2003-02-09-Thought As Collectors Not Guards

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Topic: Thought As Collectors Not Guards

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Machiventa, Lantarnek

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, my friends. This is Elyon. You are my fellow shipmates. As your captain I would speak today on thoughts, as it has been part of your discussion. Perhaps more correctly I would say it is more about attitude in general than thinking specific thoughts.


Thought, Attitude

The captain of a vessel must of necessity ever be on the lookout for obstructions, objects below the surface, which may be hazardous to the smooth sailing of that ship. Any good captain will avoid these danger points. However it is not the goal of the captain to spend every waking moment looking for the dangers and avoiding them. Rather it is the goal of the captain to locate the shipping channels, the deep waters, and to make headway within them.

So it is with your thoughts. Treat them not as would a sentry guarding a gate, ever watching for the bad ones and screening them out. Instead be more like a collector, one whose mind’s eye is focused towards a specific goal. The goal in this case is positive spiritual perspective. A collector will note the uncollectible only in passing and forget it, strictly seeking that which is desired. A guard may prevent the entry of the unwanted; a collector seeks the possession of the wanted.

As you leverage the power of your mind with the aim of greater spiritualizing influence on your entire being, you will find the best progress as you take your mind into the deep shipping channels where there is good speed and safety, to mark the points of hazard but keeping ever clear your journey’s goal.

Thoughts may be likened to paper airplanes, and your attitude may be likened to the currents of air. If you have established an attitude spiritually stable, personally motivated toward truth, beauty, and goodness, you have created currents in your mind-state on which your thoughts may sail and do so favorably both for self and for others. A vessel too heavy to fly will not leave the ground, and it will become increasingly easy for you to leave your bad thoughts grounded, for your attitude will be such that these heavier thoughts will not take to flight. I anticipate some would ask, yes, however, as much as I do seek to have a good attitude, these bad thoughts come my way. To which I answer, your responsibility not only is to have strong attitudinal currents upon which your thoughts may sail but to also spend your energy constructing good craft with which you may sail upon these attitudinal currents. As I return to the idea of the captain who does avoid the rocks, he is not looking for the rocks; he is looking for the open channel. Do not look for your heavy planes that won’t fly. Construct the lighter craft that can go aloft.

I will add one more comparison to this idea of attitude and thoughts and your work with your thoughts. When you are hungry -- let us designate hunger as your attitude -- at that time your thoughts may cross many methods, means, whereby you may alleviate that hunger. Recipes, foodstuffs all come to mind. Your attitude of hunger has fostered the generation of thoughts. These thoughts appear good and worthwhile. Let us suppose you have finished your meal. Your attitude has changed; you are no longer hungry. You can think the very same thoughts you thought before the meal, but now the recipe appears too filling; the food does not draw you. What happened to these thoughts? They are the same. I think you know the answer, it is in your attitude. Therefore it is not so important to wrestle with and screen, evaluate, and judge the worth of every thought. They will follow naturally as you adjust and upgrade and spiritualize your attitude.

I have finished my comments. I am with you, and I am in the company of other teachers. Thank you.

Strategy, Flexibility

Machiventa (Mark): I greet you as well. This is Machiventa. I want to bring you my thanks for gleaning my words from other sources. They were addressed to a different crowd, but I was well aware they were available to many others including yourselves. It is impressive for you to pick them out and see them as worthy of spending time on in your discussions, as they were meant for you as well.

There has been a renewed restlessness among the troops for the next command to charge. It is indeed an honor to see the troops so willing to assemble and awaiting to be given the command to move forward. This picture of the assembled troops is warming to the heart of any leader, yet I am struck with the humor in such an image from my perspective. Where you may see yourselves as poised, trained, and prepared for any upcoming challenge, I see you as in the trenches, foxholes, and employing every means at your disposal, engaged thoroughly in this excursion. It is a natural human tendency to think in terms of large events, momentous occurrences, to rally and challenge the forces in order for you to feel as though you have been enlisted and are engaged in the process when in fact the training and the exercises you have been undergoing for some number of years now have also been a part of this struggle for you. Therefore I see you more as gaining experience in battle rather than as waiting for the signal to charge. True, that you may always consider loftier goals, higher ideals of accomplishment, and these are what drive you forward to take the next step and knock on the next door. Meanwhile do not shortchange yourself that you are not involved in all that is transpiring around you. While you are preparing for your next great mission you are becoming soiled with the experience of your maneuvers so as to provide you with a broader framework and a more familiar comfort zone in the arena of engagement with spirit.

You can give a foot soldier a handbook and expect that, even though he may become entirely familiar with the material, the actual battlefield conditions vary greatly, and the operation will be in need of restructuring as conditions materialize. This re-appropriation is what your base of experience is providing you the framework to do. You are gaining the experience only available to you outside of the text and the manual and in the field. It is this field experience which makes for good leaders, that they may draw on the circumstances and become flexible and adaptive to accommodate the conditions present in the field at the time. A manual might make suggestions or hint at possibilities, but in the field one must make these judgments, assess the situation, and make accommodations to their mission plan so as to accommodate this new reality. Therefore is there no standard and set patterns to be practiced and adhered to under all conditions. You each one are beginning to fully grasp this in your lives, that what might work for one will not work for another. What might work at one time will not work at another time. What is acceptable to some will be unacceptable to others. What is right here might clearly be wrong there. Therefore must you become seasoned at making these determinations based upon your past experiences, your successes, and your apparent failures, ever the more valuable as they point out more clearly to you what aspects to work on. These sum totals of events in your lives represent your accumulated wisdom of a game plan to participate in this spirit arena.

