2002-07-28-Michael & The Spirit of Truth

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Topic: Michael & The Spirit of Truth

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy to have each one of you here together this evening. Let us speak about following Christ Michael's Spirit of Truth. This great spirit leads always to your Father, your indwelling Father's spirit. The spirit of truth speaks not for himself, but only as a representative or reflection of the Father's will.



When this great spirit lived as a mortal man on your world, never did he exalt himself nor was he critical or belittling of the efforts of his fellows. The Master was always conscious of one mission only, and that mission he upholds to this day. Always is he pointing to the Father, always is he guiding souls to their spiritual birthplace.

Though he holds supreme power, though he blankets his worlds with life and with his love, though he creates a vast realm in the universe and fathers many spiritual, morontial and mortal beings, even so, he remains always the humble fisherman, the humble boat builder, a teacher, a friend, one who speaks only of the Father's love. As you discover this spirit in your selves, in others, even in the natural world, as your spirit quickens and responds to his truth, takes comfort from his wisdom, and relaxes to his gentle nature, you become more and more amazed that you are not overawed, amazed that his spirit is so friendly, loving, understanding and kind. The Master is your creator father, even so, he shows only a reflection of the true universal Father in Paradise.

As much as he is and always has been, he had humility to explore the depths of humanity as a Jewish man in a small town in Palestine. It is a tragic misfortune that his life was not emulated by many who sought to spread his word. But even so, for those with the courage to see beyond the superstition, ignorance, bigotry, and fear so manifest in modern Christianity, those with the courage to directly to him, his spirit remains just as he was a man of humility, a man of zeal for truth to the point of flouting the traditions he was born into.

This was a man who in all gentleness and goodness took with him the despised, those who were shunned by the so called righteous. He saw human dignity, potential and love in those who were brought low by the circumstances of a harsh existence. He gave people back their dignity. He gave them a purpose in life. He gave them hope. He raised women to equal standing before him, something that his later followers turned their backs upon. He spoke of other worlds in space. He spoke of invisible beings. He spoke of the universe as a vast school and of himself as a humble teacher. All these things have been lost and many things added to the record which are erroneous.

Being a Son of the Eternal Son, the Master is all merciful. He deals in no other way but through mercy and love. Never did he condemn any people or person, even those who scourged him, humiliated him, and killed him were forgiven immediately. The Master was a man of great happiness, great joy in living.

He loved people, loved to hear their stories and to tell stories. He loved children and he loved to tell children fanciful tales about animals, plants, birds, and fish. Always were his stories similar to fables with a moral and a meaning attached.

He was the most original thinker probably ever to live and yet he kept his focus on his mission and that was one thing only, how to reveal the Father's love to his children. Notice, it was not how do I reveal my love for my love for my children though he was the creator of this world and all its inhabitants. His focus was truly complete, he never deviated once he had decided the path he would take.

You see, he lived his life not for himself, but for the Father who sent him. As you live your lives, so too are you sent in the world by that very Father, that very brother Jesus of Nazareth. As he lived his life for his Father, so must you find ways to live your lives for him.


Eventually, all men exhaust and weary of living lives for themselves and they search for something more. But eventually, these things also become small though they seemed to be large at the beginning - things like family, things like art, things like career, things like a loved one. When you try to live your life for these things, they also eventually exhaust you and disappoint. Only by living your lives for higher spiritual values, even higher spiritual beings, is your soul truly satisfied.

There is true love between personalities and not simply love but communication, giving, and this you cannot find in anything less. It is said that if a man gives to God all that he has, then does God make that man more than he is. What do you have to give to God that would be valuable to him - your love, perhaps your attention, perhaps your devotion, perhaps your very will itself. These things the Father values. These things the Master values as he represents the Father to you.

Are there any questions at this time?

Personal Counsel

Q: Jim asked for a personal message please Ham.

Ham: Of course. Son, you are learning and growing day by day. Much of your life has been spent trying to please others, trying to live up to some perceived expectation. But son, it is time now to seek after those simple things which bring you peace. As yourself, what do you have to prove and whom do you have to prove it to. Find peace with yourself and the rest will be added unto you.


Q: You were not saying that we should reject family or art or career or loved ones. You were saying that they should not be the most important things in our lives. Instead, they become ways of expressing God's will in our lives, is this correct?

Ham: All these things enrich your lives, but they are not enough to live for. Eventually these objects of devotion are revealed to be inadequate or not enough to hang your whole life upon. Life is full of wonderful, enriching things that you think make life completely worthwhile and yet ultimately if your entire focus and devotion is centered on something less than divine you are destined to severe disappointment.

Q: I think back upon what you have said about the lessons we learn from these experiences and that is the other part of their value, correct?

Ham: Certainly, yes.

