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Topic: Relationship

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a beautifully blended balance of humor, love, and wisdom we have here this evening. You each have participated in creating a well of spiritual goodness so this evening we will each take a moment to dip our cup. [Moment of silence.] My friends, students and co-workers, you make each week's lesson possible by your enduring faith and strength to carry on. Well done.


Over these past weeks we have discussed personal weaknesses and how to find solutions toward finding strength though Father and self-mastery. Meeting here each week is one such source of strength. For many of you this is your family and a reflection of who you are now and the possibilities of your becoming. For many individuals find relationships, or other people, to be their weaknesses.

The world, as it now stands, appears to be an energy drain. Many of you know individuals who seem to have the ability to drain energy instead of produce. While you are attempting to be Spirit-led or God-like, at times seem somewhat vulnerable to other people's needs and desires. We each must seek to beself-forgetting as the Master was, but to allow yourself to be taken advantage of impinges upon your status as a child of God. Some of your relationships seem to bring out weakness in you or control the way you think and feel.

Everyone has their own definitions of certain roles you may take on in this mortal life. For example: A wife may feel she is to have certain tasks in her charge, and to be unable to fulfill her expectations of those certain tasks leads to feelings of unworthiness. It is the wife's own perception of her definition that leads to her feelings of failure. Feelings of failure puts the wife in a state of constant atonement, which eventually leads to confusion in the relationship, and possibly the husband learning how to live this lifestyle. The wife's expectations of her definition ‘as the wife’ has manifested into her own reality. Feelings of failing leaves one open to feel weak, unworthy, incapable, and hopeless.

One's childhood or past experience with relationships, somewhat create the reality of present relationships. A child, who has been abandoned, may find as an adult difficult to trust any relationship. Some adults who experience this find it their personal challenge to avoid this issue. They would perhaps flee perfectly workable relationships in order to escape any possible forthcoming pain and re-experiencing being abandoned. This is weakness. Anything that seems to cause repeated disruption in your life is worth investigating. You can keep on a cycle of repeated mistakes, or you can delve into the situation, and be fully observant of all that is taking place.

Father is surely at hand to help you put these realities into perspective. He would have you go into your weaknesses and understand them, and gain tools to become empowered. The adult, who was abandoned that experiences present difficulty, may perhaps review their life, find the origin or source of the pain, try to find understanding of what had befallen him, and if necessary, find forgiveness.

Always spiritual study and understanding are useful tools to use to realize that you are a child belonging to a much larger family. Spiritual understanding would complete the puzzle of why you are here to experience all aspects of mortal life. The adult, who had once been abandoned, could find understanding and be equipped with tools to carry on in his present life circumstances, instead of fleeing and/or sabotaging relationships. To escape is to continually drag out the misery. To go forth into situations bravely is to find understanding and become empowered and create change.


This week review your relationships and how they may be a weakness or stumbling block. Ask yourself, ‘In whom do I serve?’ With Father at the head of your family balance will be maintained. What avenues would you find helpful in helping you overcome your weaknesses? No questions this evening. I am with a full heart to know you are each with a welcoming heart to me each time we meet. My loves goes with you. Until next week, shalom.