2003-02-24-Our Truth & Ministry

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Topic: Our Truth & Ministry

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Greetings, it is I, your Creator/Father, and I welcome you into the presence of the almighty Father in Paradise, whose <personality is resident within you>.(?) We have gathered over these last months and you have given me your trust, and have shown me your willingness and your desire to follow me. And I honor you, and I honor that which you have chosen, for this reality of spirit that now moves so strong within you is actually beginning to change the way you perceive reality.


How you orchestrate your life-the pursuit of your spiritual growth-is the most important and valuable action you can undertake while sojourning on your planet. And now the door opens wide for you to come into the consciousness of my mind; this center of Christ consciousness that is living within your mind is now being harmonized within mine. My peace, my stabilization of thought, of emotional balance is now a strong undercurrent within the wave of your consciousness. And it will rise and swell within you, and overtake your conscious mind, as you continue to center your thinking and your thoughts and your intentions.

And so I call you now into that place within you, that place where my Spirit of Truth is focalized within. Bring your awareness now to that place within your heart. Bring your hunger for truth into your heart now. (Pause) My living presence moves through you. Gain greater recognition of me through this mirror of truth. And I invite you to make this awareness of me greater within you, by desiring that spirit to enlarge your capacity to know who I am, and how I can lovingly guide you and follow you and lead you and watch over you and protect you and encircle you throughout your entire life.

Be in that awareness of my truth. Let yourself sense this throughout your being. How do you experience it? Is it perceptible? Is it subtle? However you perceive it, continue to desire this Spirit to grow stronger and so it will. Your conscious mind is being expanded now, though you may not recognize it nor understand. Your capacity for recognition of Me within you is growing, my children. It will give you more incentive to trust Me, as I take you into new places of thought, of creativity, of expression, and experience. I am strengthening your mind as a measure to continue to motivate your faith. Why should you fear change, when you know I am with you? My truth will always expand your capacity to improve, so that should you be required to do challenging things, the measure of faith you need to achieve it has already been added into your mind. You must only step into that new dimension of reality, and you will express one more beautiful and unique aspect of faith.

So you see, my children, you cannot fail. Your faith will always precede you as you grow, and set the stage for how you live in accordance to the Father's plans for you. When you are in my consciousness, you know the validity of this, and you fear not the walking in this way. And so now, my children, as practice of consciousness of Me grows more vivid within you, I am now standing in front of each of you. Extend your hands in your mind's eye out to mine. I draw you into my embrace. I add myself into you. (Pause)

I am making your minds new. Bring now your willingness for yourself to be expanded in this way. (Pause) My peace I leave upon you. My will for you settles in your being. I keep you in my embrace. And I enfold you in my love. Good evening. (Pause)

Nebadonia: Mother- Children, this is your Mother who greets you now. You have been embraced by Michael. Your Spirit of Truth resonates fully within you. Tonight I will take your questions, as I desire you to come into a fuller relationship with Me now. It is time for my children to know more of Me, to learn of Me; and in particular how the masculine gender can come into a fuller appreciation of my ministry and meaning to your lives. So bring to Me now your questions, and I will minister to your minds, as my words encircuit your thoughts. (Pause)


Student: Mother, I know you mostly from our textbook, The Urantia Book. It is my understanding we are literally in your mind. We are able to think because of the adjutants, these dimensions, of your mind. Is that correct?

Mother: Yes, this is so.

Student: And therefore this is a great mystery to me, as is Anatolia and Welmek, the great, great love and respect they have for our privacy. And yet at the moment I address myself to You and Michael, You can experience my greeting.

Mother: You are so into my being. You are a fabric in this universe. It is my domain. So you are a part of Me. You have a place, you have a destiny, and yet you still exist within Me. So what you experience is also a part of Me. But more fully what I desire for you is to come into a cooperative and loving association. For your mind is tendered and pliant upon mine. And this occurs through your desire to know Me as your Mother.

The mind that we share is real. You do not necessarily link it to present thought, albeit your thoughts that are not of a spiritual value do not become a part of the growing soul that is being collected in the universe. But I am intimately aware of your positioning in the universe, of how this association and bond we share to further stabilize your ability to conceptualize and experience life to a fuller measure as it is conditioned by the Spirit of Truth and by your indwelling Father Fragment. This occurs by your laying your mind open, as it were, in my womb-in my being-so that the action of my Spirit renders your mind more receptive and expansive to the spiritual influences of the Spirit of Truth and the Mystery Monitor. Let me grow you in the Father's love.

Student: Mother, I have had difficulty personalizing both You and Michael and the Father. I think of beings who are so enormous, so beyond comprehension to me. I take it on faith that You are personable to each other. That seems very wonderful.

Mother: More than this, we are personable to you. And you only need to lay yourself in my womb, and you will feel more of my presence within you, as you desire to experience me. Don't let the enormity of our presences deter you from the quality that we can add to your life. This largeness of us can only serve to grow you. How could you possibly grow your soul, were it not for our influences within you that allow this to occur? Would it not be a wonderful thing to grow large in and of yourself?

And so, indeed, this is how we minister to you continually. You are small and humble, but you have the capacity to grow. Would you become more infused with the grandeur of Spirit that overshadows your being every moment of the day? By accepting your capacity to grow, will you more effectively grow yourself, and grow within Me, just as the infant grows within his own mother's womb.

But what you are expanding is your consciousness, and not your physical girth. Your consciousness cannot be limited. Thoughts and belief systems can be. But your consciousness is ever expansive. So as you rest in Me, my son, allow what I can breathe into you, bring to you, grow you, and the enormity that you now sense of our presence will also be an enormity that you sense within yourself, and give you more of an appetite to grow your spirit. Do you understand this, my son?

