2002-04-28-Stillness, Prayer, Healing

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Topic: Stillness, Prayer, Healing

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Jessona, Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Jessona (Jonathan TR): Jessona here with you today. I greet you all. It is my intent to contribute to your discussion on healing and prayer by adding the perspective of stability through pressure.


Prayer, Health

You have discussed how prayer affects physical ailments, how it contributes to the spiritual well-being or psychological comfort, and you have pondered the conflict that results from the progression of disease and whether your prayers are fully capable of alleviating the problem. Having spent this time in reflection, you are deepening your comprehension of prayer's effectiveness. I observe that your discussion contributes to displacing any erroneous notion that your prayer is a magic wand that will simply fix a condition that is not desired without also using the means and methods at your disposal through other avenues that are humanly possible to contribute to the healing forces that are also available by our creator parents.

It is sad to any creature who is encased in the organic form as you are in during this life you live now to face the inevitable cycles of life. You are thrilled during the cycle of generation, youthful vigor, growth, and the maturation of adulthood only to be saddened by the following cycles of aging, debilitation, and disease. This is your only life where your vehicles fall into disrepair before your eyes, where external threats exist that would remove life from you. You are facing these pressures, not because God is uncaring, that He perchance created a flawed world, nor are you facing these difficulties due to some evil force fighting the Father's noble plans. If you could but see more of the ascension unfoldment that lies before you, you would understand why this life in organic form is so vitally important to your being. Just as a tree in a dense forest appears to stand on its own, but falls when all other trees are removed from its presence due to the fact that it has no strength of its own, having been cushioned by the grove. You are being strengthened by these perils that face your life forms.

You have witnessed being hardened off when your winters end, your summers arrive, and you experienced perhaps chapping of lips, burning of skin, those things which have indicated shelter up to that time and also alert you to dangers of environmental conditions that you must protect yourself from. The result is a form of wisdom, knowledge, gained that contributes to your being alert, alert to the conditions and aware of remedies, actions you can take to protect or prepare for such encounters. You become stable because of the pressure. It is somewhat humorous to observe that while the human being is young and vigorous there is disregard for that vitality that is present, often squandered, often wagered for excitement; and then to note in the later years much energy put forth to retain what is inevitably receding or to regain what was once had and was lost through abuse. Prayer is exercise. Prayer is effective in numerous ways when you are encountering difficulty. It is contributory to recovery, but it must also be used for addressing ordinary, normal, healthful conditions as well. In other words, prayer is more like exercise than it is medicine. By engaging in internal dialogue you maintain a spiritual vitality; you retain the youthfulness in a psychological sense, for you refresh continually your relationship with the divine spirit. Then through this continual engagement you are strengthened to face those hardships, many of which are unavoidable on an evolutionary world.

An athlete trains to be strong to face the challenge of the game, the sport. But the athlete knows that even with strength there can be any day an injury. That ever present peril does not defeat the athlete, for the athlete knows that through vigorous training many injuries are avoidable. The athlete knows that no training at all may avoid an injury but leaves one open to the potential of far more injuries not developed if one is fit. Prayer is a fitness program. It stabilizes the soul when the pressure is on. It hardens you off for when the wind blows and the sun is hot.

The human psyche is often distressed when feeling hopeless and helpless and reaches to God in prayer but does not sense connection, is not trustful of reply, because that same mind has not developed a long term prayer relationship. When you pray over little things, be not concerned that they are trivial before the Father. Though He is the upholder and controller of the entire universe, the Father judges not that your need is small and another universe mechanism is far more important. I return to the comparison of prayer to athletics, for every single pushup makes you stronger. When the time arrives when your prayer is of major importance for your well-being or the well-being of a loved one, all those small prayers have made you strong in your own confidence of the divine overcare.


Prayer does complement stillness. Where stillness encourages receptivity of the divine presence, prayer establishes an awareness in your being that you are communicating with your Creator. Stillness will help you listen; prayer helps you communicate.

I would you like to entertain your questions.


Kirk: Thank you, Jessona. That was a great lesson today.

Jessona: Thank you.

