2001-09-30-Riding The Stormy Seas

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Topic: Riding The Stormy Seas

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia, Elyon, Lester

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan




Michael (Mark): You so graciously welcome me into your circle. And it is indeed with the divine grace of the Father that we enjoy our relationship together. I would join you in our vessel as we man the oars and pull hard for the distant shore.

I have spoken to you of the rough seas and the harsh winds, and I have witnessed as these have recently buffeted you about and have been most pleased that, as my modern day apostles, each one of you was quick to regain your composure and to return to your spiritual seat and to once again take up the task of pulling at the oars together.

It is indeed an incredible miracle to witness material beings such as yourselves overcoming material obstacles so quickly and remaining in your spiritual perspective, to regain your composure and to be calmed by your spiritual relationships. You have been prepared and that is well; you have heeded the lessons; you have understood the teachings. Now your focus may be given to the forward momentum of the task at hand, regardless of the material surroundings and the transient weather patterns, which at times may seem overwhelming and at other times may provide you with peace and calm. You are coming to realize that these transient weather events are separate and aside from your overall function and mission. [You are] gaining perspective to realize that these events are temporary and will pass quickly.

There are more storms on the horizon, as you are all aware. We have battened down the hatches; we have set our compass, and we are of one accord that we are progressing steadfastly regardless of the seas and the winds. It is a foregone conclusion that such a spirit-filled vessel has only one final destination and one certainty of passage. We must simply take the steps necessary to propel ourselves, to move ourselves forward, that we may function in all varieties of circumstances.

Adversity seems not so intense when we are firmly seated in our spiritual seats, and we are willing to keep the momentum up, eager to see this passage completed and are of firm belief that our journey is one of certainty. Others around us may flounder and call out as their vessels tip and sway as they encounter uncertainty in their passage. They may even jump ship. But our vessel is sturdy; our way is sure. Our compass points ever forward. We may find in our journey that we may be of assistance to a great many along the way, drawing them up and into our vessel to become part of our crew.

This is the opportunity we have before us, and all I see are eager to raise the sails and make some progress in this journey. I assure you that I will be there with you. Indeed, I will pull the oars with you. I will take a turn at each of your seats and give you rest and the comfort that you require, and together we most certainly will have a magnificent voyage, likely to be filled with many encounters of an extreme nature. Nevertheless, if we maintain our spiritual center then we will not be knocked off course or unduly swayed by any of these temporal events.

I am most pleased to see my crew hard at the oars, eager faces ready for the next challenge, the next wave, the next strong wind, to see what is in them of any value. In this way we build our spiritual center with each event. It does not knock us down but rather builds us up, makes us stronger, provides us with wisdom and furthers deeper insights. Thus our trip log becomes our increased experiences providing us with a broader base for interpretation of reality. This is only attained by our efforts and by our move forward on this journey, and I look forward to crossing this expanse with you and working closely to navigate our vessel so as to maintain a true heading for the Father, for Light and Life on your world.

I withdraw to allow for others, but I never fully leave you. You know who I am.

Divine Minister of Nebadon


Mother Spirit (Jonathan): I am Divine Minister of Nebadon. I come to you today along with Michael to again assure you of the care, love, of your creator. This planet child of mine is growing. Souls are seeking answers. The ground is fertile for revelation. Many around this sphere have received and understand truths that are necessary to be enacted in this immediate future.

You have witnessed how excitedly a young one will desire to enact what has been learned, that the comprehension of a possibility does not satisfy curiosity, does not bring complacency but stimulates involvement, engages one in action. All throughout our universe every attempt is made to encourage the twofold function of discovery followed by demonstration. Even we, your divine parents, undertake this same process. All that is transpiring is for your good. All that you do for us you do for the well-being of your fellows as well. This is a time to be bold in your certainty, to stand firm, not only for the stability of your own faith, but for its recognizability by the searching eyes of others.

