2000-09-15-Aspects of Health, DNA

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Topic: Aspects of Health, DNA

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Henry Z.



Greetings to you my friends, it is I JarEl; Thank you for coming this evening, and welcome to those of you who are here for the first time. We have been discussing aspects of your personal spiritual transformation, our ongoing theme.



Tonight I would like to touch on aspects of health. What is health? How does health effect your life? Is there a relationship between health and your life as you live it on this planet? First, I would say that health is a pattern of being. The original intention and design for this species was designed for health. The pattern of health for the life implantations on Urantia were such that they encompassed the whole eco-system. You have a healthy earth and a healthy life upon it. Vibrantly producing plants yielding healthy oxygen for you to breathe. Healthy animal life. Healthy human species. Albeit this is not perfectly manifested in your species at this time. None the less, you all have access to the pattern of health.

For example. In human embryology, the first four to five weeks of development of the fetus, the perfect health patterns develop until the genetic codes manifest about the fifth to sixth week. The genetics will tell you what type of heart you will have, what type of lung, what type of eyes and skin color. In as much as genetics will condition health, it none the less finds expression within the embryo, within the individual person in your species.

We already know that the ideal plan for mixing the races and up stepping them with the Adamic blood plasm which in turn upsteps the complete genetic stock on the planet. This was not a totally successful operation on your world. Therefore it has been one of the areas in which the unseen spiritual world, namely the midwayers have been working on your planet with people with health and medical capacities to help shift and make adjustments and accommodations for the problems which exist healthwise on your world. It is certainly true that to experience health; healthy mind and healthy body, it is much easier to experience a healthier relationship with the Divine spirit within. Much easier to experience healthy relationships with your brothers and sisters and mankind at large.

You can still have things wrong with you and still express health. You can still be human and incomplete and still express spirituality. You are in stages of evolution, you are growing. You are growing spiritually and growing towards health. Many of you may notice that quite a bit of your Adjuster nudges have to do with health issues. The adjuster nudging you towards a healthier lifestyle, better working environment, things you should be doing for yourselves, diet and exercise, you are familiar with this. What I am intending to discuss and have you understand is this concept of wholeness, even though you are part whole, not wholly complete. In pattern you are complete. You are created in the image and likeness of perfection. The design of the life on this planet, was intended and designed as a whole and complete eco-system, to evolve and eventually to sustain life and light on this earth upon which you live. I am not going to go into all of the details about cutting down tropical rainforests, problems which man has created upon the earth. These things should be obvious to you.

Body, Pattern

The design is what I am interested in talking about. This intention designed into your species and the life on this world. Within each of you is this design, this pattern of health. Intuitively, right below your conscious mind, within the system of your body there is an intelligence and consciousness which regulates bodily functions. Like an internal monitoring computer which constantly monitors the system's health while your mind are doing and thinking other things. Most often you don't have to pay attention unless you body is trying to tell you something. This underlying pattern of health is in relationship to this indwelt pattern of perfection which resides within you. This mystery monitor, thought adjuster which resides within your consciousness and mind and heart is conceptual on some levels. It is a concept which your mind begins to formulate and understand. Many of you from early childhood are indoctrinated in religious instruction and teaching that there is a great God. I am not talking about the conditions placed upon you by the individual religious belief systems, but the pattern. You intellectually and conceptually begin to understand within your consciousness about deity. At some point you begin to experience God. This point is important, because once you begin to experience, you begin to know. It is like health. Once you begin to experience Health and feeling good, it is something which you want to grasp. Something you want to maintain and sustain within your being and body. Once you begin to comprehend that deity, God, is your friend, that the universe is friendly and that the universe is here to serve your needs as you are serving the need of God. You begin to see how this pattern of health is designed to sustain a quality of beingness so that your consciousness and the design of your mind can also sustain qualities of sonship and daughtership, spiritual consciousness of beingness. These are patterns. These are intentions upon which life hinges; mind is formed. It is within the seed of being. Some plants take many, many years to blossom. There is a plant commonly known on your world as the century plant. It takes so long for it to finally bloom, it takes a whole century to bloom.

These patterns and designs are within your grasp. They are part of your makeup. These patterns can be accessed at any level and through any dimension throughout your life. They may be accessed inutero or during late life, at anytime. We are trying to understand the larger ramifications of these patterns and how they fit and connect into the much larger patterns of life on your world. What about health? Many of you are experiencing different qualities of health. Sometimes you wake up and feel great, hopefully you experience this sometimes. Many times you wake up and don't feel so great. So you begin to sense the different quality. You will begin to notice that what you do in life begins to effect who you feel and who you are. If you are a person who has a specific job and you are in a specific posture, performing specific and repetitive motions constantly on a daily basis. You will notice how this affects the way you feel. This can be shown in anything that you do.

