1998-12-06-Christ Is Among His Children On Urantia

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Topic: Christ Is Among His Children On Urantia

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teachers: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. It is such a great pleasure to meet with you each week. I have known you for some time, and your unique personalities stand alone as brightly burning candles on an altar, each giving off light and warmth. As you unify on the common ground of the Correcting Time does your light increase and your warmth intensify. How beautiful is this for me to see! I can say, each one of you adds to my energy level in such a way that I am made to be uplifted. I thank you.


Spirit of Truth

You all have a fair understanding on how you can project energy and add to the light of the world. In your own small way can you effect big changes just by allowing the Spirit to move through you. In Michael's Correcting Time, He saw great opportunity to teach because the world's peoples were ready and asking for Him.

In the days of old, they awaited Christ's second coming. They lived each day as watchful children so as to not be forgotten in the end times. We can see this picture as a promoting and producing energy. It is not easily understood that what you put your beliefs in is your reality. Many in Michael's Mission believe Him to already be about His people, on His home planet, where He lived His final bestowal.

His Spirit of Truth was always and ever working with the people of Urantia, but not always has there been the desire for more truth. The set traditions were about the extent of their ability to progress. As Urantia has evolved do people desire more than what the prophets of old offered. The Urantian races are accessing the Spirit of Truth more easily through their desire to learn and progress.

Yes, it is true that Christ is among His children of Urantia. His presence brings hope, renewed faith, strength, ease of mind. The simple knowing that the Master is at work in individual lives creates an energy in itself. To believe one who is so loving, understanding, life giving, and trusting is among you actually changes your capacity to receive spiritual energy and understanding.

Yes, mortals can play with energy amongst one another, as long as we remember the sources of all spiritual energy. Our Paradise Father is the source of all there is, and yet, it is easily understood when personalized through His Creator Sons.

In this season there will be many thoughts turned toward the Master's mortal birth on this world, and many hearts ask for His assistance, or return. How comforting it is to those you know to verbalize your faith that Jesus, Son of God, dwells in your lives, whether you can visually see Him or not. How eloquent Peter was when he spoke his truth about the Master's loving character. How his speaking from the heart brought confirmations of faith to those who heard him, yes.

Let that be our focus for the week. Live as if the Master was another member of our inner circle of friends. Be not afraid to speak as though He were your personal friend and brother. Watch the capacity for yourself and others receiving spiritual understanding grow. A few questions?


Dissemination, Spirituality

CLAIREESA: Father Abraham, there is an awareness amongst all the groups that perhaps the teachings should be sent out to the world somehow the transcripts, whether it be by publishing or maybe radio. Everyone is wondering what your thoughts on this dissemination of transcripts would be?

ABRAHAM: I am personally feeling there is a need for perhaps more personal missionary type ministry needed than cold white pages to read. It matters not 'how' or 'if' you disseminate these teachings. What would really promote meaning however, is those involved in this Teaching Mission guide and direct family and friends toward their inner knowing and understanding of truth. How wonderful it is to plant spiritual seeds. The real work however is tending to the sprouts of new growth. I am not feeling one way or the other about dissemination of these teachings. Your own judgment however is acceptable, and to take steps as the Spirit leads. Most definitely though these teachings need to be on a personal level, and combined with common sense, and the use of them in everyday living. Avoid any mystical attractions, for our Mission is to make spirituality as it would have been had not there been a default or rebellion. Spirituality is to be as common as eating or breathing. Yes, is this helping?

CLAIREESA: Yes quite a bit, but I would like to clarify that with your personal feelings about this would be to approach it only on a person to person level, such as maybe going door to door, or maybe having a radio talk show, or something like that?

ABRAHAM: My personal feelings are more perhaps along the lines of sharing these teachings as you have been by word of mouth, or perhaps giving personal attention to those who would take interest in these lessons. The message of our Correcting Time reaches every ear regardless of what will be published, or heard over the air waves. We are not pressed for time, nor do we feel hurried to uplift the world. It is wonderful to have a finished product of words, or lessons, along with a caring individual to help teach and answer questions. Is this clarifying?


CLAIREESA: Yes, but is it important to have a permanent record of these teachings? Is this correct?

ABRAHAM: I am told it would be nice, but not necessary for our Correcting Time is to function many years to come. Yes. Another question?

Maitreya, The Teachers

Calvin: Tom S., in California, asks: "I would ask if you have information about Maitreya, a teacher in England?

ABRAHAM: I am understanding he is... (pause... TR: There must be a problem). Maitreya is affiliated with the Teaching Mission although I do not personally know him. (TR: There is some kind of a problem going on. I don't know if it is me that is causing it or if it is him. There is a discussion going on about it.) I am informed that he is a fairly new teacher that is still under the apprenticeship of Machiventa. His origin is from a material world such as yours, without the problems of evolutionary stumbling. Altogether, a wonderful being. One more question?

  • (After the lesson, the TR did describe the "problem" noted in this answer that it was a discussion going on between Abraham and another about whether or not the TR should disclose that Maitreya was a "she," and if the TR should correct it. Abraham just went ahead anyhow, like no major big deal. At least that was the TR's understanding as I did understand her. )

SANDY: Abraham, do you know the being that speaks through Ester Hicks and is that part of the Teaching Mission?

ABRAHAM: I am familiar with the individual, but not with the teacher. I am sorry. There will be many teachers who enlist in Michael's cause that I would not know because they have either been in training before or after me. Individual teachers I know, such as Ham and Daniel, I received training along side them. There are also new teachers I train, and also special teachers I receive training from.


I am sorry for not being able to answer more, but would however remind you each of our focus for the week and have you know I am close at hand to answer any questions you may have. As always, my love goes with you. Until next time, Shalom.