Healing, Circuits, Stillness

Tom: It appears that in healing organic disease, prayer has some limitations. We lately have had lessons on circuitry. Rayson speaks of the merkaba energy which seems to transcend prayer. Perhaps it's a new tool on healing. Could you speak to that?

Jessona: Yes, I will. You have been studying of late circuitry, and I would -- not to lessen the efficacy of prayer -- draw one distinction that may be helpful. You could say prayer is the discussion about and energy circuitry is the action of. You could perhaps liken it to encountering a cut on your finger and noting, "I have been cut. I must apply first aid." That is in a sense the recognition and the call for help. Incircuitment in energy is the application of the first aid itself to address the problem, to create conditions wherein the organic healing will take place. You have become part of the process of correction. This does not weaken or lessen the value of prayer, for if you had not recognized the injury you would be unable to apply the aid. It is helpful for one who prays for healing to sensitize yourself to the energy present. I am just now told by another at hand to remind you that this sensitivity is arrived at through stillness. By praying you are announcing a form of notification. You are exhibiting awareness. By incircuiting you are acting with the team and forces of healing.

Some techniques of visualization cross-connect prayer and energy circuitry. They are to this phenomenon what words and sentences are to conveying meaning. The descriptions used engaging in incircuitment fit some personalities more than others, and I encourage you to draw yourself toward those which you find compatible with your current level of spiritual attainment and to never fault another who uses a different visual process to attain the same spiritual result.

Prayer is like a paper airplane. Energy circuitry is like the air upon which that plane will fly.

Has this been helpful?

Tom: Oh, yes. That cleans a whole new window.

Evelyn: So, this healing is an energy and not an individual or group. Is it contributed to by the numbers of people doing such things as visualizing? Are the numbers significant? Should we encourage many individuals to contribute to this healing energy?

Jessona: I would attempt to describe this phenomenon which does after all encompass reality levels, many beyond which the human being with your senses is incapable of detecting or detecting with much strength. You have read about those entities that direct the powerful energy circuits of space for the protection of a world, for the benefit a of a system of planets. These energy currents are powerful just as the healing circuits are powerful, but the beings are required for its direction. In further attempt to illustrate the phenomenon, if a building were on fire, water upon that building would put it out. But a fire team does not gently sprinkle that house until the fire ceases, it blasts it with a forceful flood. The water without the hose and the pump has no force; a force without a team of firemen to hold it has no direction. The energy is available; personality is directive of that energy. In the case of healing and prayer increased numbers of those attentive to that particular, if I might say, healing project provides greater direction, just as many firemen are able to hold a forceful firehose better than one single individual. The fireman in all efforts desires to extinguish the flame, but he knows that the tools he is using will be the actual remedy. He could not get anywhere if he stood looking at the building and told it to stop burning. Such is the case with prayer and energy incircuitment with healing forces.

I hope this helps.

Evelyn: Yes, thank you. Good analogy.

Tom: We wanted to go to the moon forever, but it wasn't until we unlocked the laws of physics that we actually made it there. Healing is the same way; you have to discover how to do it rather than rely on prayer. It's something you do in tandem, right?

Jessona: Splendid observation. That was wonderful.

Evelyn: Brainer!

Elyon: This is Elyon, greetings to you all. I confess that I was the one to encourage Jessona to emphasize stillness. You are wonderful people; I enjoy being with you every time, and, as I have said many times, I am touched by how well you are attentive to the lessons given, not just by myself but by those in our team. We come here for your sake, not our own. You know this. To see you respond as you do warms our hearts, because we know that the service that we have undertaken is for Michael, and what Michael desires is your advancement. When you grow Michael is happy, and when Michael is happy we are happy. It is most rewarding.


Keep up the good work, my friends. I know from the years, nearly a decade now, that we have been together that you will keep up the good work. You are firmly rooted in your faith. Though you feed much upon the nourishment given by your spirit guides, your hunger remains robust. Your desire is still strong. You have learned how to be satisfied and continue to long for greater nourishment as the future unfolds before you. We will allow you to go about your day, and I express for those who are here with me our love and our salute. Farewell.