2003-05-05-Midwayer Organization

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Topic: Midwayer Organization

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



George: "Thanks, Bro. It was thoughtful of you to come help me with it (editing). Like old times, kind of. Not sure who or what I'm looking at now. Something."

Bzutu: "The 'subservient one' (Sharmon), hamming it up in her party dress. We're back, and far from humorless as a team, I promise you.

"Twice in one day! And it was good for us, too, to be back, to get involved in the kind of task we once slaved over, over many years of late night working hours, and with a little help from our friend, Athena. This is midwayer chief, Bzutu, and there are two important matters we need to cover here.


"To answer your question in the most accurate of details would require a lengthy space of time, and, as well, it would push you to the limit of your faculties and endurance, since many aspects of what I would need to firstly convey to you would include my having to describe many unrevealed methods in our routine employ, and that exist far beyond human comprehension capabilities.

"Thus we must compromise in our relating to you about hierarchy, involvement, organization, precise given tasks, and those areas of our employ that deal with emergency missions and profitable opportunities as they happen to arise. Suffice to say, that in many instances specific tasks are coded to represent a degree of importance - and we may only leave off to a later date, or to another fellow worker - when in our judgment something of greater importance, and or urgency, crops up in another place.

"And so it is imperative, always, for a hierarchy to be established - a unit, or what we refer to as a platoon - in which individuals of varied innate talents complement each other and can be directed to those areas of need that best suit their individual aptitudes.

It was always by free will choice, and, of course, aspects of the individual personalities of the secondary midwayer leaders, to choose to become those who took it upon their selves to make suggestions about group cooperation. It was also a part of the free will choice of others to stand beside these leaders and allow themselves to be placed into a relative position of subservience, as you perceive it.

"With all of the Father's creatures, human or celestial, nothing overrides free will choice, and 'the Powers that Be' tend to recognize and accept these choices when it comes to dealing with the leaders (chiefs) of a particular group. And, nor does one find that these positions are temporary, even in so far as it involves those leaders of our brothers and sisters who once through little more than a careless, and unfortunate choices, remained loyal to a rightfully appointed Planetary Prince (referring here to Caligastia). In actuality, there is always a forward move, although one's progress may be reduced to a period of leveling off, for nothing can lastingly stop the spiritual actualization of the willing individual, the world, the universe.

And there is no demotion in ranks, not even a superimposition of outsider control over the local midwayer crew, since their activities dovetail with our efforts, and even as they retain, by their choice, their own, long-established hierarchies. And so continue the careers of those who dare tread this unending path (he's being facetious), and you may well see the wonderful helpers that have so swollen our ranks as subservient, of lesser status, but they are equal in His eyes, and also in ours.

"Agreed, the new hierarchy of chiefs, loyals, former rebels, on down to the new arrivals may seem significantly complex in human eyes, but we are a truly successful democracy of love, cooperation, service and liberty - at times of outrageous expression also, as you observed to your wonderment.

The association has become a huge web of welcome interaction, compared to how it once was, that it functions extraordinarily well, and to the contentment of all in what are rather pressing times. I hope this satisfies your inquiring mind, as we move onto another even more important matter, after which I shall take away with me the conceited owner of the now overflowing wardrobe.

"Under specific instructions to deliver, and with all due respects ever to be born in mind, I now come to the second part of my mission here on this bright and sunny afternoon in Oz (the sky is black!). It has been officially recorded that henceforth, in these difficult times at least, you are unprepared to commingle with, or even discuss matters important with, anyone celestial bereft of a healthy sense of humor.

"With your explicit demand, now noted, and permanently recorded in Jerusem archives, I am here permitted to, in part, enlighten you about the text of same: 'The mortal is particular about with whom he deals regarding humor.' However, noted on this document now appears the following unsigned graphite pencil annotation: 'We may all happily continue to deal with him, for to us, the human is the joke.'


"Just keeping you on your toes, Rebel. With our love. Adieu."

George: "Good one!" (Laughter ended this session).

Notes: My question was about the hierarchy and organization in the Midway realm - natural selection or appointment - especially at this time of 'influx of foreign workers' such as Midwayers Mathew, Clare and others.

Joking with friends about my 'rejecting all celestials devoid of humor' prompted the chief's jocular response about Jerusem archives. They don't miss much. He was joking, too, about that 'bright and sunny afternoon in Oz.' The sky was very dark, a huge thunderstorm about to hit us.

Sharmon (Simone or MNO-6) is the classiest of dressers. She sometimes shows off, since in 2000 I told her that her turning up 'au naturel' was not conducive to us getting business matters out of the way. Sharmon is a lightning fast messenger. and a 'teenage-hippy-clown impersonator'.