2001-09-30-Starting Over

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Topic: Starting Over

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am glad that you have come this evening. Tonight, we shall discuss starting over.


Life is filled with those tragedies, impediments, and disappointments which require stepping back, a period of reassessment and regrouping, and then the gradual resolution to begin again. Sometimes, you can have the overwhelming desire to give up, to lay down and quit, to even stop living. And, my advice when you come to this point is to simply wait and rest.

It is not necessary to be constantly active. Often times, the mind is exhausted, and requires a period of rest which may eventually incorporate reflection, but this is a necessary process which will eventually enable you to face the harsh realities of starting over. And, really, you do not start at the same place you were. You are wiser, you are more softened and at the same time steeled by your pain. You may have been through that valley of the shadow of death very much alone, very frightened, and yet, look ahead and there is sun upon the horizon. A new life is waiting. It takes only the will to reach out to grasp it.

Do not force this upon yourselves, but rather allow yourselves to become ready. Life requires nothing but to live. Human beings pile requirements upon each other and upon themselves, but there are times when it is enough to live through the day. Courage comes in many ways. Sometimes the most courageous among you shows more courage in simply living through one day than going through battle and the many things which you may think of as real courage. Know that the Father is with you through all these things. The Father knows all of your feelings, all of your guilt, your suffering, all of the regrets. He knows all these things and will carry them for you as you live through your days.

Many times, we have spoken of life being difficult and even seemingly cruel. But look again, and see how the injustice and the seeming cruelty in the world resolves eventually into goodness. The Father does not allow evil to stand. With the help of his children, the Father works to resolve all evil and seeming evil into goodness.

You my children have each lived through many difficult, sad, and almost unbearable times. You have felt the depths of human sorrow and yes have indulged in those feelings of being sorry for yourselves, and this is ok. As you grow in the spirit, you understand that the most devastating loss, the most severe setbacks in life, are not really the disasters they seem at the time.

You know that human beings are give life eternal, that their departure from this world is not a loss but rather a new beginning. You never really lose each other. Some of you are required to move forward sooner than others and those of you who are left behind naturally feel a horrible hole in your lives. But the fact is, that all people who pass away are reawakened on a new and better shore. It is incumbent upon the living, those who are left behind, to live out your lives in accordance with the Father's will and to find a renewed purpose in life in accordance with his will.

Whenever you lose someone close to you, there is a period where your relationship with that person begins to change. When parents pass away, the children often begin to resolve issues and problems that were present in that relationship. Some of you have lived through or are living through a period where the parent is very ill but not yet deceased and that leaves an emotional limbo for the child. There is no way to move forward in the way that occurs after the parent dies. The years ahead will see many medical advances so that your children will not suffer the lingering chronic illness that has become so common place at this stage of your medicine. There is much transition now in your world. You are living through difficult and yet exciting historic times. Times of transition are very often those times of starting over. Time when your adjustment is so great that it requires a complete rethinking or new understanding of your situation and perhaps a renewed commitment to living the righteous life that the Father desires. You have, within your hearts, a direct connection to the Master's spirit, also known as the Comforter, but human beings have trouble with their overwhelming emotions and it is hard to quiet the mind and the soul to receive this comfort. This is understood. But you must all know that when you are ready, when you can open your hearts to this comfort like a little child opens its arms to a parent, that that comfort will flood into your soul and renew your confidence, renew your spirit. Sometimes, life becomes so difficult that your confidence is shaken, your belief in yourselves is undermined or maybe this was there already planted from childhood.

But, my children, if you cannot have confidence in yourselves have confidence in he who made you. Have confidence that his work is not done in vain. If you cannot feel value in yourselves, trust that the Father places his highest value upon you and he sees you as many faceted jewels, the most precious things upon this earth. If you cannot see this with your own eyes, trade those eyes for his.

It is said that love bears all things and endures all things. When things are so difficult that you cannot bear them, let the love of the Father bear them for you. You do not live your lives as autonomous little minds in fragile little bodies. You are connected to all the power in the universe. Never are you alone. Learn to receive his comfort. Learn to start over how ever many times it is required. Learn to be patient with yourselves and to allow yourselves rest and healing and comfort. Learn to be a help to each other, to let the Father's love flow from your heart to another and to give comfort and healing in your love.


The apostles were not supermen. They were simply men who learned to love. This is required again of you in this life. Acquire that habit of love and then bear all things and endure all things with this love. . . . .