Considering these larger patterns of health, how are you as an individual compromised momentarily when something arises within you that takes you over and over powers the pattern of well-being and health. You are still healthy but are overlaid momentarily by a non-healthy situation which you are experiencing. Begin to get a sense of the relationship between accessing health and accessing spiritual health. The types of thoughts and mental health you are indulging and practicing being to effect your general and overall health patterning. Some of the patterns of health are deeply ingrained in your system as to be mostly automatic. For example, breathing goes on whether you are conscious about it or not. Normally, before you had automobiles and comfortable lifestyles, life was such that you were constantly moving, walking and keeping fit and busy. You may have been tired and exhausted but your body was a bit healthier. Exercise was not much of an issue as it is now.

Spiritual health and spiritual mind are not automatic, responses in these areas are conscious to patterning and also conscious to what you are feeling and experiencing in you relationship with God. What you are beginning to see as you learn about spiritual health is that the most challenging situations which put demands upon the quality of your life are physical health issues.

Patterns of health both spiritually and physically are such that the patterns for the individual are interfaced with everyone else's patterns. Death does not mean that you are not healthy. Death is part of the patterning of life and health. It is part of the recycling which has been going on for millennia. You shed your life here to enter another dimension in another realm. This is part of the greater pattern of the universe. Throughout the morontia life, you will not be stressed physically as you are here.

Though there are many problems today with respect to genetic deficiencies and disease related illness, you are enjoying a much better health thanks to the advances your races have made in health and medicine. Quality health allows more people time to spend on their own personal transformation and growth. Constant pain is not conducive to inspiration and motivation and personal transformation spiritually. It is very easy to succumb to pain and suffering. Many times a person will sabotage themselves when they are getting better and feeling good because somewhere in their minds they were familiar and more comfortable with the predictableness of pain and suffering. They become so good at functioning with pain and suffering, one doesn't realize that one could exist functioning without it.

Ask yourself, can you function in health, can you function in clarity; can you begin to listen to that voice of God and follow its leadings. Can you begin to open your hearts to more love. Can you begin to look at one another with a new attitude, one of sharing and one more filled with compassion. Many times opportunities present themselves and many times they aren't taken advantage of. It is good to have great intentions, it is another thing to motivate and make decisions based upon these same intentions. Begin to slowly take those first new steps in the change of direction away from the pain and suffering and the conditioning. Walk towards clarity. Walk towards personal freedom. Freedom to believe that you can change and motivate life because you are a son and daughter of God. This indwelling spirit is purposefully with you at this time to help you become a better individual. This spirit is here to help perfect you , that you become one with God. At the moment, the spirit will help you to see what is human, the perfect quality of humanness and how this evolves with the quality of spiritual transformation.

Thank you for allowing me to share these words.



Student; It is my personal experience that our emotional and spiritual life so much effects our physical health. I grow spiritually, becoming free of all of the confusion and suffering of the mind. This has given me greater health just because of that.

JarEl; Letting go of emotional aspects of mind is enough to release pressures on certain parts of the body. The emotions of the mind interface directly with the physical body and are many times the root cause and aggravation of physical illness and discomfort. Emotional health is another discussion altogether. Mental health is a precondition to a healthy body. They are symbiotic.

Emotional outbursts will effect raging body chemistry for hours, is this not so? Positive emotions will also effect the body for many hours. It has tremendous good feeling physical counterparts and promotes health. Not all the time can these feelings be sustained, but in time can be learned to sustained for much longer period.

In the spiritual realm, there are emotions though much more rarified and refined. There are many gradations of emotions. One of the challenging transformations is overcoming the baser animal emotions. These fear based emotions, animal response emotions have been responsible for maintaining the present animal like state of the consciousness of your world. The physical body is designed to house and sustain a higher vibration. It will be generations before these less refined emotions of the races are brought under control.Those who are involved mental health know that there are symbiotic patterns which control emotional behavior. Part of controlling emotions is to identify behavior patterns associated with these emotions.

The overall quality of life and being become more nourished when the individual begins to take control of these baser and lower emotional vibrations and begin to operate on a more healthy and balanced emotional baseline.


Student; You were talking about an automatic mechanism which helps control the body and is this what is commonly called DNA?

JarEl; No. DNA is the patterning or code I was talking about. Part of the brain and nervous system which controls and maintains homeostasis within the physical energy systems of the body. There is an intelligent thermostat which manages and controls functions. You breathe air into the body and there are cells in parts of the body which break this air down into components, they segregate these components and relay the useful oxygen into the proper channels and the air it doesn't need is discharged along with other chemicals through exhalation. The oxygen is moved by arteries and small capillaries to cells all over the body which need oxygen to sustain its life.

You could be thinking about hating your neighbor or you could be thinking about loving your neighbor, or thinking about anything else and this automatic process will still go on within your body. Positive thoughts put a positive charge upon the whole energetic system of the body. Expanding and opening up and allowing for health to manifest. Negative thoughts do the opposite, they work against health in the body. The body reacts to begin to emotionally shut down and constrict parts of the body where blood is trying to bring oxygen and nutrients to maintain cell functioning.

