1999-01-19-Group Family

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Topic: Group Family

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



Greetings. I am ABRAHAM, your friend and teacher. I wish to express my thoughts on your understanding of one another. I am glad to hear your open-hearted expressions of your experiences, each taking a chance laying their feelings out for all to see. If that group trust was not present many would not lay down their armor and expose their true feelings.


The group environment should have a certain safe and accepting atmosphere where you can all feel comfortable in just being yourselves. It matters not, group unity, meaning all believing the same thing, as long as you accept one another as your brother or sister.

A group is a great example of a family, each having their own specific roles, each can help or console or encourage the other without fear of rejection or down-casting. In your family you can even admit mistakes, failures, without critical examination. One can be unafraid to be embarrassed because you know no matter what your mistake or embarrassment may be your family loves you unconditionally.

I cherish the family, sometimes referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven/God. All smaller families/groups belong to a greater family/group, the Kingdom of God. You start small, but in reality, you are a brother or sister in a larger family.

Your group experience now prepares you for a later time when you are seated at a great banquet with the Father at the head of the table. You may see Michael, our Creator Son, seated next to you. You might see the Divine Minister, the Infinite Spirit, seated across from you. You may see us your teachers, the seraphic angels, and other mortals like yourself gathered, each knowing all are included, no one is left out. All who want to attend are welcome.

From this small gathering each week you take with you skills which will be helpful in ages to come. Biological families may not always be so safe, so un-judgmental. Biological families may lack the skills to communicate. They may fear laying their feelings out for all to see. Biological families may even judge its own members more harshly than a stranger. It is a great comfort to be in the family of the Father's Kingdom. You know that all is understood, all feel free to open their hearts to the Father of all fathers, all is understood.


This week keep in mind how you may react to your own family, friends. Are you listening to them? Do you keep in your thoughts about your own group meetings. Are you loving unconditionally? Are you being open enough to give and receive? What is the true reality/meaning of group/family... will be the focus for this week. My love to you. Shalom.