1999-08-10-Address at IC99

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Topic: Address of Service and Humility

Group: IC 99, SpiritQuest


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings, my friends, my beloved ones. Our greatest desire is not that every person should necessarily believe or accept the teachers or our words. Our greatest desire is a simple one -- it is that we should learn every day to love one another a little more.


I come bringing you no great announcement. I come in humility, in service to you, my friends, my children. I come bearing the love of the Father, and I come offering words of love to you. There are many children here who have taken the first steps in love by allowing our instruction to help guide their steps in small ways upon the journey that you all are taking toward the Father.

We, the teachers, wish to extend our profound gratitude to you children. We are very humbly proud of each one who has taken a step in faith that has brought you here today. We wish to bring you words of comfort; we wish to bring you words of hope; to help you develop your trust in the Father; to help you develop your trust in each other.

The Father has sent out one mandated task -- that you all must find in your hearts the resolve to attempt: BE YOU PERFECT EVEN AS I AM PERFECT. And children, He did not expect you to do this by yourself. Vast are the numbers of teachers. Vast are the numbers of angels and other planetary helpers who have come into this world to help you begin the task of your eternal lives.

We come to serve, to help you. This world is a planet of the walking wounded, and Michael in his benevolence and purity of purpose has sent as many teachers as can be received, to help each one of you -- each one of you -- overcome the wounding in your lives that has been brought through no fault of your own.

Michael is sending with his teachers the Bread of Life and the Spiritual Water that will truly quench your thirst forever. He asks but one thing: He asks that you be willing to open your hearts just enough to allow yourselves to receive his love and to allow yourself the willingness to change.

Your anxieties, your fears -- all these things are known to us. We know of your difficulties, your sorrows, your broken hearts. We know of all the various ways in which you hide from yourselves and from others -- and yes, children, from the Father. We know how hard your lives are, for most of us have lived lives very similar to yours when we were in the mortal state. Michael in his wisdom knows the value of this experience when it comes to teaching. We offer our help freely and you are all free to take it, to take it later, or to wait until the mansion world experience, when you will receive teachers in that estate.

If there are any questions I would gladly discuss these things with anyone who wishes to.



Q. Hello teacher. (Greetings.) in our wonderful book it is written that our immediate planetary supervisors advocate the inauguration of measures to foster and conserve the higher spiritual types of Urantia. (110:4.6) This is page 1207 for the record. Could you please give us examples of what types of measures they are referring to which help to foster and conserve the higher spiritual types that are diminishing or lacking?

Ham: Certainly This small sentence actually refers to many efforts on many levels -- everything from the prevention of warfare to the many ways that the family is being fostered and conserved by the angels and Midwayers. But the greatest way to foster and conserve spiritual beings is to feed their spirituality, and all the rest takes care of itself. The Urantia Book itself was probably the main method that this being referred to in that short but potent sentence. Is that helping your understanding? (Partially so. Thank you.)


Q. Hello Ham. Is the Teaching Mission an adjunct to personal revelation or an amplification to epochal revelation?

Ham: It is both, yes. Epochal revelation impacts upon the individual the 'personal revelation' as you of course have experienced in your reading of the Urantia Book, but yet, we teachers desire to be more like helpmates. We are not directly involved in your experience with Father, which would come under the realm of auto-revelation. We foster your relationship with the Father, but we do not intervene. We do not come between you and God. We are merely teachers who decide to help you bring that spirituality that you are receiving from the Father, help you understand it, help you apply it, and to steady you on your path. We are assigned to teach, not to reveal the Father, for the Father reveals Himself with you each.


Q. My name is Mark and I'm part of a study group in Manitoba, Canada. We received a letter from your group, a message from yourself, saying that Manitoba, Canada, was the spiritual center of the planet Urantia, and that we were to receive a teacher by the name of Richard Rowe (?) in 1992, and we haven't heard anything since. Can you explain what its all about?

Ham: Certainly. The word for your location was an error in the transmission of planetary headquarters. However, we, the teachers, are aware of your group, your small group. We are always willing to teach when you are willing to receive. Be cautioned my son, for you are doing very well, and yes, a teacher is assigned to you. However, be assured that love is the message and the essence and the substance of her teaching. Is this helping your understanding?

Same Q'er: It's not very clear, but I do not understand why a message of that specification could be in error.

Ham: Errors in the transmitting process are certainly possible. I am an imperfect being. Rebecca is an imperfect being. All of you here are imperfect beings, and therefore errors are always a possibility. But, son, what is important is proceeding in the Spirit, proceeding with faith, with beauty, and goodness.

Same Q'er: I understand. The thing is, I have a mind that always asks me to clarify things...it has to clarify an error. I accept the error, that its wrong, imperfect. I don't understand why the error is bringing conflict between specific things, because when we make errors as human beings we usually try to figure out why the error was made, to correct it. This is a correcting process you are doing. I am still looking for the correction in this error.

Ham: I have given it, this correction. What is it that you are asking? (Thank you.)


