2002-02-24-Marriage With TA

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Topic: Marriage with Thought Adjuster

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Stephen, Personal Teacher Grace

TR: Jonathan




Elyon (Jonathan TR): Dear friends, this is Elyon. I gladly address you once again, to be of service in your spiritual progress and your understanding of your relationship to the Father and your contribution to the welfare, well-being, of this planet.


In your adventure to discover God you have passed through the first stage of seeking. You have passed beyond the wonderment of "if", that is, you no longer question is there a divine being; this you know. Likewise I note you have gone through the second stage, the stage of courtship wherein you discern spirit presence and seek to attract it, to modify your life, to address your habits, in order to allure that presence that you hope to retain. This is the early stage of faith and hope where experience is yet little and has not proven the durability and the duration of such spirit contact. I see you now as engaged, wholly trusting, completely dedicated, promised to be ever seeking deeper contact and always ready to share the experience for the benefit of others. This level of attunement to the Divine Spirit within you demonstrates the future event of fusion wherein seeking for the Divine Spirit ceases, and you now begin seeking with the Divine Spirit those profound experiences that can only be realized in the marriage of human and God.

Stillness, Fusion

One time you each experienced a deep craving for understanding, for contact, for confirmation of the reality of spirit that you sought. Now you know; you have established certainty through dedication, through repetition, through steadfastness in your spiritual walk. We are always reminding you of stillness and encouraging you towards service because you are in this stage of engagement, the precursor to fusion where you have enough background to provide nourishment of a spiritual nature to a hungry soul seeking your level of attainment. But as the nagging questions, as the deep doubts and uncertainties, have faded from your minds, you also need to continually focus toward the Father to re-spark the intense desire for that embrace. Stillness is the ideal form wherein you can singly -- and by that I mean without other distractions or support structures -- make contact. Naturally the divine gift within you is always connected to you. Your living episodes may contribute or may distract from your sense of connection. Sometimes you have the feeling of contact through activities with others, through altering your environment to better enhance the sense of that ever-present reality of God, but stillness devoid of all support structures forever proves contact beyond doubt that perhaps a peripheral contributing element was the stimulant for the sensitivity of presence.

I acknowledge and encourage your collective prayer, for it goes beyond the assertion of your willingness to help another in need by demonstrating that you are taking action through prayer to bring ministry to another. You understand somewhat the mechanisms in place and the personalities at hand who will aid you in realizing the desire to activate the divine energies that can bring healing. I have spoken in the past encouraging you to be bold, and this prayer circle is a form of boldness. Your faith is strong enough to trust that your petition is worthwhile, thatthe Father accepts and would grant your petition, its answer, its effective result.

Continue to intrigue yourselves in the mysteries of the presence of the Father. Each confirmatory answer you receive settling in your philosophies that it is also can further deepen your intrigue, stimulate greater pursuit of the divine. You will draw ever closer the deeper you penetrate this mystery of divinity within humanity, of God within you. Much will be revealed to you at the event of fusion, as it was revealed to me. The days of seeking contact will be over for all of eternity. Today you are enjoying the phase prior to fusion; you will never have this experience again. It is foundational to your ascension, your experience of duality and your seeking oneness with God. Subsequent to that embrace you will be on an adventure as one. Much will continue to be revealed to you, but that moment of fusion will reveal the significance of all that transpired prior to that event. Trust in the guidance, trust yourselves. Doubt not your efforts, look to your accomplishments as demonstration of your abilities and as indicators of what you can attain in the future. I am hopeful of great events to transpire in your lives as the days unfold, for I have seen you in practice and at work. I know you are qualified, and I know you are indwelt. It has been my pleasure to be with you. I always come with friends; they can address you, and all are willing to take any comment or question you would like to toss our way.


Writing, Expression

Mark: I would like to hear from Stephen if he is available.

Stephen: This is your fellow Stephen. Greetings to you.

Mark: Greetings, my friend. I felt you recently working with me as I was writing poetry. Am I correct?

Stephen: It has been delightful, hasn't it?

Mark: Wonderful. I seek further contact with you. I'm looking for ways to make that possible. Stillness is a component. Any suggestions for ways to find you?

Stephen: My best advice is that you create an atmosphere best conducive to enhancing your own sensitivity to my presence and to set yourself to work in your creative assertion, be it poetic or musical. As you know, I would not be the one to write for you but would write with you. As you move the pencil I can motivate your mind to assist in your compositions. As your Indwelling Spirit spends all time of the day doing such, I would in a specific episode attempt the same method of ministry to support, to observe, and to suggest. So my comments are that what is comfortable for you in enhancing and further sensitizing yourself to my association I would encourage you to do and be not concerned as to whether it would be a means that I would need, for I do not need a context.

