2001-03-19-Michael & Tomas

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Topic: Michael & Tomas

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas, Michael

TR: Tiahuan



Michael: My child, your devotion, your worship, your offering of love is received on high in the same manner in which all such sincere devotion is likewise, through these circuitries linking our Father and myself to you, to all our children. We know you and your fellows in perfection. There is not a thought that occurs to you of which we are unaware. We do not invade you thus to deprive you of your own [[private}privacy]] rather to give you the fullness of our affection, to know you in this divine love, to communicate to you this warmth, this feeling of divine embrace with which we hold you, hold you fast in our arms.

I am pleased with your progress. You have worked well with Tomas, and I am glad you have found each other. Continue in your conversation knowing that I am ever near, always seeking to nourish a new depth of relation, another means of reaching out to my children and particularly the children of Urantia. It is this Correcting Time which finds you flying upon the breezes of our love, our Father’s spirit, and I would guide you in your maneuverings, in your new freedom that has been yours all along, but due to rebellion and the isolation ensuing, you were unaware. Exercise your wings; allow your minds to be infused by my truth and my spirit even as it is bythe spirit of our Father whom we all adore, whom we serve in love, in recognition of our relation to his evolving Supreme. I leave you now with your Teacher whom it is my pleasure to give you.

Thank you Michael.

This is Tomas. Well, we have wondered how long it would take for you to give our Master the joy you have given me of speaking to you and through you in this manner. You will learn that this process is not strange, but it is the means whereby our Father reaches to his children gathering them together through his Sons and the ministering spirits of time.

There is work to do upon this realm, indeed we do not enjoin you in this manner solely for the purpose of extending to you the sense of your own value though this is essential, but that we might, through this channel and others like it, convey the nearness of our approach, the readiness with which we would reach out in love to instruct and serve you in your spiritual growth, and in doing serve our Father and the Supreme. Tiahuan, we have grown together in friendship, we must extend this friendship inviting any who would come enhancing this cosmic socialization, this process of finding ourselves at home with each other.

Yes, your world is changing and only recently began to value the gift of others in the context of diversity, but how much more diverse is our Father’s creation than conceived by those waving this banner of their chosen virtue? Indeed, embracing only humans fails to engage the range of relations offered to you so freely. Commit yourself, devote yourself to correcting this notion born of isolation, an isolation we put behind us and in mercy reach to gather you to the larger realities, those treasures of experience, as the Master says, which have been yours all along.

You may encourage others by your love sharing this love we bring. It is our gift to you and your fellows of Urantia, of this world reclaimed, renewed, unleashed, and liberated to walk again the many paths of our Father’s design in which you will never grow weary. My son, you do well to immerse yourself as often as you can in this light, bathe in it, pour it upon your fellows, caress your children with it, enfold your wife in its affection, and enjoin your friends in this discovery. This is all for today.


I leave you in peace, and would have you prepare questions for tomorrow.

Go in love, that love we bring, that we share, my friend, Tiahuan.