2002-04-07-Resource of Love

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Topic: Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield



Alana : So! You have created the heart room. Yes? And so you feel yourselves filled with the energy of love. Yes? As if your bodies were made of rice paper. Yes?

O : Yes, I feel very light, Alana.

Alana : Very light, and yet very strong. Yes?

O : Yes.


Focus, Love

Alana : The strength of the single focus on love. So many throwing bombs and bullets, wiping out towns, destroying villages, exploding beautiful homes and churches, eliminating families, turning children into bloody pieces: this, my friends, is seen as "strength" when it is only the power to create fear.

Even when whole families of people are intimidated by the mechanical power to kill, this gargantuan fear can not eliminate love. Have faith in the power of love. Keep your single focus upon love. Follow the thread, the light, the flow, the leading of love.

This is a time when doubt and fear must be set aside, relinquished as a cloak falling from your shoulders to the ground. The images of violence you see or hear from your media, create pictures in your minds, movies, stories, dramas. These you turn to, to understand, to be informed, to find out "How is my fellow man?" But I tell you, you turn in the wrong direction.

Turn to love. Turn to God. Drench your minds in thoughts of God¹s love pouring down upon you, like honeyed rain, sticking to your imaginations, smoothing those wrinkled thoughts, bringing the sweet peace of the reality of love, the truth of God¹s good will toward man (and woman, yes? My beloved little one?)

N : Yes.

Alana : As you shape your minds, as you curve your tongues, as you open your hearts toward love, it is as turning on the hose to water the garden, you bring the living waters of love wherever you go. This, my beloveds, is how you will change your world.

You can not step into the White House and give your orders. You can not arrive at the military installation and wipe out all the planes and all the mechanisms of horror. You are your own small self, your own small group. So tiny, yet so powerful as you fill yourselves with love, as you become this light encasement of nothing, permeated with love. Understand: You, small you, unworthy you, imperfect you, stumbling you, You, by turning, by choosing the single focus of love, You can change the world. You are great and powerful in God¹s love.

So! I seem to have been moved by your concerns for your brothers and sisters in turmoil. And so, I spoke to you with such intensity. I would have you know my certainty in the power of love to bring you through the veil of tears and the walls of fear, to empty you of doubt and fill you, fill you, saturate you, permeate you, lift you up in love.

I welcome you.



O : Alana, my dear, there are two aspects that I would like to ask you about. As you pointed out, we are relatively helpless, we can not go to the White House and change people¹s minds. But I have the feeling that we are not entirely helpless because we have been taught how to pray. Can you help me and teach us a little bit more about prayer, about the effectiveness of prayer, because that gives us a tool, and makes us feel not so helpless.

Alana : You have the power to change your minds. Yes? To open your minds, to understand the power of the mind to pray with love and to know this love is given away through prayer. As you focus your attention upon the thought of God¹s love filling your mind, washing your thoughts, shedding your doubts, whispering away your fears, and then, by the determination of your heart to choose to give love away, so your prayer thoughts and I say, not your thoughts of prayer, but your prayer thoughts are lifted, disseminated, sent flying, you might say, as the electricity, as the sound and sight of light, and that love, those prayer thoughts, arrive.

You see, my beloved, in the thought of prayer there is the concern for effectiveness, but in prayer thought there is only love directed. Love focused. Love emanated. Love transported. Love sent.

Was that helpful?

Heart Room

O : Yes. It gave me a greater understanding of the effectiveness of love. There is an other aspect, as in prayer when one asks for personal strength. I can not see how in that moment I am sending out any love energy; when I am praying for a difficult situation and that I be strengthened by God’s love. Is that prayer as well?

Alana : Understand this: As you open your heart and mind into prayer, it is as stepping into the heart room, you become prayer, you are the heart room. God¹s love is yours. You are God¹s love within.

