1997-01-13-Spiritual Character, Strength

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Topic: Spiritual Character, Strength

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. I am joyful to witness your efforts to find unity. It is wonderful to watch each participant put aside self-interest in favor of the whole. Michael's Spirit, though merciful, can appear to be rather harsh for the sensitive. As your morontial capabilities develop, you find your emotions are somewhat controlled while your logical thinking is apparent. As your spiritual development advances you find your spiritual ground with practical feet. We all must realize that understanding one another is our greatest task yet, and for true understanding we must learn to consider the well-being of the whole. For understanding we all must be willing to embrace truth and be fearless and tactful in verbalizing our truths.


Character, Strength

The spiritual life is not a life of ease where one can feel free from everyday responsibilities, no. The spiritual life is willingness to traverse the rough terrain that leads us Paradiseward. To embrace those hard truths with an open mind is to gear up for our eternal adventure. You have shown yourselves to be willing to put forth effort into your spiritual education. You have shown your trust for Father and your own courage to embrace Michael's hard truths. Your dedication to your spiritual path has remained the foremost important reason for carrying on. This strong foundation of dedication is unshakable against the forces of the ego. Your willingness to embrace Michael's hard truths has strengthened you against the elements of the worlds injustices and the egos agenda.

As you strive to be aware of the flavor of life, and live in appreciative worshipfulness of each moment, your Father is readily available to assist you in doing His bidding. Father is always ready to assist and uphold His children. Those who embrace each moment of mortal living find themselves in the presence of Father, and in this presence, are Father's words. This living revelation is our key towards Light and Life. This living revelation is the answer to overcoming evil with good.

You, my friends, have matured on your quest for spiritual enlightenment, and I say that even though this is just the beginning, you have indeed overcome many obstacles that would cause many a normal minded men to forsake the spiritual life. This is cause to rejoice! It is said that only the strong survive. I would say that only the spiritually strong survive eternally. You are willing to be within the moment of mortal experiences receiving new revelation from Father, experiencing Michael's Spirit of Truth and embracing this truth, be it simple or difficult, and learning to be spiritually strong.

You have lived many of these lessons together and many more still will you experience together. You have proven your dedication to the true focus of all our attention and that is learning about God and striving to be like Him. This is spiritual strength. This is authentic spiritual character strength, and I must say that this is indeed a wonderful trait to assist you on your morontial adventure. Michael, in His mercy, reveals to you those spiritual truths that strengthen your character, and you view Him as the good teacher, not an arbitrary Father who hands out punishment to those deserving children. Yes, you have grown beyond that. Are you seeing now how good overcomes evil and positive over negative and love over hate?

This week I would request that you continue our efforts on living worshipfully aware of each moment and recognize the Father's presence. Mortals ask everyday, how do I discern the will of God? I would say to them, the will of God is known in the present moment awareness. The will of God is moving and growing, transforming. Your willingness to embrace your mortal life is to be within that moment and receive Father's will firsthand. Are there questions?


CALVIN: Abraham, when you said that only the spiritually strong survive eternally, I gather that is meaning every individual either becomes spiritually strong at some point or ceases to exist--not meaning onthis world only. Those that die and are not spiritually strong are going to survive, but there comes a point when it is known if a person chooses not to grow in that direction. Am I reading that correctly?

ABRAHAM: Yes. You are correct when you say there is ample time for learning whether it be here or on the mansion worlds. There is great amounts of understanding. And as to why one must develop their spiritual strength, our spiritual strength reflects our willingness to be in the will of our Father, anything less is unacceptable. To be spiritually weak in the mortal life is understandable, but beyond this mortal life spiritual strength is gathered to gain courage to advance the many eternal experiences while pledging our dedication to God, our Father. Do you see? There is no confusion in where our loyalties lie when we guarded by the armor of spiritual strength. Our courage will come forth from this strength enabling us to carry onward in the forward struggle. This spiritual strength will usher us into eternity, but I would try to keep the focus on the transformation that spiritual strength brings in mortal living. Spiritual strength is perhaps taking on the attitude of the Master. Seldom was the Master feelings hurt by harsh words. Continually did the Master view situations in living with logic and love. I say this is quite possible for you to embrace this good teachers attitude and be less affected by emotional burdens and more uplifted by morontial understandings. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes. Inaudible?...be less effected by emotional burdens and more uplifted by morontial understandings in light of my emotional outbursts....?....

ABRAHAM: Yes, understood. The less the emotions burden down one the more able is the good teacher able to teach. Another question?


CALVIN: I have run across and we have witnessed a lot of people falling away from attending this group? Is it because they just didn't want to commit, or as you put it, our tactlessness causing people to go away, which would have stayed had we been more tactful? I think you know the question.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Always can you each learn to be more tactful, but never should truth be sacrificed in ransom for group attendance. Always should all authority be given to Father first and foremost, and from that, there should not be too much to worry over. You know that many things in mortal life becomes a stepping stone. Many have used this group as a stepping stone to other mortal adventures and this is acceptable. Many find the openness of such a group to be fearful in their display of dedication to truth. Some have left because they were unsuccessful in pursuing an executive position. The reasons are unknown as to why some do not remain and not that important. You need not worry about your actions as a group as long as all authority goes to Father and putting forth the best interests of the whole group while celebrating your individuality. Does this answer? (Yes. It sure does. Thanks.)


ELLEN: I have been thinking about the circuits. Does those circuits actually, literally effect the brain circuitry causing pressures and just a lot of different sensations that I feel on my head?

ABRAHAM: Yes, absolutely. The various physical sensations are new, wouldn't you say? These are new to Urantia who is experiencing a welcoming back into the fold of Nebadon. There is indeed electro/chemical transmitters within the human brain that enables mortal man to experience much/many more of the morontial senses, universal broadcasts and understanding within the cosmic mind. These transmitters are not only located within the brain, but in various locations along the central nervous system. So I would ease your mind when experiencing these new feelings and attempt to be aware for these different sensations are perhaps meaning different things. Does this help? (Yes. Thanks.) Another question?

KAMILLE: Abraham, I have had a lot pressure from my family about blessing Duran. I have let them know how I feel. They keep pressuring me and I wondered if there is any advice you could give me about how to handle the situation?

ABRAHAM: You know that this blessing is a mortal ceremony not causing one to go heavenward or be hell-bound. I would say that this is indeed your baby and no amount of pressure is ever going to change that. If your family could focus on their love and respect for you and trust you in your decisions there it would restore some family harmony. This decision is entirely a human decision, not creating much of a difference either way, whether you succumb to your families strongly held beliefs or stand by your declaration of independence. Either way it matters not. It is however your decision. I can confirm you are fully qualified to make this decision. It is a decision I would make according to what my inner Spirit seeks to tell me. Does this help? (Yes. Thanks.)


I am grateful for your friendship and participation. I am slipping. For now I look forward to your mortal adventures and spiritual lessons therein. My love be with you. Until next week, shalom.