1998-09-28-About The Apostle Thomas

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Topic: About the Apostle Thomas

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am intrigued by your discussions this evening. Your trust in one another and Father has led to a strong group unity, a lasting friendship. I ponder your answers to the question of last week, and I can see your spiritual growth is sure and steady. Your friendship aids you in your individual reception of spiritual information. Your trust in one another is power to greater things. You might have had reception of spiritual information. Your trust in one another is power to greater things. You might have had a somewhat different answer to the question... why do you choose to attend our weekly meetings?' than you would have some years back. Your spiritual maturity allows you the courage to go forth even when the path is unsure.


That apostle of long ago, our dear Thomas was such an individual who was clearly uncertain about his connection within the Kingdom. He was at times, concerned that he appeared simple minded. His mind was ever on the lookout for false things. Even though these thoughts plagued his human mind always was he growing in spirit, maturing, yes, absorbing the Master's lessons, understanding with his scientific mind that spirituality is practical? Thomas never did quite subdue all his concerns with his divine understanding, but always did he take in energy and strength from his Master loves Spirit.

Through Thomas' doubts he could always be found in complete support of Jesus. His trust increased as he dared to take steps forward spiritually, even though the path was unclear. His receiving of strength and energy from the Master endowed him with courage to move forward. He found his peace within to outweigh his mortal concerns. Thomas was indeed a bit fearful and overly concerned, but his courage to keep the faith and trust in the Master's cause made him excel.

It is said... To see heavenly things it must first be believed in. A city in which Jesus performed one of His few miraculous deeds was not chosen to recruit believers, but His deeds (were) performed because many in the city already believed.


My friends, you have so stepped forth with courage as Thomas had, allowing Michael's Spirit of Truth to bestow upon you the courage to step forth. In stepping forth, there are those heavenly things revealed. Do you see? Thomas would attest to the fact that the human mind can be calmed enough to receive strength and energy. All one must do is make time to be before the Master. This week I would ask you to be aware of those faith steps you dare to take without knowing the reasons why. This will also be the topic for discussion next week. As always my love is with you. I will endeavor to meet with you each during the week, until next week, Shalom.