Student: Yes, yes, Your love is absolutely palpable. There's no mistaking that.

Mother: Is this not the measure of a personal quality? If you feel My love for you, then you know the reality of My presence within you.

Student: Yes, thank you, Mother.

Mother: And this is what I desire for all of My children: that you feel the safety and warmth of my womb and the loving protection that I enfold you in at all times. What you will experience is this quality until you leave my domain and head out for even greater adventures in the superuniverse toward Paradise. (Pause) I love you, my dear son, J. (Long Pause)

Student: Mother Spirit, I would first like to thank you for the wonderful gift of your daughter I call Elianna, who is assigned to me. She is such a beautiful being, like yourself. I wish to ask you about an experience I had almost a year ago. I felt a transformation taking place, and within a few moments, through a beautiful landscape I felt your presence more than I ever did in the past. It was so real I knew that it was You, somehow. I would just like to know if that experience that I had was You, revealing Yourself to me at that time.

Mother: Come into My embrace now, and let Me enfold you in My presence. (Pause) Do you have your answer? (Yes). (Pause)

Student: Dear Mother Spirit, what I am requesting [end of tape side one]

Mother: My ministry in your mind, my son, is to stabilize you in the currents of the spiritual circuitry that enfolds you on this planet and all of the universe of My domain. When you are so inclined as to be in a relationship with them, offer your mind open to Me, and allow Me to help you sort through your thinking patterns and processes by simply resting in Me. You are yet a babe in growing the awareness of Spirit. Slowly will your consciousness change, and you will find yourself thinking thoughts that are new and refreshing more spontaneously.

So you must never doubt in My ministry to you, although the validity of it has not yet reached a certain pinnacle wherein you can consciously assimilate all that is transpiring within your mind. But I do desire your heart, and I do respond to your request to be in a more conscious state of awareness of Me. So walk into my embrace now, my son, and let Me fill you with the love that I have for you-my nurturing, enriching love-that will knit you together, wholly unified, by re-establishing within you any mis-perceived or conceived awarenesses. (Long Pause)

Student: Mother, all I have to say is that I have the utmost respect for You and this planet, and I love it so dearly and You are so beautiful. Thank You so much. Thank You so much for all of your gifts. Thank You for your love. Thank You. I love taking children out to the back country. Thank You. I worry for You, too. I get scared. I get really scared. I just don't want us humans to mess it up.

Mother: Come now, dear one, into my embrace now, and let your heart be light. What you are sensing is the trauma that this planet is undergoing right now. And I say to you, it is transitory. It is not permanent. But it is necessary. Can you look beyond the trauma? Can you trust in the divine plan that Michael and I have implemented for you? Can you trust us?

Student: Yes, it's just painful.

Mother: Does not the mother sometimes experience pains when she is experiencing birth?

Student: Most definitely.

Mother: But yet when the child is born, is it not the most wondrous time of joy and celebration? (Yes) Can you hold this idea now in your mind, in your heart, to keep this idea fresh within your mind? (Yes) Then embrace the child of the planet in your arms and hold it lovingly into your bosom; and know that your goodness and your light and your joy will help this birthing process become one that is more delightful than painful. Celebrate the birth of the new Earth that is emerging from the birth canal and the pain therein. Anticipate the baby, and hold that close within you. Feel the joy of being the new mother, and you will find the alleviation of the tension of the anticipated birthing process. Does this help you, my child? (Yes)

Student: Yes, Mother, it seems like over the past few days, as I seem to be opening up and expanding, I'm feeling pockets of darkness and past indiscretions and sin. And I feel this pressure right below my heart and above my digestive area that wants to move, that wants to be born. It seems like I'm holding back, because I do not feel safe in this place, in this world. I feel anguish, anguish for my children, anguish for what I see around me. I'm stopping myself from growing, from fully embracing all of whom I am.

But now I do this because in the past I have been misperceived, misunderstood, misread. My intentions have been dishonored. I guess my desire now is to be loved and to be nurtured, and to be seen and to be heard. For there is so much more to who I am, who we all are, so much more. Even my own biological mother doesn't know an eighth of who I am. And that pains me greatly.

Mother: But I know you, my son. (Yes, I know.) And I am softening those places of resistance within you. And so as you are in my embrace now, you are safe. You can let your guard down now and relax into those places of tension within your heart, in your digestive tract. You do not need to retain the tension there now. Let yourself surrender and let Me open you more. (Pause) Let Me create the path within you that will allow this release. It is not who you are, as you say. But it is also a part of what you have experienced that is genuine. But it is not who you are. It is merely a perception. That is all. Allow yourself, in your mind, to walk away from this perception. Come into the garments of personality identification that Michael stands ready to clothe you with, as His substance of Truth enfolds you now in a new reality-a new vision of yourself.

Seeded down deep within this perception pattern is the real you. Let the kernel that surrounds the seed break open now, and allow your true perception to emerge. (Pause) Come into the peace. Let that peace settle you, and trust. Let yourself surrender into that safety and love.

My children, how I cherish each one of you. How I delight in each one of you. My precious little ones, you are not out of my watchcare. Unruly though you may be at times, cantankerous, I am here to scoop you into my arms and dry your tears, to kiss your tear-stained faces, and to make the hurt go away. Come into Me as these little, little ones. (Pause)


Dear ones, I leave you now. But my presence within you will linger, and knit you even more deeply into Me. Feel my womb around you, and be safe and warm. Good evening, my children.