On the field of spirit the rules are in constant flux. One must be ready to meet their partners in this field where they are, to engage with them at any given level yet never lose sight of the ultimate mission before us all, to elevate the interactions on this field to their highest possible spiritual element. Many a circumstance, a name, a face, a situation will change, but the mission before us to raise each other up to the highest spiritual plane remains the same. The game plan varies widely according to the field we find ourselves on, the weather conditions, the modes, the stance of each of the individuals involved. Perhaps you might even begin to see yourselves as engaged, not awaiting in the bunkers the command to be given you. Each day that passes is a new arena, a new field to walk upon and assess the climate, the conditions, the possibilities, the situation so that you may the better achieve the end goal of spiritualizing the outcome and the workings of what goes on on the field. In this way as spiritual warriors you never lose even if you see yourselves as having fallen short of reaching some ultimate desire or goal. Nevertheless, if you have raised even by some small increment the amount of spirit infused onto the field, then you have succeeded. It is by small degrees of success that the battle is won. Always if you remain focused on the ultimate goal of infusing spirit into the equation and onto the field then you have succeeded in your mission.

You must show some faith and trust that the entire situation is being monitored by those with greater perspective than yourselves and not burden yourselves with the entire outcome, rather focusing on your personal spheres of influence and interaction and, having infused them with spirit, you have indeed succeeded. Be willing to accept that as your role to play. If an opportunity arises for your sphere to grow to encompass more than a single individual or a small group, then your game plan must change to accommodate this, but your mission plan must not. Either way one role is no more valuable than the other; all are necessary in this forward struggle. I look down and see seasoned warriors in this struggle of bringing spirit to a darkened sphere, and I look forward to engaging with you on these fields. We will take the next step as it is before us, be it small or be it large.

Thank you for showing interest in my words and the words and messages of the teachers. This is my purpose, our purpose, to you. It is greatly rewarding that you are not only receptive to these messages but are infused with the spirit energy intended to be contained in these messages. Thank you for hearing my words and know that they will sink into the hearts of those who are ready for them. We will have much more discussion on many more things as time goes on.

Energy, Technology

Kirk: There’s been a new energy source discovered on this planet by an inventor and given to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Greer Steven Greer] and his organization to be tested and disseminated on this planet. Is this the energy source The Urantia Book alludes to as having not yet been discovered? {after a long pause} Is this too terrestrial a question?

Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon returning. It is important that we teachers also adhere to the mandates of the Urantia Papers revelation and not over revealing what mankind will soon discover. I would support your investigation, for you are perceiving properly the emergence of new technology. This source of energy is still beyond the conceptual framework of the scientists. What is uncovering for you now in the investigation of technology as a manifestation of the energy applied, and this will lead to enlarging the human scientific understanding, which will reveal the energy and its source, which is creating the phenomenon that is detectable.

I hope this has helped.

Kirk: Yes, thanks.


Lantarnek: This is Lantarnek. Greetings. I wish to follow my Melchizedek commander with a followup comment, as he has encouraged each of you to infuse spirit into your lives in every way and has acknowledged your preparedness, not only your own understanding of willingness, but your teachers’ perspective of your preparedness. You may ask, ”How may I infuse spirit when I do not feel spirit fused or do not feel the spirit inflowing that I may let the spirit flow out?”

Elyon spoke of the collector, and this is the individual who is seeking to be infilled with spirit. Machiventa asks you to be a contributor, one who infuses spirit into your activities. To be filled with spirit, I ask, where within yourself does spirit go? Beneath your skin? Into your muscle tissues? Within the hollows of your bones? Resident in your organs? Penetrating your brain? Is this spirit in the mind? My friends, you are all filled with spirit, for did not Michael say that when he left this world he would pour out his spirit upon all?

The spirit is like a reservoir deep within your personality. Your mind and your body are downstream from this reservoir. Your will opens the gates, and the spirit flows into the rest of your being. This rest of your being is a little more external than is your personality which is very near to spirit presence. To be filled with the spirit is an act of your own willingness, for God has already given. You collect spirit; you contribute spirit, and you coordinate both as you live your life. Each teacher before me today has encouraged you to strengthen your faith in your certain present abilities to accept the grace of spirit bestowal as a completed act already. Having been given what you have asked for, freely give it to all you meet.

I am done, thank you.

Mark: I don’t know who this is but I am getting...


unidentified: As a final note, an attempt to soften the tone, that Machiventa has spoken of warriors and fields and commanders and missions and struggles and that if we are able to shift the attitude, one can see these fields as fields of play and fields of anticipation, even joy and accomplishment and grandeur, that we need not have an attitude or an approach of hardship but rather one of privilege to walk upon these fields to bring with us the joy that the engagement provides. To spread this joy as part of our spirit infusement in itself is raising the entire interaction to a higher spiritual plane. While this task is full of struggle, at times it is also a source of great joy and satisfaction and elevation, and that we should never lose sight of these objectives as well in our mission statement.

Thank you.

Jonathan: I imagine this battlefield like a paintball game where the paint balls are spirit. When you are hit you get spirit on you. However, that falls apart since in a paintball game when you are hit you are out. Perhaps it’s more like the game of tag where when you are touched you are “it”, spirit is with you.