2000-05-07-Tuning Your Will To The Father

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Topic: Tuning Your Will to the Father

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am your friend and your teacher. Tonight, we shall discuss the joining together of your will with the will of your Indwelling Spirit, the will of God. As you live your earthly life, there will be times when the wills are joined and times of separation. You may not necessarily be able to tell which time is which and then as you become more spiritual, more attuned to the subtleties of spirit, you can consciously attempt to stay in that tuning, that feeling that you thoughts as well as you actions are sanctioned.


Your thoughts are of joint origin. Some of them originate in the purely human part, even instinctual and animal type brain. Thoughts of hunger, thirst, even greed and selfishness come under this category. Other thoughts come from the higher part of your mind where the spirit meets your mind. These you experience as insight, the tendency toward loving and understanding your fellows, the tendencies toward forbearance, temperance, wisdom. Your thoughts that are love dominated originate in the higher realms and are even give to you by the spirit. Your will is in the center.

You might have a natural tendency to become angry in a situation and feel yourself tending in that direction. When a thought appears and you think that perhaps you should have understanding for this person or situation, perhaps you should control your initial feelings. This is aligning your will with the will of the Father. Some of you tend to pout and show moodiness and perhaps another impulse has come to mind, one of forgiveness, one of letting the small things go by the wayside and remembering what's important. Do not suppress these subtle but vitally important impulses for they are the Father's attempt to guide you and show you a better way.

Growing in the spirit is the progressive experience of conquering and controlling the lower nature and the simultaneous surrender to a higher nature. You have all come through a period where old patterns are breaking up, where your old tendencies are no longer working for you and you have to find that still small voice which leads you higher or you will be unhappy trying to put back what once was.

Life is progressive. There is no standing still, no going back. You cannot bring back the exact feeling you had even a moment ago for you have changed in that moment, you have changed. Human beings live with a tremendous handicap of fear, fear of change, fear of letting go of the old self as it crumbles because you are not sure who you will become. I have observed that uncertainty is something that humans fear above many other things. Human beings are obsessed with knowing, with knowing another person, with knowing themselves, with knowing their children and yet in the final analysis, you cannot know any of these things because every one is changing and changing rapidly. All you can do is be in the moment, and love yourself as you perceive yourself to be in that moment.

It is an unfortunate waste of much valuable time that humans think back on the past and the things they have said or done or not said or done with regret and it is unfortunate that you carry those feelings about yourselves as though one time, one incident makes a person. It does not. Let go of your old feelings about yourself, let go of the old regrets and feel yourselves loving yourselves right now. Even as you love another person and that person is an unfathomable mystery full of depth, experience, potential, you are also the same and you can love yourselves for what you know and for what you have yet to discover.

The Father's will is one of increasing love. As you attune your will with his, you will experience increased love for yourself and for every other person you come in contact with even increased love for God's other creatures. Allow the Father to give you an expanded understanding of your fellows. You needn't know every person's life story to understand them in the moment. Listen for the Father's insight, for this is the way of the truly God knowing. For them, life is mostly listening.

What then are your questions for this evening?


Q: I am a little confused right now about what is going to be happening with my career in the near future, I am excited because it could go in a couple of directions. Oddly I am feeling calm about it. I wonder if you have any advice about that for me this evening?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you have many people pushing and pulling the vehicle that is your career. You have tremendous help and wonderful rapport with most of these people. Continue to have this love for those who are helping you. Enjoy this time for it will never be repeated. Have confidence within and know that the spirit will lead you and help you through your difficult tests.

Q: Ham may I have a personal message tonight please?

Ham: Of course. Son, you are making good spiritual progress and soon will be experiencing increased understanding of the material world as well. Face the things that you wish to avoid, walk forth with stamina and courage. The Father will lead you, fear not.

Q: Ham I was wondering if you have a personal message for me tonight?

Ham: Certainly son. You struggle with the clouds of uncertainty, with the periods of waiting that are imposed upon you. These times of uncertainty, of waiting are probably more productive spiritually than times of action and knowing. Learn to mine the resources in your heart for patience, forgiveness, and tolerance. Find within you the well of patience and understanding. In other words, find peace and refreshment within for only then will you find it in the outer world.

