2002-06-02-Consciousness & the TA

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Topic: Consciousness & the TA

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Corlatia, Michael

TR: Jonathan, Ginny



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, friends, I am Elyon. I wish to share thoughts regarding consciousness and the presence of the divine Monitor.


Consciousness, Presence

Let us reckon with the concept of the immediate presence of God within you and the often experienced sense of separation from the divine presence by looking at a common physical condition. You are aware of your sun that shines upon your world and warms it. You are also aware of those cloudy days during which you are unable to directly see the sun. You are thrilled on those days when the skies are clear and the sun shines brightly. In the realm of consciousness this is the time you feel the divine presence. Yet the sunny day is an effect of your atmosphere; that is the realm of your mind and awareness, for there are many miles between your atmosphere and the sun itself. This is true regarding the pure fragment of the Father within you in your human state. Yet through your consciousness you directly experience the effect of the presence of God.

The development of faith, the building of trust, occurs as there are disturbances within your mind just as the clouds pass through your atmosphere. You who continually work towards enhancing your relationship with God's inner presence experience partially cloudy days, days wherein you know the divine hand is upon your shoulder, that the Father is caring for you, yet for a moment a cloud obscures your view. But your faith has taught you that that single cloud does not darken the day, that just up ahead the sun shines intensely upon the ground. So you wait with trust for the sun to return again. The divine presence never leaves you; it is only within your consciousness that there is a sense of separation.

You have spoken today about the superconscious. This realm is difficult for the human mind to grasp. You might associate it with that distance of space between the sun and your atmosphere. It is traversible by you; you can experience it. In this realm you are closer to the divine presence. However, as a daily experience you are more keenly aware of your consciousness, the atmosphere of your being.

Your growth is a result of changes in mind, and, were it not for the change of season, your planet would not be as it is, so capable of supporting life. So does the individual go through seasons of mind wherein you must struggle and those wherein you experience peace and joy, each one a necessary part of the expansion of personality. Throughout all this always remember the presence of God is continual.

This is what I wish to share today. Others are with me and would like to speak.

Corlatia: This is Corlatia. I send you my approval of your sensitivity to the conditions of this planet, all the while overlaying upon these complications of the human race the large picture of universe purpose. With this approach you will eventually arrive at the solutions to the conflicts of civilization and find peace. Any given problem has elements that are tangible that make for the difficulty and has elements that are absent that contribute to the difficulty. By placing the problem in a greater context associated with what may appear to be beyond the problem, not relevant, oftentimes you discover the solution. That which was missing was provided for. I encourage you all to press forward with enlarging your fellows' grasp of universe reality. It need not be an intense lesson of complex structure. It can be intuitive, heightened sensitivity. You do this through your actions and with your comments, even though they appear casual as well. Thank you for your diligence.

Ginny: Thank you for your care.

Corlatia: I give you my love.

Michael (Ginny): Good day, this is Michael, your sovereign and your friend. As those two words indicate, I am capable of both sovereignty and friendship, and I extend both of these to you today along with my gratitude to you who are extending my kingdom to the peoples of your planet. You who do my work for me are to be blessed and forever assured of my presence and my watchcare. As you are grateful for my attention, so I am grateful for yours, for your ability and for your willingness to do my work, for it is through you that my kingdom is extended and enlarged.

I extend to you my love and the love of our Mother Spirit so that you can feel less orphaned and more conscious of our loving parentage to you all. You are good little children. My blessings to you. Good day.


Truth, Words

Sivad: I hope it is visible to you how much joy I find in sharing this moment with you and our friends together. I do have a question pertaining to your lesson of the conscious mind and the superconscious. How is that our lives speak of truth that our words can never proclaim?

Elyon: If I may, I will return to my analogy. Truth speaks to the mind, and it is much like wind that cannot be perceived directly. If you were to start a fire and create smoke, you would perceive the currents. But, as you know, smoke can sting the eyes whereas the wind does not. Words can be like smoke to truth; they help describe, but they also can cloud the issue.

Sivad: Thank you. That is a helpful metaphor. We spend a great deal of energy listening to words, speaking, and sharing our experiences. Yet always it falls short of conveying the truth of what is unfolding in our lives. We are told it is high time we had an experience that is too deep for words. As we fall in love with this adventure, we place less value on these symbols of exchange; though necessary, they are for our conscious operations. I ask because my heart's desire increasingly leaves me mute, this desire that you are part of and Michael nurtures and the Mother feeds.


Elyon: I have often reminded my listeners of the importance of stillness, but that experience is like one wherein you are on a mountain top and can see as far as the eye can see. Clarity, penetration of vision, is profound. No description equates to the experience when shared with another. So, I will continue to encourage undertaking the experience of stillness so that you may directly witness its effects. As everyone does so, as you have indicated, the need for words would cease, and the nod of common understanding would be apparent.

Sivad: Thank you and the other teachers, all our friends whom we do not see, for not only encouraging us in this conscious manner with these words spoken out loud but in our moments of stillness when you join with us. Your presence is very helpful. The progress that has ensued as a result of your being here, of these circuits being opened, is very much appreciated. I can't speak how I feel. I encourage you to encourage us. I appreciate your words; I savor more and more your company in these moments of silence. In this place where we gather all who explore this love such that cannot be spoken, and yet it speaks through the means of our movement, the contours of our faces, the shape of our hearts' desire. I offer my gratitude, but more so this . .. together with you and all those gathered here in this....[some inaudible]


Elyon: I extend to you my embrace and convey through these words the mutuality of feeling that all who have come here in this Correcting Time feel towards you, everyone. We all understand this sacredness of the divine contact between creature and God, and, when you invite ones like myself to be with you, we share in that communion. Those who have the energies of the circuits to deploy grant you that encircuitment. As you reach and ask, you receive and are filled. I will at this time withdraw from Jonathan's contact. Thank you. Take care.