Q. Ham, this is just a simple question… Why now?

Ham: Certainly. There is of course a simple answer…. It is Michael's will. But, I know you are desiring some more detailed explanation. Many events have occurred in conjunction: the final adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion, the opening of your planetary circuits, and the will of Michael to bring his beloved world back into the realms of light, from the darkness into which it was cast. Is this helping? (Yes, thank you.)


Q. I'm pretty nervous to bring my question to you, Ham. I am nervous because my question has potential to be offensive. When I first got the UB I was in fear because I was scared it was evil, and I was almost now feeling a similar fear. I can't help but think of Adam and Eve when that default happened. There, were two human beings that were supposed to be superior that were misled. I desire to follow the golden rule, as I can understand every one probably here does… Is there a way you can ease my fears?

Ham: Yes. Daughter, you are a beloved child of the living, eternal, infinite, and universal Father. You must open your heart to His tender ministrations. Believe with all your heart that you are loved, and that you are loved as if you were His only child. There is no fear there. Allow the Master to hold you in His arms. Allow Him to stroke your hair and to rock you like a child, like a baby. Relax into His love; receive His love. Be at peace -- find peace -- find words of love and peace and allow yourself to gradually give your fear to God-- give your fear to Michael--it is not something you have to carry, because you 'are' safe, you are surrounded by angels. There is nothing -- nothing on Earth -- that can truly harm a God-knowing and Son-believing woman such as yourself. That is all.


Q. Ham, if I understand this correctly, the Lucifer Rebellion has finally been adjudicated? (Correct.) The circuits have been opened? (Correct.) The teachers have arrived to try and assist us in the process of connecting with Father? (Correct.) What is it exactly that you would advise the people here on the planet to do to help foster a loving countenance among the people? What is it that we can do?

Ham: Spiritual power is a wonderful thing. Spiritual power multiplies itself. If you give love, share love, receive love freely among your friends, it multiplies many times so that this love that you are giving, this love that you are sharing -- though it may seem a small thing -- in actuality it is growing, it is growing on its own. You are simply planting seeds, spreading seeds, as you go. Allow the Father to do the rest. Is that helping? (Yes.)


Q. What does the "opening of the planetary circuits" mean? "Planetary circuits" is vague to me. What does that mean? Is it anything other than partial individual circuits? How would we see evidence of that?

Ham: Yes. The circuits allow the spiritual help -- the teachers and the many others who are flooding into your world -- it allows them to communicate with each other over distance. And, of course, allows communication over long distances to other worlds. It would have been impossible to attempt the great spiritual upliftment of the world without the spiritual circuits being open. This is a massive undertaking. It is difficult and very involved, because we of course are involving the entire planet, entire world and its billions of people. How you may see evidence is how there has always been evidence -- spiritual fruits manifested in your fellows. There is no other evidence of God. That is all.


Q: Alright, in the (Urantia) book it says we are supposed to receive a Magisterial Son. When is that supposed to happen?

Ham: Yes, in time a Son will come. You need not concern yourselves with this future affair at this time however. I cannot predict the hour because I do not know the hour of this coming. So children, concern yourselves with your own spiritual progress, with your own growth. Don't worry about the plans of the Fathers--the great ones who actually do plan these things. That is all. Is this helping? (Yes.)


Q: Ham, I perceive what you speak is truth, but then I also perceive truth has already been passed. So why do we need you to tell us this truth?

Ham: Son, every person has different spiritual leadings, different things that they can identify with, that they can relate to, and that will help that person on their path. You may not need a teacher. You may not want a teacher, and this is fine -- this is your path. You yourself must decide what you need when you need it. There is no one to decide this for you. Is this helping? (Yes.)

Truth, Discernment

Q: Ham: I can assume, as so many people would say, this method that has been chosen for the teachers to come . .. you know, we all have the same book, we all see the same words on the same page … but this method is so fraught with errors on the part of the transmitters and it creates great skepticism among the people. Why should such a method be chosen and approved?

Ham: All truth as it is imparted to the material mind contains varying levels of what you would perhaps term error or impurity. There is no perfect revelation, no perfect teaching method aside from your own personal experience of God. It is our desire that you each should learn to perceive truth with the morontia soul so that all the mind errors and problems with simply... the sensory mind, can be somewhat eliminated, but not completely, because you are mindal creatures and the mind is always present.

You humans tend to believe what you see with your eyes, and doubt what you feel with your heart. We desire the opposite -- to believe what you feel with your heart, with your soul, and doubt what you see with your eyes. Faith means to believe in something so real that all the evidence, all the sensory evidence to the contrary, cannot dissuade you from the truth that you know with your soul. So you must discern the words of truth with the method that can best do that, with your soul, with your heart, with your morontia being. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.)

Correction, Barriers

Q: Ham, there are some of us who have trusted enough in the personal correction process that we have allowed ourselves to utilize the best of our abilities the assistance offered. It occurs to me, in my discussions with other individuals who have also experienced profound changes in our lives, that it is a very individualized process that occurs. The teachers work with the individual in the place that they are, and the individual chooses what errors, what perceptions need to be changed. In some cases faultingly and unknowingly, and in others cases they are calculated. This is where I am. This is what I need to know. Would you expand upon your approach to working with the individual and what you would call personal correction, or what we have come to call personal correction? Thank you Ham. Thank you for your great assistance in my own life.

