actively. This is accomplished primarily through your end, through your desire, and, further- more, your asking to open this channel between us. I will not fail you. I am there for you always. You will come to know my presence more and more regularly with more familiarity. This I desire, as I perceive you do, as well. Make it so, allow this to happen. I love you all. You know who I am.