2002-05-05-Are You Ready To Help?

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Topic: Are You Ready to Help?

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson, Sharrah, Machiventa

TR: Daniel Raphael



Daniel: We will come to Stillness and go through our routine by yourself and connect to the merkaba. Make your declarations...(pause)….

Rayson: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. Welcome to another session. Today we have a different experience for you. Today we have two guests, and my part of this is to introduce the first and to open this session for you. I now will turn this over to Sharrah, who is a Melchizedek working for and with the Most Highs, in conjunction with the Correcting Time on this planet.

Sharrah: Good afternoon, this is Sharrah. I am here on behalf of the Most Highs. The message is very brief. The following message by Machiventa is endorsed by the Most Highs.


Preparation, Magisterial Mission

Machiventa: Good afternoon, children of Northern Colorado. Thank you for your persistence and perseverance and dedication to be here, regularly and to listen intently and to learn and apply these lessons to your life. Today I wish to take a deep step forward in the explanation of why these intense lessons were given to you [all who received these lessons either directly or via the transcripts] by Rayson, and why they have been given to you in such a powerful manner. I know they are affecting some of you, individually, in an extremely personal and intimate way. Considering that the Correcting Time will easily last a thousand years before the very earliest stages of the days of Light and Life on this planet, you may wonder why these intense lessons have been given to you. There is a need, always will be a need of course, but there is a prompt need for individuals to be well-balanced, to have stilled the inner turmoil of their up-bringing on a tumultuous planet, in a difficult society, from families who have lost the skills of raising children who are healthy immediately. For there is a need for you, dear friends, to be well balanced and not running off with your ego needs and along tangents in your spiritual and religious relationships in discordant ways.

Your individual growth is primary to the settlement of this planet in the days of Light and Life. For this planet can only be settled and brought to that stage, one individual at a time. And through your own balancing and becoming centered and well grounded in your spiritual connection with Michael and the Creator, and the Mother Spirit, … [Excuse me, this is Daniel, I need a moment to settle myself here….] There is a need for each individual to be settled, and in your own settlement, this will make a contribution, a small contribution to the entry of this planet into days of Light and Life. Your own settlement and adjustment and peace of mind is highly important, of primary importance, to your morontia career and your early development of morontial skills, which can begin during your mortal life’s era. So your learning these lessons, that Rayson has given you, are vitally important to your own survival, soul survival, and to the development of this planet into one that is fully integrated into the remainder of the universe. It will take some time for this planet, though now out of quarantine, to become more fully integrated in the spiritual commerce of the rest of the universe.

And what does a well-balanced life give you? It gives you good relationships with yourself. It gives you the quiet mind when you go to the silence, where you can be still and hear nothing. And for those of you who can hear, you can hear myself speak, for instance, or Michael or Nebadonia or your Celestial Teacher or your Guardian Angel; and this is desirable, for then you will have a conscious companion with you at all times, to answer your questions. And this is the experience you will have during the rest of your universe career, of having a companion with you, one who is proven to be well-balanced and sound, of good judgment, who is honorable, and who validates your existence at all times, who is able to express in very personal ways the intimate love of the Father for you, until that time that you can experience communication and communion with your own Thought Adjuster. We wish you to be happy, and we wish you to know joy. To pass through this lifetime, never knowing joy or happiness in the purpose of your life or your existence as a material being on this planet would be extremely sad. And we have witnessed this many millions of times in the inhabitants that have come and gone on this planet, and those who are here now too.

There is yet another reason why we need well-balanced individuals, and that is, that there will be, sometime, a visitor, a Magisterial Son, who will be here permanently as a resident on your planet. How will you react to his presence? Will you become a non-thinking devotee? A groupie, a hanger-on? One who is caught up in the aura of fame and the presence of a spiritual being? See what many of your people do, considering a visitation by an extra-terrestrial. Well truly, a Magisterial Son is an extra terrestrial, and even more, fully, a spiritual being who validates the rest of the universe, which most everyone on your planet is unaware of, is unable to appreciate in a personal, immediate way. This will be a consciousness-opening experience for billions of people on your planet. How will you act? How will you behave? Will you be agog in being a close part of this gathering? Will you be ineffectual because you are gathering accolades vicariously from being in the presence of this being? If so, you will not be of much use to Michael’s mission, then.

This training has been, and is, an ongoing facet to develop a resource of individuals who would be capable of being a functional part in an organization of a spiritual nature, a spiritual mission. Do you think I could manage this planet by myself, in all its affairs, if all the people of my court were agog at my presence? Well, surely not! And so too, when this occurs, will you be balanced so that you will be called? And the only way you can assure answering the question in the affirmative is to do your homework, dear children. We have given you these every intense lessons in an extremely short period of time, because there is need of you to transform yourselves, to re-invent yourselves, to heal yourselves. This is something that you cannot just make happen. For some of you have been in therapy in the past, and come away with that having to go back to therapy, and go back, and go back. For some of you, you are able to answer your questions and come to balance in your thinking, easing your fears and lessening the need to aggrandize your egos through your therapy, early on. But this is a different type of therapy. This is not just spiritual renewal, but spiritual transformation, to the basement levels, foundation levels of your psyche, your personality. This is healing the wounds of trust and safety and love that were violated early on in your life, which you have carried forward. We can show you the way, but you must do the work yourself. You must express your will; you must become willful beings in a very positive, endearing, constructive way. Not willful out of ego, but willful out of the God centeredness of your being, to grasp hold of the hand of your Thought Adjuster and will your life into healed status. I am sure there will be skeptics to that statement, but I have seen it done many times, even among you here. You can will your life into a healed status; you can become whole. The will can help heal your mind. Unless your organic brain has dysfunction and chemical imbalance, or physical impairment, your will can surely heal the mind, because your mind is the manipulated partner of your consciousness, and your will is dominant over that.