Ham: Certainly daughter. What you term personal correction is simply recognizing what are obstacles to love. Everyone has obstacles to receiving the full, the complete love of God. I dare say if you were receiving the full and complete love of God you would be fused. Yes, fused. What we desire is to simply help you recognize the places where you are not receiving love, where you have fear of receiving love. Sometimes you children forget that love is a powerful force. It is not something light, something ethereal. It is a powerful spiritual reality and as you interact with love, love changes you. We simply try to help you cope, help you understand those changes that are occurring. We do not change you. Love changes everything. That is all. Is that helping? (Yes.)

Q: Quick question--I don't know if this is addressing you or not. Some people might wonder why Rebecca wears a bandanna over her eyes. Is that something you require or is that something that is a benefit to the TR personality that is transmitting for us?

Ham: I believe it is to aid Rebecca's concentration, nothing more. (Thank you.)

Teacher Contact

Q: If one wishes to receive a teacher does that necessarily mean that in any way, shape or form you also have to be involved in the transmitting and receiving process with this Mission, or is it simply a matter of having a recognizable personality to, in addition to individual relationship with God?

HAM: Son, there are no requirements. This is not boot camp. However your relationship with your teacher evolves, however you are comfortable with your teacher is wonderful for the teacher, and the teacher will accommodate you in your needs. It is not for you to accommodate the teacher.


Q: Ham, I sometimes think that instead of a "teaching mission" you should have called this the "therapy mission." Laughter. I don't say that to be sad about it, but it helps so many people as we all know. My real question is what can you do for us who participate to help us overcome our insecurity and defensiveness. Because others do not agree with our participation in the Mission, we seem insecure and defensive with others. How can you help us to overcome this -- to reach out and accept those who do not accept this -- for I would think that in love - that would be the ultimate goal and that is what you would want?

Ham: Yes. Most of the teachings of the man Jesus were to go against the natural inclination. When you are rejected it is most natural to feel defensive and feel afraid -- to feel uncertain. But the Master would say… "Go boldly forth; proclaim the good news as you know it to be true." Sometimes your seeds will fall upon fertile ground, and there are times the ground is not prepared to receive it. This is nothing you can control, nothing you should control. Understand that your duty is simple: Love one another, return good for evil, return love for fear, return gentleness where there is a harsh word. It is difficult. No one said it would be easy, but you are making progress... fast progress, son. You know this and everyone who knows you also knows this. That is all.


Q: Ham, I am interested in hearing your assessment of the progress of the Teaching Mission up to this point, and your assessment of the progress since the birth of the Fifth Epochal Revelation up to this time, and your thoughts about potential dangers that we might anticipate that might be coming towards us in the near future that we might be better able to deal with with your forewarning?

Ham: It is not up to me to evaluate or assess the progress of the Teaching Mission. Those who do monitor these things tell me that everything is going according to the Father's will--to plan. Be unperturbed. Be unworried. Find peace in your heart in all these things, for they are truly in the hands of God. I am aware of your human striving, your human struggles, and this is natural. This is all a part of being human -- part of being a human being on this world. Love each other as we love you. Show each other your love as we show our love. That is what is important. Nothing else will change the world.

Q: You state very beautifully the power of love, and for it to change peoples hearts and the potential to change the world. Is there also within your understanding of the power of love what we would call tough love, of naming or labeling injustice and wrong?

Ham: Of course. As you ascend in your spiritual journey it becomes easier to distinguish truth in its higher forms, and, it is also easier to distinguish error in its many forms. To fight on the side of righteousness, on the side of goodness, is always a noble battle. Be at ease, for you do well, daughter. You are greatly loved by more than you will ever know in this life. That is all.

Q: Ham, I thought I understood you to say earlier that there would be one teacher provided per person. Is that accurate? Considering that I am with a teacher, which is being in a group format, does that mean I also have a personal teacher as well?

Ham: Yes, daughter. You do have a personal teacher as well. Absolutely. (Thank you.)

Q: Ham, at this point I don't see any further questions. I guess my only thought would be if you could leave us with some last thoughts this evening? Perhaps you could give the essence of what you want the people to take from here tonight? That would be greatly appreciated.


Ham: Certainly. If in the days ahead if you could open your hearts a little bit more every day to receive the Father's love as it continually pours out upon you, you will be doing the Father's will. That is the essence of my lesson tonight. The Father's will is the Father's love, and receiving the Father's love is doing the will of the Father. You all are beloved. You all are precious. Go in peace. Go in health. And children, find the emotional security to love yourself as we, the teachers, love you. That is all for tonight.

I am profoundly grateful that you have come to hear my words. May you be at peace and go in love. Farewell.


Conference: Spirit Quest 2000 / IC '99 -- Vancouver, Canada (UBC)