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Topic: Creativity

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teachers: JarEl

TR: Henry Z.



JarEl: Greetings to you my friends, it is I JarEl. Welcome to all of you, especially to those of you who have not been here for a while. As of lately our lessons have focused on morontia mind, morontia personality and the aspects of what would be termed morontia as dealing with human will and personality. Morontia, of course, is that intervening space, the intervening essence between the material and the spiritual. It is that lengthy time in which the animal material grows more and more real, becoming identified with spirit and eventually the human personality, with fusion, becomes pure spirit. What is important now is that you need not wait until translation to begin your morontia studies. You actually begin morontia studies once you identify as one with the Father within and begin that ever knowing and ever growing transformation - that process of evolving into the person you are becoming.


So tonight I want to focus on creativity. What does that mean for you and how does that effect your mind and your life, as who you are now and who you are becoming? You are indwelt by the Creator; a real and actual essence and fragment of the First Source and Center. This is the source of creativity. Creativity is that aspect of mind out of which man stood up on two legs, on two feet. It is that aspect of man that brings man out from under his animal heritage into spiritual life. It is that act of thought whereby man begins to change his environment and eventually changes himself. This is the purpose of being indwelt by the Creator. Not only does God share in your experience of beingness, of helping you become who you are, but God actually can supply everything else; all of the information that you need, all of the tools, the patterns, the directions, the thoughts, the concepts, the dream, the plan for the future.

In the animal mind, which is devoid of the presence of God, the animal depends upon the repetition and the adherence to the past for identity. You will always know a fox; for a thousand years the fox will be the same. You will always know a cat; for thousands of years the cats have been the same. And there are humans...it is not meant for humans to be the same after thousands of years. You are indwelt with the Creator, a potential to transform, to grow. You who are alive today live at a time in which there is a tremendous effort put forth in such accouterments of life which have made your life and lives much more comfortable, much more certain. In the last several decades tremendous strides have evolved in communication, of a global nature as well, through your use of technology, manufacturing, business, etc. This is one aspect of creativity. Another aspect of creativity is utilizing your potential.

Artists use the word creative and creativity. You can create an image or an object, a song, a play, etc. Now I would like you to consider creativity as your potential to access the Father within; to begin to actually listen to what the Father has to say; to begin to tap your potential of this resource. For it is only within this resource that you will eventually come to find yourself; your real self and your true nature. Man begins by following his mind and his ego; "I want to do this. I have to do that. I must". And in the beginning this is very good and usually important, but there comes a time when you can only go so far by following what you think you are supposed to be doing, or what you think you want to do. Until you begin to align with what you feel inside, then you know that when you feel something it becomes more real to you. Like even negative things, pain for example is very real because you can feel it directly. But so can knowing have the same effect, when you begin to sense and feel that you know this is right, you know this is what you should be doing, you know this is where you have to go. This is what we want to focus on at this time.

When you translate to the next worlds, the initial work you will be doing will be of this nature. There is always the element of the social, the service part. But a main emphasis will be on personal spiritual transformation; learning to identify with spirit and you will identify with this spirit within. This spirit within is who you are. You will meet great teachers, brilliant beings, marvelous creatures and at the same time you will also be accessing within a marvelous creature, a brilliant being and a great teacher. This is the gift to each and everyone of you from the First Source and Center; it is truly a gift. It is rightfully the treasure within. And yet accessing this, you are accessing this through a creative channel. So how do you become who you are; how do you begin to take those steps? One must access with faith until one stops believing and starts knowing that what is within is what is. So, in a very general way I am trying to help you access tremendous growth potential and identity.

What you have access to is the now; the present. What you are bringing into effect is the future. And when you bring the future in, when you begin to create the plan of God in your life, you cease viewing the past as a series of errors and mistakes and you begin to experience a certain knowingness; a truth that begins to present itself in the experiences. Because living the plan of God is truth. It is your only truth.


So, I have given you a few thoughts for the coming few weeks. In your meditations begin to focus on how to open up those channels of potential and creativity. Begin to ask the Father to present to you your life. It is okay to get very specific - God is a master of detail. God is also a master of transformation. Do not doubt that when you begin to live the plan of God that your life begins to change. And it's okay, whatever course this may take. You cannot sidestep the work you must do; you can put it off - but eventually you must face it. This is true of everyone, this is particularly true of God's work. As I said, God is a master of detail. He doesn't miss any opportunity for you to learn a lesson or for you to experience personal growth. And this is what you are accepting when you accept to identify with the Creator. This is what spirit identity is all about. When the Father said to "Be perfect, as I am perfect." He meant that literally, not as an ideal, but as a practical way of being and this is his plan for you - to bring you into correction, to bring you into who you are becoming. To gradually bring the whole world and all of its people into harmony. Harmony starts with one note. Each of you has a note. All of those notes...and there you have it.

I wish I could take you to the future. I wish I could take you to a world in the stages of Light and Life. I wish you could see the clarity in the lives of the folk; the unconfusedness, the smoothness with which people operate. How society is set up to empower the individual. How everyone can benefit from everyone's effort. This is real. Unfortunately, this is not an immediate situation one will encounter. Yet, you can begin to sense this in small groups and this is how it starts. You begin to sense the love and respect that each of you have for each other in this group. It creates an exponent, an exponential, a spiral that grows and as it grows it encompasses and doubles. So that what starts out as a very small intention and movement can, at some point, become the way things are.

Thank you for allowing me to share this lesson this evening.