1998-11-02-Allow the Innocent Spirit Freedom

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Topic: Allow The Innocent Spirit Freedom

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am quite grateful to be here with you this evening. What a n excellent display of group participation. Communication is certainly a worthwhile topic to discuss and make effort to use in every day relationships.

I can appreciate the open hearts and minds that attend here weekly. You are always in readiness to give a hundred percent, while your expectations are at a minimal level. As I listen to you, and watch your expressions, I can behold that part of you that is divine, innocent and pure. Egolessness makes this viewing possible for you care not about status, nor position within the Kingdom.

As the apostles of old, you indeed care for the well being of each individual, as well as the group. I am made to understand, most mortals are innocent and perhaps a bit misunderstood. Many personality traits show forth in competition to comply with a material world. Father does see each of his children as a pure innocent and divine being as His child.

The apostles at first, though some (were) acquaintances, still did not fully understand one another. They were even suspicious of one another's genuineness. They, over time, had connected on soul levels so as to be able to view the divinity in one another. Each apostle grew to view some attribute s of the Master within their fellow apostles.

That innocent spirit dwells within each individual, even though some may appear to be hidden with the business of everyday living. Even the most unethical individual contains within them an extension of the Gods. Many know not how to allow this pure and innocent spirit within freedom. The spirit within appears to them to be meek and exposed to things harmful. The pure and innocent spirit within is actually an extension of an all knowing, all powerful, all loving God the Father.

The spirit that is mainly the ‘real you' exercises humor and lightheartedness. It can see light in the darkness. It can utter volumes of wisdom in one sentence, and be an element of healing to an ailing society. My friends, you allow your true selves to be known here in this group. You recognize one another's pure and innocent spirit within. You can embrace each one's faults with divine love.

In your everyday living in the material world it is difficult to allow this realness of spirit to be known. It would do you well to ponder over the attributes of your divine spirit within, to adjust your understanding in allowing it freedom. In exposing your real selves, as you do here weekly, individuals you meet feel at ease to allow that genuine child of God to have freedom to live and work and love, to nurture... to teach within their environment.

As the apostles sat at the Master's feet in such lessons as this, are you also granted the same benefit in understanding the Master's meanings. Allow Him to help you to show your divine side daily and be aware of the confidence that yields. The pure and innocent spirit within will prove to be a source of strength, power and wisdom. Watch those around you begin to allow their spirit within freedom to be known.


No questions this evening. Again, as always, my love goes with you, and, I will make effort to meet with you each during the week should you need me. Until next week, Shalom.