1999-09-12-Vision Exercise

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Topic: Vision Exercise

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Elyon

TR: Sarah, Jonathan



Machiventa (Sarah): This is Machiventa. (If anyone) feels uncomfortable about any part of this vision, I ask you to remove yourself from the circle and maybe go outside. I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. You will have a vision today. Sarah will help you with the first part of it.



Hello. Please trust. I would like each of you to try to separate the spirit from the physical. This in no way hampers you. Try to feel yourself lifting on a level and going to the top of the room, the ceiling. (Sarah: This is the hardest part; it takes so much for me to get through the ceiling out. I was very confused about this for a long time, but lifting off of the ceiling is.... When you get there, you're all right. Now you will see the teachers and the guides. Machiventa will start here.)

Today I would like to show you in more than the physical way, in a spiritual being of yourself to go that one step closer to universal mind, one step beyond what ordinary people do, although I think you are ordinary. Hold the hand of your teacher, this can be anyone. Let him help you go along. You may feel that you are traveling. This will be your vision, so what you may happen to want or do is the way to do it. But we must move along and progress in a higher spirituality.

I would like for you to take a couple moments and to stop here and decide if you want to go back or if you want to go forward.

We will proceed and come upon a big, green valley with many wildflowers, a beautiful place, and we see Michael standing there waiting for us. He will take the hand of each of you, and your guide will have the other hand. Stop to see what your feelings are at this point. Envision what you see, what you want from this point forward. Again, you are in the middle, Michael is there, and your favorite teacher is there. So, you proceed as you see fit.

At this time I would like for you to give some sort of a feeling or a vision. The traveling out of the ordinary is overwhelming, but if we are to go into a higher knowledge of spiritual experiences, we have to start somewhere. I would like for you to say something about how you feel about it. We will start off with Sarah.

Sarah: I get to this point and I can't go anywhere, I am so overwhelmed with love by having these two great teachers on the sides of me. I feel like I could sit down and cry, I am so emotional. The greatness that is beyond the life on Urantia and to be able to hold the hand of Michael is just about more than I can handle. Would someone else speak up maybe on their feeling?

Ginnie: I see lots of color, variegated wildflowers. I feel very light and very soft and pretty normal, like this is where I should be and wanting to leave all that other stuff behind and know that these beings will be there all the time. A great desire to spend more time in this realm and less time with the heaviness of our lives now.

Mary "#2": I fly with my teacher like Superman, arms outstretched; I see Michael on the green hills and yell, "Hi, Michael!" like we're old friends. I don't even know if I know him, but I feel like we're old friends. Even before you told us to hold the teacher's hand I know I wanted my teacher to come with me.

Thinking where to go from here, I want to stay on Urantia as long as possible to grow and learn and help Urantia evolve and grow. My biggest fear is that I will have to leave before I get to do what I need to do. But they are always around me anyway, here on earth.

Jonathan: I felt that fuzzy feeling of spiritual association and camaraderie with the teachers. Then meeting Michael and holding hands, I felt very small like a toddler in bib overall shorts, arms stretched up to these immense personalities. I began to realize how much more is in store for me to gain in personality experience. These beings are very advanced and have not lost touch with the fact that they have brothers and sisters at stages of progression. I am one of these, and they care so much for me. There's no sense of, "You're just a little peon. You'll get it." There's warmth and acceptance and a deep desire to share.

Mary: I was called away during our meditation by Clair. I'm struck by the metaphor of my experience with her with what Jonathan is relating and our relationship with Michael. Clair was about to get upset about something happening that she didn't understand and hurt a little. I assessed that she could handle it. My calmness and assurance helped her to not go over the edge. Pretty soon it was over. We experience the Clair-side of that equation with Michael. I request that, when I have those times of being afraid, I will be assisted in knowing that everything is okay.

Jael: I don't I get a vision. I never have been able to visualize things, so I go on feelings. I get upliftment and no fear, comfort in trust that I am uplifted all the time by Michael and the teachers.