Our family is huge. If you were to be in my position you would witness such a diversity that even one of divine origin finds overwhelmingly beautiful. Underlying our unique characters is our common spiritual fellowship. This I ask you to emphasize, to promote, to live. Urantia faces a momentous turning point; the potential for an upstep on this world is great. This is the hour for wisdom; this is the hour to view your circumstances from an enlarged cosmic perspective. Michael applied all of his perspective of Havona in the establishment of Nebadon.

We have ourselves directly experienced the pain and the shock that you have likewise felt recently when Nebadon was rocked by rebellion several times. Each one of these occurrences transformed our region, upstepped it significantly because of the searching and the truthseeking that was undertaken by all influenced.

No event will disturb one who genuinely seeks for truth. Any event will stimulate further searching and subsequent discovery. Foster in your fellows the ideal of the continual search for true reality, for everlasting goodness, and for ultimate beauty. This will reveal to you what appropriate actions can be taken to establish greater peace and harmony upon this world. I embrace you. Take in with your arms of faith my presence. Ever and always are you in the care of our great Father on high.


Elyon (Mark): This is Elyon and I would take one moment to avail myself of the imagery provided to this TR and call you back to the boats for a few more minutes.

Your world, your civilization, is as the inhabitants on a small island. The tides are rising. As it becomes apparent that the storm and seas of adversity will overtake your world, it is a certainty that, in order to weather the storm, inhabitants of your world must rush to their vessels and make them ready to rise above this tide. You who have been engaged for some time in developing a spiritual center know that you go to your vessel which you have been preparing for some time and load your vessel with only things of spiritual import to make a sure and speedy passage. Many of your fellow inhabitants, when they get the feeling that they must take to the sea, drag their vessels out and, because they do not share a spiritual center, proceed to load their vessels with things worldly, things material, things important to them, things that comfort them.

As the seas rise and it is at first calm, you who have developed a spiritual center find it easy to pull at your oars and propel your vessel forward surely and certainly. Those who have overloaded their vessels with inordinate material possessions they cling to find that in the calm seas it is difficult to pull at the oars and make any progress. Likewise when the winds of change blow steadily and moderately you find that you are able to raise a sail on your vehicle and make use of moderate winds of change to propel you swiftly forward on your path. Those around you who have overloaded their vehicles find it much more difficult to make passage when their vessels are heavily laden and ride low in the seas.

Finally, as the storm that you have seen approaches on the horizon and you have taken your sail down and prepared it over your vessel so as to be ready for the onslaught of weather, those around you have been perhaps caught by surprise. They are vulnerable, exposed, subjected to the winds of adversity, the high seas of change. Under these conditions we, in our vessel, will see many who are attempting to make a similar voyage capsized, overturned, and otherwise suffering adversity. Many who encounter this will desire for a change of vessel, a new perspective. To be seated high in the water in a vessel of spiritual orientation will look appealing to them, and they will be ready to forgo and forget their vessels which now flounder and be drawn up by ones in a spirit vessel. Others will cling stubbornly to their vessels and literally will go down with their ship.

We have before us the tools necessary to make this passage, to complete our voyage, as we have had our training and importantly we have had our priorities structured for the loading and the preparation of our vessel. Therefore we seek to cast a lifeline out to all those along our journey who would seek it, who would ask for it. Thereby will we increase our crew and make shore on the far side with a great many more souls than we began our journey with. But our vessel rides high in the seas and can take the addition of many more passengers, many more souls, because they weigh nothing. They do not burden our vessel as material possessions do. We are certain of our passage because we have our compass of faith and we have our vessel of spirit. It is now up to us to simply survive the voyage. In so we will gain vast experience which will be helpful to us throughout our entire ascension journey.

Just some more imagery for you to play with about boats, tides, winds of change. Thank you for hearing my words today. Lester


Lester (Jonathan): This is Lester, swabbing decks. For those who have the advantage of climbing to the crow's nest and observing the far flung, wide open seas . ... but as I am often wont to do, I would like to direct your attention to the galley. Relish the nutrients that are placed before you and sing a hearty song and quaff a beverage of your choice. I give you my hearty hello and take my leave.