2002-05-12-Family Concept

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Topic: Family Concept

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



Greetings. I am ABRAHAM. What faith and trust you exemplify in welcoming me each week. What dedication and perseverance you show in living these lessons every day. I feel quite at home walking among you, knowing that you each love me as I am. In turn I pray that you know we look at you in the same way. Everyone has their flaws, but also everyone has their talents. All have been shaped by their personal experiences and their decisions made.



How comforting it is to know that we can be exactly who we are, good or bad and still be welcomed and loved. That is the meaning of a real family. The family concept will follow you and be built upon throughout your eternal career. It has been proven that biological families are not always encompassing that ideal unconditional love and acceptance. We here are quite blessed to know that there really is not much greater love to be found than right here in this very group.

There are men here who are excellent fatherly examples to those who have not the experience of a father. There are men here who have not the experience of that confiding comfort of a beloved brother. There are men here who are not typical of the average man on Urantia that seem to be led by ego instead of spirit. How blessed are we to have you, our brothers, among us. We each will benefit by your counsel and comfort throughout our days. On that same note, how wonderful it is for us to be blessed by the various female personalities here. Many are wonderful examples of motherly caretakers, who are always on the watch for one and all's well-being. How comforting it is to also know the benefits of an understanding and loyal sister.

What a beautifully balanced family we have to rely upon throughout our adventures in the flesh. How blessed are we that we may meet our universe Parents through one another. How wonderful it is to know that where one may be lacking there is another to bring comfort and understanding. This is the family. This is the Kingdom. This is our rock. Out in the everyday busyness of life we are many times overcome with various difficulties and this is so draining spiritual, emotionally, mentally and physically. What a blessing it is to know your family awaits your presence each week to aid you in recharging that spiritual energy. What strength there is to venture back out into the busyness of life. Of course there will always be those family lessons we will learn with one another. There will always be some hurt feelings or misunderstanding, yes, but never do those occurrences ever outweigh the good to be gained from the family.

Lessons on family life are usually the first taught upon arriving on the mansion worlds. While some solitude can be quite serene and rejuvenating, isolation can be quite detrimental to ones overall well-being. When we view the Master's life with His apostles we can find the various personalities that created conflict, the differing personalities that were diplomatic, the personalities that rallied faith and hope, the personalities who stopped pettiness and brought positive focus, yes.

Those worlds settled in Light and Life are taught 'the world is my family, every woman is my sister, every man is my brother, every child is my child.' As you each grow closer to the spirit you will find it easier to embrace this concept for yourselves. There will not be too much of that awkwardness between strangers, because deep down we all have a great deal in common. There will always be those certain personalities that cannot seem to be reached and this is not to worry, only to feel comfort in that you have put forth your best effort and sometimes you just have to move on. When your resources have been exhausted with certain difficult personalities it is acceptable to leave them to Father.

How do those families on enlightened worlds deal with family difficulties, injustices or misunderstandings? Usually the problems are discussed between those individuals involved in the difficulty. Many times there are older family members who aid in mediation and offer guidance. Sometimes there are experts elicited. There is always a point to where many families will seek the counsel of a spiritual counselor. My point here being that always is there action taken towards reconciliation. Never do these family members allow resentment to be built because of pride or slothfulness. All difficulties are handled immediately to maintain the well-being of the whole.

You, my friends, have been through many difficulties and have grown considerably with each hurdle. This is indeed part of your training, part of your morontia correction, part of what you will be teaching in the future. I find it wonderful to see your efforts towards contacting one another during the week and not just at meeting times, no. Fellowship is filled with benefits that bring comfort to the soul as well as the mind. In this age of disposable families there are a great many difficulties arising because individuals are seeking that comfort from family life.

This week as you reach out and communicate with one another, reach also for those in your own families, as well as coworkers, neighbors or even strangers. As we move forward towards Light and Life we will be dealing with everyone on a family level. We feel safe here in this room to be who we really are. Let us practice this week on taking that idea out into the world. Reach out to those individuals you meet with a brotherly attitude and see the power of God at work. Are there questions?


CALVIN: Abraham, I would like to formally welcome Robert P. into our group. LaReen is back with us and we have Mary H. & Joilin J. going back home this week.