Yes, beloved, when you pray for strength, it is at that point when you have surrendered completely, that your fear and doubt that you do not have the strength disappears, and your heart opens in prayer. You discover in that blessed moment of humility and respect and gratitude that is God¹s love within you, this is the answer to prayer. You will discover the ease with which you rest is, like I have said, is given to you. You receive it, and you give it away.

So, should you be trembling in fear, and doubt that you can make it through the day, and you turn to God¹s love, you turn to your Father, you turn to your Mother, you turn to me, and open in prayer, in that moment of true prayer, it is given, this strength you beg; it rests within you, this inner strength you doubt. And in that moment of prayer you give it away.

For it is in the giving and the receiving and the giving and the receiving that is your strength, beloved. When you fear you can not make it through the day, you have forgotten, or you have stopped, or you have withdrawn, or prevented in some way, that flow of love, of joy, of strength, of certainty, of peace beyond all human understanding, to flow down into you, rest within you, and be given away.

And so, you get on your knees and you say, "Father, I am weak. I can not do it. Bring me strength. Please. Please." And you imagine that you pray only for you. "Only for me, Father. Only for me. I need your strength. I need your love." But in that moment of prayer, beloved, is that moment of surrender of me, me, me, fear, doubt, my fear, my doubt, my life.

In that moment of surrender you pray, "God¹s love fill me, rest within me, and I will give it away."

And so you arise from prayer, refreshed, strengthened, joyful, knowing God¹s love is here for you, or "little me," and for all, or "greater me," "multiplicity of me." A multiplicity of uniquely me, but all worthy of love.

You may pray for strength, beloved. Indeed, step into the heart room with me, and allow your beloved friends, and Legion, who walks behind you, to blow love upon your fear to inspire you with the strength of God¹s love, that as you step along the path of love in disturbing times, you will step with the strength and certainty that my love is yours, and every step you take is supported with love, even as you leave a footprint of love behind to perhaps inspire those who choose to see. So, rest in my arms, yes? Beloved?

O : I¹d love to Alana, thank you.

Alana : I place my fingertips upon your eyes that you may see clearly, and see through loving eyes, and see clearly that you are loved. Looking within, and looking without, to see love being reflected in your life.

Legion presses his hands upon the soles of your feet and bows his forehead to the tips of your toes that you may know his comfort and love as you walk through the maze of life¹s corridors of confusion that require each human being to draw upon the resource of love that has been given to you. Michael rests within you with God.

I open your belly now, and allow Michael¹s look of love to reach deep within. (silence) And I close your belly now. I let Irivina step into the heart room from her perch upon the little one¹s mind. She draws the crystalline line about your body. So, she returns to the little one, and I embrace you once again with my love. Thank you.

N : Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Alana : So, do you feel better?

D : I feel like someone in management turned up the electrical rheostat. The energy is very intense here today.

Alana : You have created a . . . .

N : Love.

D : A circle?

O : A vortex?

R : Currents?

Alana : Yes, it is a current, a circle, a circuit, as she (T/R) keeps seeing the stew pot of her childhood when her beloved Sarah stirred the rhubarb which was her favorite.

N : We are practicing love?

Alana : You are allowing love to flow. You are making that loving connection real between you. You have allowed Michael’s light to enter your minds. We are very pleased for it is like a child sliding down the hill on a sled, it is so easy. Yes? Thank you.

D : Thank you for the wonderful transformations that have taken place this week in Rick, and Richard. Some special week it has been, like spiritual energy moving in our midst in a new way. Thank you for the ministry you performed this week.

R : Alana, thank you for guiding me in reading the Urantia book. You have given me so much hope.

Alana : Singing songs of love to the stars in your beautiful mind, my friend. We see and enjoy the welcome you have given to us. As a favorite blessing, our beloved Devina has chosen to dance above you.

R : I am honored.

Alana : She says it is a delight, like doing the hokey-pokey, she says. (laughter)

R : She is wearing white.


Alana : Yes. Beloveds, I blow love upon you. I blow love into you. Thank you.

Group : Thank you.