Q: Ham, my mother is sick at this time is there anything you could tell me that I could pass on to her to help her deal with her current illness?

Ham: Yes, of course. It is commonly understood that with age should come a slowing down and that is the natural tendency and yet exercising the body in any way possible is the key to continued health and bodily fortitude. There are some circulation problems that are exacerbating and even causing other difficulties. So, any physical activity possible is encouraged. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, thank you very much.

Q: Ham may I have a personal message.

Ham: Of course. Son, you are feeling very extreme, either very high or very low, and are having some little confusion. This is a normal part of your spiritual growth. Do not feel that you have to be perfect all the time or that you will displease the Father in some way. Don't be judgmental or hard on yourself about genuine human feelings and behaviors. As you grow, your balance will increase and you withstand much more difficult problems than you are dealing with now. So, allow yourself to grow, allow yourself to be human, and don't worry, you are doing well.

Q: Ham, do you have any input for me this week please.

Ham: Of course, my dear. You also put excessive demands on yourself to be perfect and you are easily disappointed in yourself for little human failings. So, sometimes you must just give these burdens to the Father and refuse to carry them any more. This will come when you are ready and not before. So, again, don't push yourself and remember that knowing something in the mind and feelingly experiencing it are two different things. Your mind is always a bit ahead of your experience and this is as it should be.

Q: Ham, do you have a message for me tonight please?

Ham: Yes, of course. Go with gentle footsteps into the future. Allow your angels to arrange some things for you. You have a tendency to worry about the future and to want to know what's what right now. Remain in peace and allow the future to come to you instead of pushing forward into it. Is this making sense to you?

Ham: It is, I sometimes question how not to push it without feeling idle.

Ham: Idleness has its place. There are times of enforced idleness that can be your greatest periods of growth. Take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Of course. Daughter, take to heart this lesson and allow your higher self to rule over the lower self. Remember to daily let go of everything, even that which you think of yourself to be. Become new every day and you will find the easier way therein.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Elena is learning from experience in the world, that is enough.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Child, be at peace. You are making good progress in the spirit and you must know that this is the most important thing for you. Worry not over the trifles of living. Focus instead on expanding your ability to love. The way is before you, walk therein.

Q: Jarad.Ham: Of course, my son. Know that you also are continually changing and growing. Continue to embrace this growth, continue to embrace love as you walk over the hot coals of existence. Cultivate peace in your heart and love for yourself.

Q: Charlie B?

Ham: Son, the way is clear, walk forth and do not hesitate or hold back when the Father beckons. As you embrace him and come to know him, you will grow in your loving acceptance of yourself. This is the way, walk forth.

Q: Norbert wonders if there is some way that he could be where he did not have to be sick every few months.

Ham: Yes, it seems that part of this illness is caused by food allergies and part of it is by stress. Son, you have a tendency to amp-up, that is you become over emotional over situations over which you have no control. Learn to understand the things you can control and the things you cannot and learn to slow your emotions through daily seeking the stillness so that you can gain a better perspective on your life. There are some dairy products that cause this more than others and some fish and fish products also.

Q: Ham, Bob asked for a message if you have one for him.

Ham: Of course. Son, there are many things coming together at this time in your life and so emotionally you are a little raw. Often you expect disappointment that does not come. Learn to take life a little more easy, a little more at face value. Be at peace, for you do will and these experiences are helping you to grow.

Q: Ham do you have feedback for me this week?

Ham: Of course. Son, you do well. You are making good strides in understanding the things that are necessary in life and you are making good strides in your work. Most of all, you are making tremendous progress in the area of human relations and your work is gaining by it. Remember to take time for stillness and for time to love yourself and to understand yourself. The future is caring for itself. Be in the now time.

Q: Ham I just wondered if the alignment of the planets has anything to do with the circuits, does all that stuff tie together?

Ham: Not really. The motion of the planets around the sun is not directly responsible for very much of anything in terms of the spirit. The spiritual circuits are just that, spirit and these material occurrences do not effect them. The influence of human belief, however, does influence things of the spirit as well as things of the earth. Is this helping your understanding?

Q: Yes, thank you.


Ham: Very well then, until next week go in peace, my love goes with you as well as my prayers. You are all precious to me, be at peace.