1998-09-18-Living To Learn

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Topic: Living to Learn

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Unknown



Welmek: Good morning, this is your friend and teacher Welmek. I am glad to be back this morning. Let us continue our discussion on the three purposes of life: to live, to learn and to love. Today we will address the topic what does it mean to live to learn.



Imagine a friend has come to you and said, “I am confused. There are so many things in my life I just do not understand. Questions about who I am, who God is, why we are here, what is this life all about.” In keeping in mind our topic of discussion, I would ask that you go within and develop your answer based on the three components that we have used in the past. The first one being your definition of what does it mean to live to learn, the second, what has learning meant for you, and third, how another person might be able to find learning for him or herself. I will ask you to pause now and collect your thoughts and then we will begin again.

Comments from students

Welmek: Woven through your answers seems to be the common thread finding that sense of who you are, that sense of self, that sense of purpose which puts your life into a greater perspective. It is the enjoyment of living to learn the many fascinating aspects of universal life, universal truth. Each of you is embarking on your own quest for information. While universal truth is, I will say, the same at an absolute level, your discovery of truth happens in small steps, in pieces, in bits as you digest information one bite at a time. You are pulling back the blinders on life, you are widening your perspective that shows you a wider view of reality and how you co-exist in that universal eternal world God has created for life.

Each of you has the ability to discern much information in your lifetime. It is dependent upon your interests; your intellectual capacity is being stretched each time you challenge yourself to view factual information. And each time you do this, you add to the enjoyment of your life. You add to a certain sense of excitement, for when you find the answers you seek, does that not fill you with a sense of satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of happiness, a sense of peace, elation and joy? There are many feelings that you might experience when you have accomplished some kind of mental task or expended mental energy. This is one of the meanings of living to learn; that there is a sense of adventure in living in the universe. Each opportunity you have been given is an opportunity, to choose to learn and to grow, to experience new universal truth, beauty and goodness.

How much do you want to draw back the blinders over your current perspective on life? How much of the universe do you want to see? How much do you want to grow? These are the questions you must ask for yourself, for your choices, your opportunities, are limitless and they can begin here and now as you all have experienced to varying degrees. They will continue for you are a treasure, an art form in the making. As you grow, as you lean, you begin to become more of the perfected person and the exquisite work of art that God expects you to be. To live to learn is the exhilarating adventure of finding the innumerable, vast information that exists in the universe and how you can relate to it. It is the adventure of life, it is the eternal quest that each of you has available at any given moment at any given time.

Spending time in stillness is paramount to achieving this insight because it is not just the cultivation of the relationship with the Father that augments your growth; it is the ability to stretch your mind, to allow your mind to expand and absorb new facts about who you are, what the universe is like and how you relate within that context. Each time you spend in stillness asking and listening, speaking and receiving, you grow this intellectual base of facts, of knowledge, that in turn will help you make decisions more effectively, without great inner turmoil. It is the way you cultivate wisdom. Living to learn is the cultivation of true universal knowledge combined with the greater understanding of loving service.

I will pause now and ask if you have any questions or need further clarification.



Question: In my experience in life, I run across a lot of people who do not seem to have much of a desire to learn and they close their mind off. It’s very foreign to me. What do you observe as you look down on this planet that holds people back from finding more truth?

Welmek: The biggest impediment to truth seeking is doubt. On this world, there are so many distortions in philosophies of life, of concepts of who you are and who God is. It is difficult for people to step beyond their cultural context and seek answers on their own. Also, there is the inability of the Adjuster to register more of a bell of truth in their minds, so to say. It is if the alarm bell of truth is muffled and people turn the alarm off because they do not want to wake up. Doubt is the biggest spirit poison that most humans face. Because this doubt exists, it acts as an impediment to the central nervous system and the Adjuster to communicate well to one another.

So, the question is how does one overcome doubt? Sometimes it is an individual effort. The quality of one’s life becomes so detrimental to their happiness and well-being. They begin to seek for a better way of living and in that they, at some level, are willing their faith to live. It becomes resurrected and they begin to listen and seek the answers for their own safety. Some people will need to wait until the collective concepts of who we are, who God is, and what the universe is all about becomes more palatable and then these help them to make a smaller step on the bridge in higher understanding of universal reality.

It is a difficult challenge on this world to build those bridges for people to traverse those gaps. Plus, people do not have the intellectual leg-span to make the jump, and therefore, the smaller bridges must be built so people can more easily walk from one level to another. But, do not despair, because this is the way most humans learn. It is in small increments. In time, as people develop and as people are able to use their intellectual abilities to make better associative patterns, then the growth becomes more accelerated. But for now most people on this world have been asleep and are still resting in that quiet phase between the alarm going off and the person awaking. Is that what you call the snooze period, I believe?

Student: Well, there is that term, if you snooze, you lose.

Welmek: Yes, that is very true. For you miss out on opportunities that are presented for you everyday. And if you are sleeping they will pass you by. You will not know they are there. You will miss out on an opportunity to learn, to share, to grow.

Student: (too faint to hear)

Welmek: It is indeed the greatest service that you can offer another person, to pray for them, for they may not always be receptive to what you say to them. But prayer is an effective tool that gives their angels an opportunity to plant some new kernel of truth that perhaps will trigger that alarm to go off in their heads. Do not despair because most people have not yet awakened. You are the truth bringers. You are the torch bearers. Let your lights and your truth reverberate so deeply within your bodies and minds and souls that other people will ask you, “why are you so happy; how can you be so happy with this world that we live on.” Let them come to you and ask you the question. Then you will have the opportunity to share the things you have learned and the opportunities that have come to you that have given you this deep peace they seek.


Michael’s plan is unfolding, but remember, this is a massive undertaking to enlighten each human as to who they are and to their role in the universe. These are just the very early phases of this mission and patience and a sense of proportion must be kept in check. Each person will awaken when he or she is ready. All you can do is let your light shine and become the magnet that perhaps they will be drawn to when the time is right for them. In the meantime, continue your quest, continue to live, to learn, to grow…to grow more in truth, to grow more in goodness in beauty, to love the adventure that you are embarking upon and to seek for it everyday. Where will it take you, what facets of the universe will you discover? What patterns of association will you make in your life? This is the adventure you are embarking upon. Enjoy it, treasure it and each day allow yourself to learn one new thing. Life will not seem so mundane or boring. Good day, my friends.