ABRAHAM: Greetings and welcome. Are there questions?

Light and Life, Tradition

AZSURAY: Abraham, I would like to ask a question about the Light and Life era. I wonder if you could tell us what the religion will be called or will it be under all the same religions but have the same teachings that we have now, because it is suppose to be one religion, one language and one race? Could you possibly know that? Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Azsuray, that is a most difficult question to answer. From my knowledge there is really not name nor description of religion on those enlightened worlds. It is so completely common that there is not various religious leaders promoting this or that, no. Those enlightened worlds are also incircuited spiritually so that their closeness with God does not require persons or books to go through. We are definitely far from that picture you have portrayed for us, my daughter, but definitely we are on our way when the majority of individuals on the planet at the very least have faith in a Higher Being, yes. Does this at all help. (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome.

SETH: Abraham, Jessie and I are soon to wed and we have invited my two oldest brothers to the wedding. There is a feud between these two brothers and the remaining part of our family. My intent is to only be the in presence of love in bringing them into this family celebration and ritual of our marriage. I just want to know from your perspective if I'm overstepping my boundaries and theirs. I want to mind my own business, but I also feel inspired to bring us together. Do you have any comments on that?

ABRAHAM: Would expressing your viewpoint to your brothers cause any harm? (I don't believe so.) Then my son, Seth, that is practically all you can do. The rest is up to them. These family difficulties are hard on all the members and some will not ever find enough forgiveness or love to allow healing. You can only express your love for them and your own opinion and allow the outcome to be what it will. Sometimes this brings about healing. Sometimes it does not, but it is certainly worth making the effort for. Is this helping. (Yes, very much. Thank you.) Another question?


ROBERT: Abraham, what is the nature of the spiritual names and purpose for knowing them?

ABRAHAM: The spiritual names could be thought of as names of the soul or the name that God knows you by. The names are normally revealed upon fusing with the Adjuster, but for this Correcting Time the names will be revealed to allow individuals feel a certain closeness with Father and to the spiritual life. Those individuals who receive their names tend to feel a closer presence to God, as if He knows them personally, which He does. Yes. Is this answering? (Yes.) Another question?


MIRIAM: Abraham, I was thinking it just kind of blows me away, like twenty years ago or when I was a little kid I used to think about how I wished people loved me or I would think about the differences between me and people. Now I am so overwhelmed, like this week because of Mothers Day for starters, what a precious gift that I have my mother that always unconditionally loved me no matter what I did, and I was a mess, and now my husband is the same and my friends. This experience of what I have in common with people instead of differences. Just your lesson tonight, it just resounds the difference of knowing that Father loves you and building that more and more. The more you feel it the more you see that we are alike. It is pretty powerful. It is really simple, but I could never see that, but now it is everywhere. I guess that is not a question, but it is amazing.

ABRAHAM: Beautifully said, my daughter Miriam, but this understanding took many years of experience to transform your thinking, in which brought those thoughts into actuality. Not that there was not commonality or love before, but because of your realigned positive thoughts you could perceive this love, and feel the gratitude therefrom. Yes, this is life changing, transforming, yes. Would not it be beautiful for all children from the beginning to know what took you many years to understand? Someday this will be reality. Wonderful comment, Miriam. Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, speaking of families in your lesson, the importance of a family, it would appear then during the dark ages prior to the Correcting Time here, it was quite an asset then that some of these religions that had a strong family structure or base or teaching probably held things together. Would you comment on that?

ABRAHAM: There is not a more excellent example of that than the Master's family. There was spiritual lessons taught, the basics really, but not text book laws and rules. The Master taught by example. He lived a righteous life and therefore His words to His family had meaning. He did not preach spirituality one day and then go against that concept the next. It is most beneficial when parents can live a right life and teach children from their example. At each age children are ready to learn new concepts. (TR: I am sorry. I am about done here. I am hot. I am getting tired.) It is best to teach those new understandings when children ask questions. Forced spiritual learning is very detrimental to that child who is supposed to believe God is about love and doing good.


Yes, yes, we are finished. (Laughter.) You each know my love grows for you more and more every week. Until next time, shalom