1999-03-18-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Allow the thoughts to come, child. Show in your willingness to be in the present moment, and by your intent to focus, that there is nothing else for you to do, except to listen. Listen with your heart, mind and soul. Your heart, which you are now discovering, is the actual brain of the body with which you feel, with which you love, and with which you make your decisions.

Your brain is the master computer, which carries out the demands of the heart, or rather, the requests, which ought to be the word here, as the heart and brain work in unison, in harmony and balance, ideally speaking. It is the human with his or her bad choices and decisions, who attacks the heart and the brain in the unseen, which causes the unwanted symptoms in the seen.

Mindfulness is the door through which the willing can walk to make their self-discoveries, for then the mind is contacted, which, as you are discovering, is everywhere present. All the cells in the body have their individual memory and innate intelligence, to reproduce according to their purpose. It is the cellular memory, which can let the human know where the causes of discomfort lie.

The system/mind knows everything from every thought to every experience it ever went through; with the mysteries imposed upon it at conception, and with all the memories in the DNA. It has been conveyed to you by Teachers ‘beyond the veil’ that memories go all the way back to plant life via the evolutionary chain.

You are now on the threshold of a new dimension in evolution. Changes are already apparent in the human heart, brain and mind. New neuronal connections are being effected in those who are willing to be of greater service. Willingness, determination, perseverance and courage, are the traits being cultivated.

Go out on a limb, so to speak, and know that you are being cared for. Know also that most of the Father's work is done in the unseen. In this life you will not even begin to realize what a path of blessing for others you have chosen to walk.

Continue with your studies to broaden your knowledge base. More and more you will gather the recognition of what it is you already know. It is a sharpening of your instrument to become a precision tool in the hands of the Master in whose service you are. In the discovery of heart and mind you develop, and help your soul to grow with your choices and decisions.

Become aware of your thoughts. Banish negativity, criticism of self and others. Support your own system with loving wisdom. Be positive and joyous. Become an uplifter of the human spirit. Give encouragement to the ones, whose need you sense. Be stalwart in your doings and ‘cultivate’ yourself.

Thank you.