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Topic: Relationships

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. Greetings, it is always thrilling for me to meet with you. My friends, we have known one another for sometime. I can say, our first meetings together were somewhat uncomfortable, perhaps a little confusing. Our first meetings were filled with uncertainties and hopeful expectations. You took it upon yourselves to be patient and gracious to me someone who is unknown to you.


Over our time together, I have vowed to befriend each and everyone of you. You having your faith and intellect as a measurement of sorts welcomed me into your fold. This was not always an easy process. I have sometimes been rigid and formal in my teachings, and you have helped me to incorporate love. You having been varying in your beliefs and swaying from doubting to faith, have seen past all this for the greater good of the Kingdom. This, I can truly appreciate.

It has taken time for us, you and I, to come together but, surely we can say we have built a wonderful relationship. I can say I know you as well as you would have me know you, and I feel love for you each. A deeper love than if we were to not know each other. You, in your patience have taken time to understand me and my efforts to put forth these lessons, and I also feel your love for me. Again, I am deeply grateful for you each. You can see that our love has grown over time. There were some barriers to cross before we could have real love, trust and respect for one another. Each one here has become personal and open enough to maintain this relationship.

Our involvement together enhances the mission goals. Our working relationship brings us understanding in using those techniques for spreading the good news. Our personal friendly relationship brings us comfort in persevering in our adversities and encouraging us to move forward with courage and determination.

Our relation you see is on many levels and affects our immediate environment and goes from there. You can see the importance of patience and dedication to striving towards successful relationships.

Our relationships are likened to circuitry which all our actions, thoughts and intentions travel. Our experiences are shared and we are at times made to feel discouraged or at times made to feel unified and hopeful. Our shared experiences hoped to create the future and destiny of the world, of the solar system, the universe even on to the Supreme Being.

I can say to you on this our first lesson on relationships, that there are no relationships as important and personal as that between you and your Father. This is the basis from which all successful relationships stem. To take small steps toward understanding those personal attributes of our Father leads you towards a deeper love and knowledge of Him, a closeness of knowing His will.

Small steps taken to be self forgetful leads us to allow currents of love and understanding flow through the constant circuitry. Just as it was when we met, uncertainty with hopeful expectations applying patience and dedication towards our Father and His subordinate Sons.

As you journal this week, feel at liberty to ask Father to know His personal personality a bit better. Ask those questions that would help you be on your way to securing your relationship with Him, and begin to take those small steps in each relationship you have towards more understanding.


Question by first time member :( paraphrased: What did you mean when you said "no other relationship is as important as with your Father. What Father are you talking about? Could you answer that?)

Abraham: Certainly. Our Father the Indwelling Fragment of God, our Compass to Paradise, the Creator of Creators, the Father of all Fathers, the Father of all things spiritual yes. God the Father; He has many names and many perceived identities, and yet, to each of His children, He has fragmented Himself to have you know Him personally, yes. God the Father, whom you know as the Source of all there is. Does this answer? (Yes, thank you.)

Question by first time member who has been studying from the "Book of Enoch.": (paraphrased: Are you the father of Isaac who lived during the days of Melchizedek, and how long was Melchizedek upon the earth?)

Abraham: I am the same. Melchizedek was here a long time in your time frame, even longer not dwelling in the flesh and even longer in the spirit.

(Paraphrased: Did others see him as you saw him?)

Abraham: I am told that he was available to assist other mortals in about the same manner he had helped me.

Calvin: How long was Abraham in the flesh?

Abraham: I am aware that you have access to that information.

Calvin: I thought you would say that (laughter)!

Roland: (paraphrased: I picture then, that Melchizedek's spirit presence went out with the missionaries as they were sent out to teach, and in that light, Melchizedek was available to others as he was to Abraham, also in spirit form he continued to teach after he left his mortal realm).


Abraham: From my information, I can say you are correct. There were many times when Machiventa would commission me to go and explain in simplified terms to these missionaries about the new spiritual concepts. Machiventa was majestic in form and eloquent in speech. That is where I came in to simplify and add a touch of earthly reality, yes.

My love is with you always, until next week, Shalom.