2001-02-12-Goodness and Worship

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Topic: Goodness and Worship

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am quite moved by your comments and sharing on the topic of beauty. In the giving--beauty is created, and like energy, is moving and growing.


Focus, Worship

To recondition the mind to have the ability to recognize beauty in all things is a source of power. You have the responsibility of sharing the good news and when beauty is present in your life you attract others. Like all good things, beauty comes from the Father and goes back to the Father. To live a life in recognition of divine beauty is to incorporate worship into everyday living.

To redirect your focus back to Father is an open door to numerous possibilities, for what you focus on is what you attract. As you have said, those that focus on fear draw fear into their lives. The fear is not so much stemming from reality, but the damage is occurring to the mind and body anyway because that is the firming held belief. If you suspect the universe is against you--then most certainly will it be true in your life.

If you believe that your fellows do not have your best interest at heart then this is true for you. Even though this is not reality you are drawing this negative force to you. This negative force is where you take action from. You react from what you believe to be happening even though this is non-reality.

To make effort to find everyday beauty leads us to ponder the divine goodness. The goodness leads us to love the Father. The love leads us to worship. To live your life with overtones of worship leads you to believe you are divinely loved and cared for. You believe the universe is with you--not against you. Do you see? Your focus begins to draw good to you. You have increased trust for Father and His divine staff. You view life as if you are worthy of good things, deserving of divine things.

This week I ask you to focus on appreciation for those divinely beautiful things. Find time to ponder Father's divine goodness and seek true worship. Who is worship really for? How is your focus redirected from worldly things to the spiritual? How better can you handle everyday negative events?

To have genuine understanding of truth and beauty is a pathway into knowing goodness. To have understanding of the goodness of Father leads us to find our goodness within and our potential goodness to come. A few questions?


NATHAN: Abraham, first I would like to comment that at my wedding a couple weeks ago there was a very strong Spirit there. I felt very strong affirmations from that Spirit that what was happening was correct. If it was you--thank you, if it wasn't--if you could give the proper person 'thank you.' Secondly, I was wondering if I could get a personal assessment?

ABRAHAM: Yes. One moment. I have been informed that your sense of a strong Spirit was none other than the Spirit of Truth, our beloved sovereign Christ Michael. My son, you must know by now how much you are loved and looked after by our divine Caretakers. You are on a good path. Have not worry. There will be times of trial that test your footing upon this path, but do not waver. Do not regress. Do not have doubt. You are building a strong spiritual foundation and experience is your best teacher. Have patience with the Father's ways. Have patience with yourself. You are growing, and as any growing boy, you must take in that spiritual nutrition that builds the muscles of faith. You are doing well Nathan, my son. Remember who you are and where you are going. Is this helping. (Yes. Thank you.) Another question?

Thought Adjusters, Attunement

SIMON: Yes Abraham. I have been encourage by positive events this week and making contact with folks along the path of receiving Urantia Books--Margarita for one and Diane for another. I would like to learn a little bit more how Thought Adjusters work and wonder if you would like to comment on that and my question would be how to get to know my Thought Adjuster better?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. This is a time for spiritual upliftment, and of course people will seek you out because of the way you live your life of faith. Yes, this an active time for many. It is wise to choose a simple path when guiding others to the text book. A relationship with the Thought Adjuster is so very close to you that you can almost overlook it. The Father Fragment is the voice that encourages you to forge ahead when you want to quit. He is the courage to stand out when you wish to hide. He is the buffer against your own negative self-talk. He is your closest ally and defender of all that is true, beautiful and good. It is the human will that blocks Him in His work. It is that desire of the mortal to save self, when Father has promised if you lose yourself surely you will be saved. To better know the Indwelling Father you can start by really listening to those inner feelings, and release your desire to see what you would like to have happen--to looking forward to what Father has for you. Small, simple steps towards Him leads to great character changes. If you can have trust then certainly will you be more aware of Father's works in your daily lives. If you can have patience and faith, then guidance will come with less struggle and more accuracy. Father is always aware of your needs and desires, and He incorporates that in with His lessons for you. Our supreme goal is to become one with our divine Monitors and He works ever diligently towards that goal. Yes. Good question Simon. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I just love you and want to thank you for these lessons. I had the biggest wave of love for Rachel coming over here. Remember how she used to ask how Joshua was doing. I know if she was here she would say we have some guests. We have Jason and Dave here on question night. Have you got any gossip on Rachel and how she is doing. Just let her know we send our love.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. One moment. I do know that once we have linked hearts and minds we are always connected as you are still connected with Rachel. She cares very deeply about all that has been started on this world, and yet she is quite busy in training for future assignments, and you know she always sends her love. And I also welcome our guests and would have you know you can be at ease to ask a question.

JASON: Hello Abraham. (Greetings.) I am new here and have been directed to this and ask for a personal assessment if that is possible.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. My son, I am happy you have finally made it here. I know your journey has been one of difficulty, but you have prevailed. You are understanding the difficulties to be lessons and have learned well. Your enthusiasm is energizing and I see you firmly grounded in a strong foundation of faith and trust in our supreme Caretakers. You have experienced many trials in which Father has showed you the values and meanings therefrom. You are a positive light wherever you go. You have a wonderful attitude that says, "I am teachable and excited for every new day." You know quite a few individuals that seem to stray towards a darker side, and your example set before them is counteracting the darkness and redirecting their focus. Well done. You have much to do, my son. Be at ease and know that the trials you have experienced are the catalyst for divine joy. Thank you for your courage to accept this personal assessment. Is this helping. (Yea. Thank you.) You're welcome. One more question.

CALVIN: Abraham, I talked to a Dr. Richard Boylan during the week. I see the beauty of all the awakening and circuitry opening and maybe such as including this connection that he and others like Dr. Greer talk about. It would definitely make a huge impact on society and this worlds people. Maybe it is not so much a spiritual lesson such as these teachings, but would help propel into that. He asks if you would have any comment about him and his work that I could pass along to him.

ABRAHAM: I believe he is a forerunner for these concepts he is trying to get people to perceive as commonplace. While he has his facts and figures, as only a scientist would, he also has excellent faith and a wonderful spirit connection. Tell him, yes, most of his gut feelings are accurate. He needs to focus on maintaining a realness about the whole phenomenon, to treat his work as if he was a mechanic or a chef. Maintain a realness that would appeal to the common man because under all those intellectual exteriors are common men. You do well, my doctor friend. Keep in touch. That is all.


I am as always touched by your faithfulness and love for the divine. You are examples of all the good things that Father has to offer. I am with more love for you each time we can meet. Until next week, shalom.