2001-05-14-Balanced Self Compassion

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Topic: Balanced Self Compassion

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I believe you receive more insight from your discussions than you do from my teachings. My heart swells to overflowing when I see how you care so much about your fellows and your world's well-being.


To create such a compassionate balance in the world everyone will need to participate. Every child is gifted in one way or another. Those who are mostly intellectual will be brought into balance by those who are emotional and vice versa. Where one is lacking the other can fill. To have fellowship amongst you eases the everyday stresses of living in the world.

Knowing your fellows are at hand makes the adversities of life more bearable. You strengthen one another. You uphold and promote faith for each other. Logical compassion brings about a balance among mortals that will carry them into Light and Life. Your genuine concern for others, or self-forgetfulness, brings more divine communication that guides and serves the whole. This truly is growth for the Supreme Being.

While self-forgetfulness is honorable, I would remind you of the scale that has balanced self-compassion as the middle mark, and self-loathing on one side, and self-aggrandizement on the other. Balanced compassion for self means that you need not constantly reprove yourself for mistakes. Self chastisement is acceptable as long as it leads you to desire to make more effort. Self-loathing remarks leads you to give up and not even make effort because the feeling of inadequacy is overwhelming.

I have noticed that many have neglected to feed the Spirit, the element that makes you a distinct child of the living God. It is understandable that life is busy and there are many mortal tasks to complete. There are many goals to achieve that makes you successful in the world's eyes. When one has neglected the Spirit the balanced compassion for self leans toward self-loathing, self-disappointment, losing confidence, yes.

A few moments a day in quiet reflection, or observing the wonders of nature, gives one mindal clarity. A small amount of time lost in the beauty of music brings one to a spiritually centered point. An awareness of Father's works, leading to a moment of supreme gratitude, connects you to those spiritual circuits you need to have balanced self-compassion, in that you forget not to care for the body, mind and soul.

How easy it is to neglect the physical needs, which in the mortal life can disrupt other areas such as mental and emotional. Poor habits or diet can lead to imbalance and that disrupts the mind and distorts the perspective. How much time is spent in unproductive stimulation of the mind? In this age of technology it is easy to get carried away with external stimulation, mindless entertainment.

All is required for balanced mindal clarity is a few moments a day in the silence. There is much more to gain in stillness than in the midst of chaos and over-stimulation. Reversion or entertainment is wonderful and you should find a healthy balance for that, yes, no doubt. Remember to feed the Spirit as well. Remember to allow yourself the gift of a few moments with the First Source and Center. He brings you back to a center of balance and realness where there is not room for fears or imaginings or doubts or hopelessness.

Compassion for self is allowing time for you to regain your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional momentum. In this balance you are in top form to fulfill your ministries. You are able to cope in chaos, stay clear in confusion and provide assistance when and where it is needed. In a state of imbalanced mentality or emotionality your physical body begins a cycle of deterioration which leads to many illnesses. In remembering to have compassion for self you are returning to Spirit and allowing Father to put you back to where you should be.

This mortal life is more complicated than I could have ever imagined in my day. I do feel you each have to contend with more than I ever did, and I had not the technology you do. Do not become discouraged with your shortcomings because this is a difficult world to live in now. Shortcomings are to be expected, but they cannot dominate your life purpose.

In caring for your growing soul you are also taking care of the world. We tend to the soul to be also productive in the Kingdom--that is usually our focus. We do not tend to the soul to fix broken hearts or bruised ego's or to allow ourselves to lay down before our troubles. Patience and balanced compassion for self is what we are speaking of, yes.


This week find time for quiet moments, rest, eat for life--not to fill an emptiness where Spirit should be, play, find time to go outdoors, work, be diligent in your responsibilities. Do you see what I am saying? Find balance, find ministry for the self so that you can also minister.

No questions this evening. I am due elsewhere, but know that with each week that passes I find myself closer to each one of you. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.