Q: Ham, I wanted to ask if you had a personal message for me?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you are a person who very much depends upon the Spirit of Truth. You are very sensitive to other people and you are learning to listen to that inner voice more and more. It is not easy growing up as a young woman in this society you find yourself in. There are pressures in different directions and yet this very confusion can be a source of growth and learning. All people ask, who am I, why am I here? These are questions that get lost in the every day struggle and yet continue to reassert themselves. Who are you - a beloved daughter of the eternal, infinite, omnipresent, omniscient Father. Why are you here - to learn about love, to find him through that love, and in finding him and his love, to share it with your fellow travelers. The knowledge of these two things gives life meaning and purpose. Even when life is most mundane you can elevate the tasks by elevating your thinking. You are a person who naturally serves and service is the key to spiritual progress. Serve his children and you serve your Father. Love his children and you love the Father. Be at ease with yourself for you do fine. There is nothing I would change. All is as it should be.

Q: Does Ham have anything for me?

Ham: Certainly my son. You also are learning and growing in the world. You have two paths before you. Each one is frightening. Chose wisely at this time. Give yourself respect. Give yourself love. They say the Master seemed to be aiming for a sublime self-respect in his life and in this all people do well to emulate him. Choose wisely. Grow with experience. Move forward rather than going through a circular pattern repeating old mistakes. You are a son of the living God who has created and upholds a vast, unfathomable universe. Your Father is all powerful. You are his son and accordingly you have all the rights and privileges of a son of God. Respect yourself then and move forward not backward. Embrace life, embrace God. Indeed, return to his arms and allow him to comfort you. Differentiate between that which has value and that which does not hold value. And, most importantly, remember that the body is the temple of the soul, the body is a miraculous gift. Be kind to it and yourself.

Spirit of Truth

Q: Ham, in the Urantia Book when it talks about the spirit of truth at the time of the completion of the bestowal, is this something that happened on a sublime level via a Thought Adjuster component or how was it outpoured to the human race?

Ham: Yes, let us explore this further. The spirit of truth was poured out upon all flesh creating a spiritual upliftment but this is done on many levels. As an actual what you would think of as spirit poured out like water giving the Master complete knowledge, complete control over his living things upon the earth. In this, his spirit was added to the spirit of the Father, the Son and the Infinite Spirit as a spiritual influence. How this was perceived is aided by the influence of the indwelling though adjuster in the mind. But it is more than that, it is a spiritual influence which bathes your soul as well and can be perceived directly through the soul just as love is perceived directly through the soul. Reality, truth, beauty and goodness can be perceived through the heart, for lack of a better phrase, as well as through the mind. And in this, soul to spirit experience, the mind can be engaged or it can even be a kind of obstacle. The experience of the Master's spirit is something unexplainable by the mechanism of the mind. In this, the mind is limited while the soul is not.

Q: Ham do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Certainly, but first let me say a few more words to our friend and brother Joe.

Son, you do well. You have grown immensely in this past 12 months. You are finding more and more ways to be open to the spirit and though you rely upon the intellect, you are learning to balance and walk with one foot as the mind and one the soul or spirit. Trust this in yourself. Trust your spiritual perception. You do well, my son, go in peace.

Now Rebecca, you do well my dear. Gradually you are learning the business world and are navigating it very successfully. Have peace and confidence as you move forward in life. Use the stillness. Lean upon it for this will help you to find peace and relaxation when it is needed. Don't worry about the ups and downs of the business for all is good experience and you need both as you learn to navigate these waters.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, my son, you too must lean upon the stillness. I say this not as a reprimand, only a suggestion to help you.

Q: It's so easy to forget it.

Ham: Fight against the impulse towards self punishment, towards self-disappointment and self-castigation. These are your first instincts and they are not correct. Replace disappointment with acceptance and punishment with love and understanding. The Master in his mercy wants you to take these things from him. Don't step in his place and condemn yourself. Reach for him instead and find understanding, love and forgiveness. Children do not grow well under constant threat of punishment. Be careful not to stunt you spiritual growth by punishing yourself. Is this helping?

Q: Yes thank you Ham.

Ham: Think through this. Remember what I have said.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly, my son, you do well. You too tend to find reasons to be disappointed with yourself and again I say this is unhealthy and leads to imbalance. Give the Master his proper place in your life, the place of father, the place of older brother and friend. Increasingly come to know him and his love and all will be well..

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Certainly, my son, you do very well. Remember to give to your fellows a fatherly love as well as brotherly love. Reflect the Master in your life. Walk with him. The way is sure and his guidance complete. Be at peace.


It is my understanding that next week may be somewhat difficult. Let us cancel next meeting so until the following week, my love and my prayers are with you each. Farewell.