Also when you eat food, it goes into your stomach. There are chemicals which digest the food, break it down into components and segregate the parts, take what is useful and send it throughout the body, then discharge and eliminate what is not needed, through another system, Here you begin to see a pattern. There is intake and then discharge. This is going on constantly and automatically within the body. This is part of the system I am talking about. When you are sitting, muscles are holding certain tensions so that you can actually sit upright in a chair and not slump into a blob.There is a relationship between balanced homeostasis in the body and the mind. When the body is imbalanced the system is sending signals to the human mind. The human mind ignores these signals, then the body sends pain signals and at this point the human mind begins to pay attention and is conscious of the pain. These are default systems within the body to maintain its balance and health.

The DNA codes are the structural building blocks which give cellular definition and function.

There is patterning and these systems are interlinked. The only overcontrol is Health and your will.

Student; There is a lot of discussion in groups about these energies coming to our world and upstepping us . Is this a possibility.


JarEl; There is tremendous help coming to those who seek and ask for it. Nothing will be given you unless you ask for it. ( these are energies from the universe that come into us and adjust us?)

This can be true. You can ask and allow these things. You can ask the Thought Adjuster to begin to adjust your mind. You can open up the sanctity of will and mind to your personal teachers and have them make adjustments within your mind, physical and energetic. You can work with visualization techniques, universal life force energies directed to specific conditions and peculiarities within your energy system. Any thing is possible and probable. These things are sought out by individuals, and they are available to anyone who is open and willing to experience transformation.

Friends help each other. God is your friend. This is what we are trying to convey to you. The Universe is ready to help you. You are indwelt with help. You need to ask for what you need.

Reinforcement is very powerful. People have a need to believe what other people think. It is very easy to reinforce behavior, even health in people. Belief is very powerful and we are telling you that IT IS REAL. What are you going to believe, that you have no power, no choice; Or are you going to believe that you do have power and you do have a choice. There is health, happiness and there is God. There is warm sunshine and cool breeze. There is opportunity. Belief is very powerful. Many times people allow influences to support what they are not sure what they are to believe. This may be happening to your friend. So in the same light, you can also help enforce and direct in a positive way for her. Though each person has to choose for themselves, many times you have to watch people suffer and do things which you yourself would not particularly do. Eventually they may come to a place within their mind where they see what they believe and what they are doing.

You are moving into an age of positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement is just as powerful, so beware what you are reinforcing.

Inner Life

Student; You mentioned areas where we can take direct control. What about the areas where we don't have obvious control like atmospheric pollution, the low state of vibration in general. Isn't this causing more problems which are health oriented. What about this.

JarEl; This is why in our teachings we encourage belief and individual transformation. No matter what is happening around you . You have the power to change yourself and how you interact with the environment. It is not the quality of the exterior which is going to change you. It is the quality of the interior which begins to manifest from within that shifts and changes the quality of the exterior. When you begin to see clearly and change yourself. The quality of the air may not begin to change overnight, but by shifting your consciousness, you are shifting the consciousness of the planet one more notch. You begin to effect those around you even more notches. This slow and gradual evolution and change of consciousness is necessary to permanently shift. There is a tremendous power in belief and in your own faith to access your own individual personal health no matter what external conditions prevail. You can literally overcome any obstacle because you are indwelt with an obstacle-buster.

Student; Very interesting JarEl, I am thinking what you said earlier about our own physical makeup. The centers of the brain that act as automatic regulators for such as temperatures and digestion, compared to those conscious areas we have direct control over, diet and lifestyle. It strikes me that there is on a grand universal scale, regarding our environment and planet, indeed our universe, that there is a gargantuan divine parallel. The earth, by the uplifting of our spiritual consciousness, we can now perceive as a living organism. We know about the Master Physical Controllers in space which regulate such enormous, yet intricate and precise formulas as the balance of gravity, heat and pressure in the very stars which populate the sky.

It is quite apparent that the Divine, even on the microcosmic level of each individual will-creature prevails throughout the universe. Your words tonight have helped me to increase my awareness of this concept and to reach out encompass the same and greater pattern in Father's creation. I want to thank you for an astonishing message this evening. Given the desperate and current environmental crisis on our planet, it is indeed a very timely message that has been long overdue. You have touched an area that normally we do not enter into in this Teaching Mission, yet brilliantly you have illuminated this physical area, the spiritual meaning behind what is going on here. Certainly as teachers we should strive to assure that the mind set that we contribute is positive and upifting. The day that Michael may return to this planet, would be a terrible and tragic day should he return to a burned out cinder. But I have confidence and faith, and as Michael, I believe that in the end the right set of circumstances will prevail and we cannot possibly fail to travel on this world into the ages of light and life. Thank you very much for a profound message.


JarEl; Thank you for acknowledging the overriding intention again that it is by believing and slowly incorporating these intentions in who you are that Michael’s intentions for this worldly garden to enter light and life will in time manifest. There is a tremendous superuniverse of time and albeit your own individual times here, though quite transient. There are things you can do just by holding in consciousness and proving beyond a doubt that belief is REAL. This is the lesson that needs to be taught on your world, that goodness is possible, more than probably, it is attainable. If you want something bad enough ask for it and it will be given to you. As children of God you are all deserving of Divine light, Divine mercy, and all the opportunities that engender growth, transformation and sustaining your life while you are here.

Thank you.


dated September 25, 2000?