You remember perhaps the statement in the New Testament where the followers of Jesus were expectant of Jesus' to return within their lifetime! They misinterpreted his words that "I will return to you." And so they thought that Jesus would return to them immediately, and they wrote accordingly, and they said, "Who among you will be spared?" "Who among you will come away from the fields, and your workbench and the house, leaving others behind?" So in a parallel way, think of the Magisterial’s coming—let’s say, just for example—next week. Would you be ready? If you knew that he was going to stay in your house, would you have room for him? Would you clean the house and paint it? Make extra space in a large room for him and those who would visit him? What would you do? You would clean house, wouldn’t you? And you would make everything fresh and new, and you would transform your humble domicile into a grand place, as suitable as you could, for your new guest. And so, my friends, when you think of your homework, these issues that you wish to heal in your life, your fears, and the hungry needs of your ego, these things need to be healed. I don’t say, "must" be healed, "should" be healed, they are desirable to be healed, whether to prepare you for this guest, or to prepare you for your morontial experience should he not arrive in your lifetime.

[Hmmm…this is Daniel: He says he has more to say.] (Pause)


The lessons that you have been given in recent weeks involve energy, which is fundamental to the universe and to your existence, and to your relationship with the First Source and Center. You have then been given lessons in the use of dynamic and static energy. And the last lessons, immediately preceding this, had to do with healing static energy blockages in your thinking, those beliefs which hold you back from a constructive loving relationship with yourself, other individuals and with your Creator. This lesson series will continue on, into the family system, then the community. These are all composite parts of the same puzzle. I don’t need to remind you that "family" is the source of both healed and "dis-eased" individuals, where fears are born and where also hearts are healed. And communities are aggregates of families, associations of families, in constructive ways. And so, we will give you a fundamental set of lessons about family and about community. To give you an indication where you will be going, where your society will be going, in the era of the Magisterial Son’s presence. Some in your society are practicing these aspects already, in family and in community, and these are to be praised. They set good examples and it would be well for you to research them. But first, dear friends, you will not function well in family, either that from which you came from or your own, or any future family that you may have until you have healed the wounds of your own emotional, spiritual unrest, those injuries, which cause you so much trouble and bewilderment. Then you will be useful to yourself, to your family, and to your community, and to be a possible potential candidate for the Magisterial Son’s staff.

I have made a deep, enduring, and endearing commitment to Christ Michael that I will bring this planet into the days of Light and Life, co-creatively with Him. And as an executive, as the Sovereign Planetary Prince of Urantia, this will occur! And it will not occur by happenstance, or by "la-de-da" thinking, but by executive effort, by execution of will, by the conscious choice of decisions and actions, that will bring this about. You are already seeing evidence of these decisions on your planet. And we are moving ahead, very powerfully. The influence of the Correcting Time pervades all activities of human participation. And in individuals where they are engaged in anti-social behavior, behavior that is spiritually psychotic, we are also involved in those individuals in subtle ways, which are also persistent. There is a joined commitment among all spiritual entities on this planet, to participate effectively in the execution of the Correcting Time plans. There are no wayward stragglers, or fence sitters in this group. Each one is spiritually enthused, enthusiastic, and jubilant—excited to be here, to be a part of Michael’s rehabilitation of this planet, and also that which occurs on the other planets that were in quarantine. You are affecting this as our partners, in this effective work that is predicated upon your well-balanced minds.

There is no shortage of assistance that is available to you. Some of you in this group have witnessed that power, that presence, that immediacy of support and help, even recently in your lives. But dear friends, once again, we cannot help you unless you exercise your will and your commitment in the invocation of your co-creative participation to do this. Help is not "on its way," it’s here! So if you have a personal spiritual emergency, or need assistance in some manner, don’t hesitate—pick up your prayer phone and dial 911-SPIRIT—and we are here. You would do that in an emergency, if you had a physical emergency in your household, wouldn’t you? If you have a need of a spiritual and emotional healing, please call upon us. It is available, it is here, it is effective—all you need to do is call, make the decision to accept, and listen and then to participate in the healing of your life.


I don’t say, at the close of this, "Farewell, I will see you in the future." No dear friends, I am here! Christ Michael’s Spirit is here, Nebadonia’s Spirit is here, we will not see you "mañana," we are here today. This is the Day to Seize! We are here, you are here, let us do this together. We empower you to do this through these teachings. Blessings to you. Know that the mantle of grace / Spirit rests upon you, and the halo and the aura of Nebadonia embraces you and enfolds you, always. Good day.

Sharrah: This is Sharrah. This concludes the session for this afternoon. Thank you.