1996-11-25-Clear The Record and Worship

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Topic: Clear the Record and Worship

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Machiventa

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I welcome you all this evening. I am happy to be speaking with you again. It always brings me joy to stop by this branch on our family tree. I look forward to your discussions on our weekly lessons. It is always amazing to me how great the level of spiritual knowledge increases when all are in participation. You each learn a great deal from one another’s thoughts and feelings. I also learn and I am grateful to you each for allowing Father to be expressive. I am honored this evening to welcome my friend Machiventa to say a few words.


Melchizedek Schools, Teaching Mission

Greetings to you my friends. It is always my honor and great joy to speak with you. I am aware of your educational itinerary. It is wonderful that you are so receptive to Abraham and you take his lessons seriously. It is wonderful to witness your dedication to your position in this Mission. I would say that in our Mission there has been many unintentional miscarriages, misunderstandings, miracle seeking. This is not bad. This is natural evolutionary growth. In our Mission there has been a great many obstacles to overcome. I can say that down through history there have been those well intentioned individuals who desired to create change for the better and somehow defaulted through hidden agendas. This is not to cast judgment, no.

I come tonight to perhaps clear the record, to bring some light to those topics in which you have wondered on. As most of you know by now our schools we have endeavored to establish are indeed established. This is no surprising announcement to those who already have felt this, no. Our Melchizedek schools are to assist in the upliftment regarding meanings and values for our responsibilities as universe citizens. It is with great joy I say that Michael is our Headmaster and He sees to your educational curriculum. Michael is aware of your spiritual necessities and has designed our program to meet your needs, as well as the needs of the universe. I am happy to assist in your morontial training and I turn this time over to Abraham.

I am Abraham. On behalf of my students and I, we would express our thanks Machiventa. Many of us remember a time when Melchizedek schools were believed to be built materially. Deep within our Mission we endeavored to surpass those human thoughts that were so cemented in materialism, in wish fulfillment. I would not call this prediction error, no. I would not blame anyone for the misunderstandings that occurred. I would however bring this topic into the light for a purpose.

Within a few short years your thoughts have been slowly molded to embrace the greater realities of the Kingdom. Many have exhausted their hopes for actual material dwelling places to learn spiritual realities. I say many now know that Father's Kingdom is not material. Our Mission is led by Spirit and built on spiritual foundation. Our schools contain no instruments wherewith to teach, no. Our schools are spiritual and mindal. I do not mean to cast judgment or ridicule, no. I am joyful to expose the truth that you are our mortal students and have surpassed your desire for physical proof that our Mission exist. You have come to accept that our Kingdom is spiritual. Our Mission is spiritual and with that I can assure you that spiritual information is forthcoming.

Universe Broadcasts

Universal broadcasting messages are able to reach this planet and I can say with authority that you are welcomed back into the universe. It is as though you were never isolated. I do not say there has been no learning from this isolation, no. I say although the Father has never forgotten you, it was necessary at one point to isolate our rebellious world and we have lived this and learned and it is over. You are fully welcomed as Nebadon citizens. Do you see how far you have traveled in your thinking? Do you see how your growth has effected the whole of the planet? Thoughts are pliable and if Father is allowed to teach then beauty results. You are learning that Father is at hand. You have endeavored to understand your position in this universe and give thanks for it.


In your efforts to understand worship I would ask that you allow your minds to be pliable. Worship is (neither) here nor there, this nor that. Worship is living as truth is living, and I would ask you that in your efforts to worship, you must become childlike. As a child is allowing his parents watch-care, so it is with worship. Worship is an understanding between you and your Father that there is no labels to be put on it, there is no definitions to be cast. Worship is that connection with Father that reminds us how much we are loved. Through our efforts to praise and show love, we are shown that we are loved. Worship is not any one set prayer or thoughts and feelings to be repeated, no. Worship is an opening, a reconnection of child and Parent. Worship is not necessarily an exercise, not set ceremonial words, no. Worship is heartfelt connection to the Parent of all parents, an understanding of your son or daughtership with the Most High.

We would ask ourselves: What have we to give the Father who needs us not? What have we to offer the one God who is everything? Do you see? Father asks not from us nor needs anything from us. There is nothing we can do to give to Him. Are you understanding that although we having nothing to give, Father desires very much to know us and call each of us forth as His children? And we say, "Father, you are everything. Make us like you."

Worship is known to be the most efficient medicine against the spiritual poisons. With worship, with gratitude, there is not room for spiritual poisons. With gratitude there is no fear, no anger, no despair, no confusion. Do you see? Worship is perhaps the single most healthful, growth promoting, thing you can do. As we worship, we are not only healed of our spiritual poisons, we also receive healing in the areas of emotional and mental and physical. Worship is a living energy that the universe as a whole has in common. Worship is the 'part' in gratitude for being included into the 'whole'.


It would be beneficial for you to further discuss worship and your understanding of Machiventa's message and I will accept questions next week. I am grateful to you for your patience and kindness in allowing me to speak with you. Until next week, shalom.