Jada: I feel great peace, of being protected, being in touch at the core of my being.

Tom: I get that I am at a crossroads and there is some need for my services in healing. Reflecting on what I deem important, it seems unimportant. As to my willingness to go forward, I wouldn't go backwards for anything.

Machiventa: Is everyone finished?

I would like to advise at this point that you can continue this sort of vision, but take only me, Machiventa, or Elyon with you. Nothing can happen as long as you have these great teachers. But we need to not let it get out of hand by an imagination, or something like that. So, please travel with Elyon or myself, and we will return.

Going back into the physical will be very fast and simple, just visualize it and we are here. This is all for now.

Ginnie: I would like to ask what is meant by "traveling"? What happens when we travel to a higher place?

Sarah: I would rather (Jonathan) answer that.


Out of Body Experience

Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon. I greet you as always with warmth and friendship and love and can't express enough how much I enjoy our association. You might find it humorous for me to say that it is an honor to be in your presence, but I do feel that way.

This question you ask regarding traveling is multifaceted, and it is not unlike this process of transmitting and receiving. To be projected into a higher realm, from the Urantia perspective, is accomplished through several techniques. Firstly, your Indwelling Spirit has immediate and direct connection to Paradise at the center of all things and, being the quality of being that this Father Fragment is, it has access to perception and knowledge and other beings throughout the entire universe. Because of this reality you can experience traveling.

For the beginner this experience is local. You as a personality may not travel far, only far enough to express your acceptance and willingness to experience such an activity, and the Father will meet you the rest of the way with the vision and the projection from the Thought Adjuster. Those who have made great strides in personality balance and in personal centeredness can experience actual travel to other universe locations in the custody of the Divine Spirit.

When I reference this form of activity to transmitting and receiving, it is because there are times when teachers like myself must convey our messages over circuits and bring them to your location while we are yet elsewhere. Other times we are definitely present among you. I do access the lessons of the Melchizedeks and will present them to you. I also will compose my own thoughts and inspiration for you to receive. Other times I work with you and your experiences and your thought patterns to enhance an understanding of yourself based on these givens within yourself. It would be like you being a drawer of kitchen utensils, only your utensils are in disarray, and I merely stimulate rearrangement for you to gain greater insight, rather than place in the drawer another item.

It is good to consider this form of travel as an inner journey. You are familiar with the term "out of body". I would re-call it "beyond body", going so deep as to pass through to another side, the morontia realm. Not all personalities are configured to be able to easily undergo such an "inliftment" or upliftment. Do know that, whether you project yourself beyond your physical location or not, many of the guides for spiritual advancement are streaming in toward you to be where you are and assist you. But the importance of all this is for you to understand that the realm of your being is much grander and far more extended than simply your body and your mind and the makeup of your character. Your lines of connection, your range of influence, extend into the mind circuits and, through the Father's Presence, is capable of a vast universe reach. Machiventa encourages you to reach to the higher realms, for it is in the reaching that you attain the skills and the abilities not only to travel but to assist other beings in accomplishing tasks of ministry and healing for others.

When you are away on a trip it is not uncommon for any one of us to reflect upon home and wonder how it is faring without one's presence. You do this in regards to your house, your friends and neighbors. I do this in regards to the constellation worlds and my friends and fellow ascenders. It would be a good exercise for everyone, where you are, even when you are at your home, to visualize and wonder how home, your home of Salvington, is faring. If we each shift our residence to this planet, Salvington, our perspectives on life, opportunity, and obstacles will drastically change.

I repeat Machiventa's request that when you undertake such travels that you go with Michael or go with Machiventa, for these beings know well how to guide you. Do not fear that others may harass you, for the errant personalities throughout the system have been restricted from manipulating others. But the human personality is not so certain of what lies beyond the range of human vision and experience. Go with those you trust.


I hope this has provided you with some thoughts to consider.