Mark: I appreciate any mode in which we can function together. I notice that my tendency, seen through the eyes of others, is to rely on more advanced universe principles. I trust my use of these loftier images is appropriate and doesn't overshoot the mark.

Stephen: I give you my wholehearted cooperation and consent to your desire in this manner, for it is the objective of all teachers here to bring more infusion of these higher universe principles into the hearts and minds of all. You will not overshoot. You may perhaps confront the frustration of attempting to overshoot in experiencing it falling short. But if you don't shoot past you will never land near. If you shoot short you will fall farther away. So give it all you have. Pour everything into it. You know from having enough life experience that it is always a percent less than the dream or ideal. That is the reason to stretch farther in order to get closer.

Mark: I assume it is proper for me to adopt and adapt teacher messages, even quotations, as a basis for music or poetry.

Stephen: This is welcomed. Your expression, restatement, may be the only teacher contact another receives. All teachers have been educated for this mission and have received this method of ministry and the messages given in this ministry by those who have trained us. We have merely passed them on, and you are passing them on. You are only modeling the methods we undertake. If you are true to the intention of the message, you may reformulate the sentence structure that it may better adapt to a different format than how it was received by you through teachers' contact. There is no patent upon truth. Also note that much of what is stated by one of your teachers is a small snippet of what could be expounded upon. Therefore, your review of that material and your attempt to re-present it may bring you the additional benefit of deeper insight and a further contribution to the meanings that were conveyed. The presentation preliminarily is often just the beginning of all that could be said. Your further investigation could bring out more that was not said the first time.

Mark: Retelling the story always deepens the meaning. I assume that when I restate a universal truth that it's not seen as an infringement on any copyright.

Stephen: Indeed. It would only be frowned upon if you signed our names and it was not our message.

Mark: Thank you. It has been delightful and inspiring to feel your presence. As we live the teachings they become familiar enough to translate into our own experiences. I invite you to help me in this.

Stephen: I accept the invitation. Let's be about the busy work.

Kirk: Elyon, I want to thank you for your words today. That pre-Adjuster fusion time has become more enticing, more enthralling.

Elyon: You are welcome, my friend. It is always rewarding to receive your gratitude, for this is my goal, my reason for taking this assignment here with each of you. I did not simply accept an assignment to any group available. I specifically chose this association of people to be aligned with, for we have commonalties that are beneficial. Though any one teacher can address any group or individual, we do have our affections for certain groups, you might say those with the same colored T-shirts. That makes us a team within the team. I am always happy to be helpful to you.

Tom: Stephen, you also have another Mark as a student, a satellite member. Do you have comments or salutations to pass on to him?

Stephen: This is Stephen back in the circuit here. I also acknowledge his sincere efforts at infusing his talents with spirit content and for his willingness to share his creative expressions. I ask that he pursue enduringly, to not let time disappoint him, to continue in his efforts at distribution, for his talents are well developed and worthy of publishing. Naturally, I can give only what an invisible celestial can and that his part of the project requires the greater work of assembly, recognition, and distribution. I hope this helps my beloved friend.

Tom: Your comments will be appreciated. Thank you.

Teacher Contact

Mary: Elyon, do you have any words for my son Taylor who is a little embarrassed to speak but is curious about how to know his teacher.

Elyon: Your teacher is very fond of you. This friend of yours is particularly interested in you drawing closer to both of your friends; Michael, Jesus, for he is the master teacher, and your time of prayer will enhance your ability to feel his arm on your shoulder, to feel the warmth of his glow in your heart. This experience with Jesus will develop your ability to better sense your personal teacher. Would you like more information?

Taylor: That would be fine, I would.

Elyon: Splendid.

Grace: My name is Grace. I make myself known to you today, Taylor. I delight in my assignment with you. We have many years ahead. You have made great progress in your life to date. Let us continue in our work and our play in this beautiful universe that the Father has given us. Thank you for inquiring about me. I will be with you.

Taylor: Thank you.

Grace: You are welcome.


Elyon: This is Elyon. I will bring a close to our incircuitment today and do so by saying thank you, Father, Spirit, for these friends of mine. Bless them as I know you do . ..and may I be of service continually for their spiritual development, that I may serve You in helping my fellows grow deeper in their connection with You. Take care all.